Episode #216 - 12/28/2010
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  • Nice video editing Tobin. :P

    Great show guys. I can't wait for Noob's Choice!
  • Great show, Lost Planet 2 wasn't that bad.
  • I quite liked Lost Planet 2...too. :( I can understand why people hate it though.

    Another possible idea you guys could use since you can't seem to agree on what constitutes a downloadable game would be to maybe make the criteria be "a game that retailed for $15 or less", and of course from day 1. Downloading BioShock 2 for $10 months after release doesn't count. That would cover all the small downloadable games while excluding the behemoths like Starcraft 2 or whatever. Just a thought.

    I have to say I was a little disappointed you chose a game neither of you even played for worst game of the year. Granted even if you had played it your decision may well have been the same it just felt a little cheap to me. Would you base your actual pick of game of the year based off a demo? Give all games a chance before shitting on them (or praising them too for that matter *cough cough* Brutal Legend, Dante's Inferno *cough cough*). Haven't we learnt the lesson that demos don't mean shit yet?

    Also, I don't care how much flak you guys are getting for some of your choices on YouTube, I applaud you both for not putting that sodden wet tissue of wank sauce Mass Effect 2 on your lists. Also, Vanquish, Yakuza 3, Singularity, K&L 2, and BioShock 2, all games I was happy to see getting some credit. I have a feeling the Noob's Choice top 5 is going to be mindnumbingly predictable, shallow, and wrong. :P
  • Awesome episode! I agree with Tobin since AC Brotherhood is my game of the year. I was extremely surprised about Singularity and Kane and Lynch 2. I'll definitely give Singularity a try after the episode! The only game that I think needs to be given more credit is Castlevania Lords of Shadow. Castlevania has the best ending to any game I have ever played.

    For the Minecraft topic, I agree with Dr. Flibble as game available to download for $15 or less on day 1 should be considered for the category.
  • Dr Flibble said:
    I applaud you both for not putting that sodden wet tissue of wank sauce Mass Effect 2 on your lists.

    I was quite surprised not to see mass effect 2 in top 5 list.I listened the me2 review again 2 days ago and they both were loving it alot. Tobin said he could not put that game down and that was one of the main criteria for his GOTY. I guess to much time passed from ME2 :)
  • I played almost none of the games mentioned in parts one and two. I should get cracking.
  • I was kind of disappointed that RDR didn't make any of your lists..

    For curiosities sake, where did it rank on your list?

    All in all, great episode. You guys should start wearing fancy tuxedos for the awards show though. Maybe a giant banner hanging behind you that says "NoobToob Choice Awards 2010"... that would be fucking awesome.

    I really need to get my hands on AC Brotherhood, Starcraft 2 and Vanquish..
  • your taste is up your arses....

    .... though entertaining as always. Merry xmass.
  • p.s

    maybe one day you guys will awaken to the poetry that is.... HALO beeeiiitches!
  • Heh, surprised and somewhat satisfied with the lists. I think a game should be concidered as a downloadable if it's not and never has been available on retail.
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgWWLS4bSnE#t=43m16s

    For a fleeting moment I thought you were going to explode Tobin. Don't scare me like that.[/spoiler:5de373b103]
  • Great show, and great end to the year!

    I am also surprised Mass Effect 2 was not mentioned, even in the "almost made it" section. I don't know if Tobin finished it, so I don't know if it made it eligible for his list, but both you guys seamed to love it and I know it's going to be one of the hot contenders for the NTA awards.

    Really glad to see Minecraft made the list. And I can see it both in Downloadable and PC games as it's hard to really tell with that game where it belongs. Either way I'm glad it appeared somewhere on the list. Although now I want to go back and watch all of X's Minecraft videos again. Those were awesome!
  • Ok so here's the top 5 current gen games I voted for:

    5) Assassins creed brotherhood
    4) Alan Wake
    3) Heavy Rain
    2) Call of duty Black ops
    1) Singularity

    After revising the list, and getting some more for Christmas, here are my favourite current gen games for 2010:

    5. Fable 3
    4. Singularity
    3. Heavy Rain
    2. Assassins Creed Brotherhood
    1. Yakuza 3

    Tobin's list

    5. Kane And Lynch 2 - I hated the demo, so personally I thought this was a bit of a silly choice. With games like heavy rain, alan wake, fable 3, splinter cell conviction, I just think there were much better games out.

    4. Singularity - OMG I LOVE SINGULARITY! I loved the story, weapons, graphics sound, gameplay, everything in this game. Absolutely amazing!

    3. Yakuza 3 - Sadly I hadn't tried it when I voted but after getting it for Christmas, this is one of the best games of the year, I absolutely love this game, I so wanna go to japan now!

    2. Vanquish - See Yuzo's list.

    1. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - OMG WOW! This game is sooooooooooo BIG! I'm loving this game right now, it's so fun. The climbing may skill less, but even in the original Assassins creed I loved it just because the world around me kept my mind off of it. I LOVE ASSASSINS CREED! I guess you could call me a bit of a fanboy ;)

    Yuzo's list

    5. Bioshock 2 - Great choice but i think there were just too many great games out this year to pick it.

    4. Minecraft - Haven't tried it as of yet, however this is a downloadable game, since you can only download it.
    3. Vanquish - Like Yakuza, when we were voting I hadn't played this properly, but now, wow this is one of the best 3rd person shooters I've ever played. The shooting is spot on, the graphics are beautiful and I couldn't stop playing this.

    2. Fallout: New Vegas - Great game, however didn't leave half the impact that Fallout 3 did. Fallout 3 is one of my favourite games of all time. I stopped playing this cos I got fed up of the bugs and crashing, but I'll probably go back, 
    it's still brilliant.

    1. Starcraft 2 - I'm not a PC gamer so I can't comment. However since it made Yuzo's number 1 I'm gonna try and see if my computer can run it.

    And here's my top 5 favourite games of the year.

    5. Singularity
    4. Super Mario Galaxy 2
    3. Heavy Rain
    2. Assassins Creed Brotherhood
    1. Yakuza 3

    So yeah yakuza 3 game of the year, and probably surprise of the year too. Although, vanquish was pretty fucking surprising! And also at the time of voting, super Mario galaxy 2 was my GOTY but I've obviously changed my mind.
  • Mass Effect 2
  • We chat a bit about why RDR didn't make our lists in the noob's choice ep coming out soon, and ME2 is most likely a combination of too much time since we played it, and neither of us really feeling the draw to finish it to completion. The time issue was the biggest problem -- I think if we spent a bit more time replaying it before making our lists it might have made my top 10, but honestly there were a ton of games that didn't make my top 5 I'd still place above it (Bayonetta, Dead Rising 2, etc).

    We've been listening to all of the feedback on the downloadable category and will make a few clarifications next year. Someone on Youtube mentioned that a requirement for not having a retail release in a brick and mortar store seemed to make the most sense. This should open things up a bit to more Flash games, etc. We'll still include iOS games in portable, but if things really blow up in the iOS/Android space in 2011 we may even make it a separate category. With games like Infinity Blade and Rage coming out it almost begs to have a section to talk about 'em.

    Glad most folks enjoyed the year end episodes! We always have a ton of fun making them so it's good to know people are getting some useful info out of 'em.

  • yuzo said:
    We've been listening to all of the feedback on the downloadable category and will make a few clarifications next year. Someone on Youtube mentioned that a requirement for not having a retail release in a brick and mortar store seemed to make the most sense.

    Minecraft is a downloadable game since you can only download and not buy it. But star craft 2 is a current gen game since it started out as a retail game. I think that's basically What you've said above but just stating the point again.
  • I forgot to vote this year! Booooooooo! But my top 5 next gen games are:

    5 - Vanquish
    4 - Mass Effect 2
    3 - Splinter Cell Conviction
    2 - COD Black Ops (Who doesn't enjoy Tomahawk kills!)
    1 - Fallout New Vegas

    I tend not to bother with downloadable games other than on PSN when a good classic game does come along. Shame it just gets filled up with Disney games! Lame!

    I have a Wii but I only got it cos I missed playing the old Resi Evil games so I purchased them all on Gamecube and Wii and picked up a Gamecube controller. That's all it's for so haven't played Donkey Kong or Mario Galaxy.

    I only have like 5 DS games and have just been chipping away at Dragon Quest 5 for the last 6 months. Just passes the time on Plane journeys. Done the trick on the journey to Japan and Morocco last year! Off to Rome at the end of this month so will dig it back out to chip away a bit more!
  • Just to add to the above. Although Kane and Lynch 2 never made my list I fully enjoyed the game! Was like playing an action pakced movie and I loved it! Only downside was how short it was.

    Keep up the good work. Love the show!

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