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  • I don't wanna go to college right after highschool. anyone else feel like that?
  • XxBarretxX said:
    I don't wanna go to college right after highschool. anyone else feel like that?

    ifelt like that...then i never ended up going
  • XxBarretxX said:
    I don't wanna go to college right after highschool. anyone else feel like that?

    No, because I dropped out of highschool to go to college. Highschool is a waste of time, just chill out and look forward to college. Nothing in highschool matters, they overstress everything to make themselves feel more important than they actually are. College on the other hand is a potentially enriching educational and social experience.
  • mcslimz said:

    Jockey spotted at 0:58[/quote]

    Scary, isn't it?

    That, people, is called a mob.
    This is how riots start. A bunch of people get together and become a mob, and then something happens to get them all worked up, and things go to hell, people stampede and get crushed..... Be it Black Friday, the Canadiens winning a playoff game, or whatever. Doesn't have to be a sad thing.

    Where was this taken from, seriously? I'm curious.... looks like a store opening.
  • gilligan said:

    you got the wrong company, hell im the only one that ever tried to get them out but when you try to pull them off they just move away farther towards the back of the pit.

    Good that you tried at least. I'm glad you did something rather than nothing, and I did see in the original post that you had mentioned trying to help.

    gilligan said:

    as for shutting the thing down you might not know how much that effects, 4 boilers 3 grinders 7 or 8 presses. starting those machines aren't like turning on and off a light switch, so if we shut down every time a bird was in the pit, production would be cut in half. the Foreman dosnt want to explain why his production is half of the other shifts so they all just run as usual.... edit: i just reread your post. and one other thing to note is that birds arent as heavy as people. if a person was to step on a pile of chicken intestines, livers and gizzards they would sink like it was quicksand. not sure about anyone else but im not willing to risk my life to save a flightless seagull. i know for a fact that nobody i work with would. And the question "what if that had been a human" well rendering plants do have one of the highest rates of workplace injuries but everyone knows not to go near the pit.

    So that makes it all ok somehow?
    You ever seen a rock crusher in a mine? Do you know how much shit that affects to shut down? Pretty much all of production. But if someone's caught in there, they shut it the fuck down!!! Fuck the foreman. If it means lives, shut it down! What's more important? Your money or your life? Yeah, no one goes near the crusher, but there's safety protocalls and things to make really damn sure it's super hard for anything/anyone to get stuck in there besides the rocks meant to go in.
    This is like the whole "dolphin free tuna" thing. Surely there's a way this could be avoided.

    gilligan said:

    as for the torture part, i feel bad for the birds so dont think i dont. but nobody put them in the trailer or pit, they went in on their own. which leads to the reporting part. nobody and i mean nobody in the place wants the government to get involved with their job.
    especially all the bosses having to watch behind their backs which trickles down to everyone, including the illegal immigrants.

    So a potentially very deadly work situation, and an animal rights fiasco, goes unreported so some jackass in an ivory tower can count his fucking money? I mean, I'd feel bad for the immigrants (illegal or otherwise)... and I'm not blaming you personally for any of this.... and yes, the seagulls did it to themselves and yes, I can understand why you'd not want to climb in the pit yadda yadda... but seriously, this is people's lives. If there's a high fatality rate in your industry why is nothing done about it?

    I'm not mad at you gilligan, not at all...... what ticks me off is the bastards running your work that are doing nothing about any of the dangerous shit in there. That's bullshit. I think I personally would find it very hard to continue working in a place like that.
  • XxBarretxX said:
    I don't wanna go to college right after highschool. anyone else feel like that?

    I took a year off. Best decision of my life, hands down. I'm in school because I want to be now. And I agree with Maxim, high school sucks.
  • Anyone else have a room in their house that just no matter what you do won't become warm? During the summer it's not so much bother, but during the winter my bedroom can be like a volcano, but as soon as I walk into the living room it's like I've gone to visit Santa's house.
  • Turns out me and my mum have a shared dislike for the common man.

    Damn, you is all RRRReal annoying.

  • If you turn a speaker on its head will the music come out upside down
  • @tallchick
    of course they would shut down if a person fell in, i thought we were talking about common birds. that means one of 2 things. the foreman or operator doesn't think that a gulls life is equal to a humans, or that they know that the police would come asking questions if someone was missing, not so much for a pigeon.

    the safety issue is very interesting to me, a book the size of war and peace can be written about all the variables that lead to and cause the accidents or potential accidents that happen in manufacturing plants.

    i will try to condense that to a couple paragraphs and just name a few.
    but first let me say its just a job with a lot of hazards, not unlike mining and Alaskan crab fishing. there are chemical hazards, falling hazards, slick floors and trip hazards, fast moving tools and machines, burn hazards (the most recent accident in another plant was "someone was standing in front of a steam release valve and didn't know a worker on the other side of the room was about to release some steam in the chicken fat pipes. a worker close by did notice so he ran to push his coworker out of the way, the first guy got away with relatively minor burns, his life saver had 3rd degree burns all over his legs. rehab is estimated at a year and he needs skin grafts from all over his body) hazardous gasses, people operating different vehicles in a small area and around blind corners, and that's all on top of the fact that we are dealing with dead animals known to have e-coli and other bacteria.
    accidents and mistakes happen in every job its just in our job when a mistake is made there is something very dangerous nearby.
    OK so now why is it dangerous, its not if everyone does there job the way they are supposed to and all the machines are properly maintained and work the way they are supposed to. here is where we enter the human element. of course if anything goes wrong the middle management will search with a fine tooth comb to find any mistake that the worker made so they can escape accountability as best they can. "Oh he got hit in the eye with a piece of splashed chicken? he knows he was supposed to wear safety glasses".but maybe the reason the worker took them off was because of the steam in the room was fogging up the glasses and he couldn't see. doesn't matter they will always blame an accident on the employee unless a machine completely malfunctions. then i bet they blame it on maintenance for not properly maintaining the machine.

    what they say is that over 95% of accidents are caused by employees not following rules 4% is from machine or equipment failure. and less that 1% is other.
    the part I'm interested in is this, the accidents that are caused by improper supervision, bad training. (they make you read a paper about safety tell you to sign it that you were trained in that area and will hold it against you if you are in an accident for that thing you just signed off on) for me its OK i have been of the safety committee in 2 different jobs now and i know everything i need to to keep myself and those around me safe. but the guy that is in the country 2 months and just signs it and probably pretends to read it. and when asked if he understood what was on the paper just nods and says yes. some of these guys don't understand basic words so i know they don't know everything they read but that is good enough if they sign there name and say they understand.

    other causes and possible causes of accidents that would have to go into much deeper discussion is workers wanting to finish a job quicker, or just being lazy, peer pressure, uncomfortable safety equipment, tired workers, supervisors not enforcing rules, not being aware there is a problem (the burn incident i mentioned...we learned from their mistake and now a supervisor and a second watcher have to be in the area to make sure everything is clear when steam is blown through pipes) that leads to new bosses not knowing of old mistakes, culture... for example "people from my village don't need a harness we climb things all the time nobody ever gets hurt", that leads to punishments not being severe enough when safety rules are broke, yes there are government inspections but people always remember what they are supposed to do when non company workers are around, there are also different personalities at play here. sure you will say why doesnt that guy just do that or the other guy just do this...well just a couple reasons are someone might hate confrontations and sees something is not as safe as it should be. he might not tell the maintenance guy because the maintenance guy is a miserable bastard that will complain the rest of the week for the work that he has to do because of "that little bean-er". or people not wanting to be that guy that ruined a good thing by complaining to the hire ups or ratting out their co-workers or if the person with seniority or the most influential person says hey its all right to do it this way don't worry about what the boss says. "but he says that the trailer could fall on my head"...."no don't worry about it you have to have that guard up anyway", that leads to people just forgetting a step in a job that they are not used to or are just learning, machines not being correctly maintained weather its a lazy worker or just overlooked or forgotten, or just a mistake in fixing a machine, or like a nascar racer trying to get the last lap without pitting for gas....they try to run a machine past its time of safe usefulness. finally we get to the man in the ivory tower, what he SHOULD do is see a complaint about an unsafe machine and have it replaced, but that costs money and its running fine, just wait till next quarter so we can look good for the stockholders. or sure we need a new tank but just patch it up and we will get the new one when the motor breaks. yes it is all about money hell did you know that human lives aren't considered in recalls (not directly anyway...phan phan killed a few people and it was run off the market by the lawsuits, alcohol kills many more. but the profit for beer is worth the cost in lawsuits ) its all about how much can people sue for if X percentage of people experience this problem with our product. (my personal opinion is this is the reason for the pat-downs, its cheaper to put up with a couple of people not flying and pay a couple more security agents then pay the costs of a plane getting blown up...of course i could be wrong and if so will be told in a post below shortly)

    oh something i forgot on a previous post, even human food allows for a very small percentage of contamination in our foods, considering that our plant will use up to 600000 lbs of chicken (if my math is right its more than that but i will confirm later) 5 lbs of seagull (another guess because its hard to get them to stay on the scale) that's based on the one a day average of wild birds that i noticed get caught in the pit after the 15 or so from the other day, that would lead to a .0000083333% contamination rate. (there are better math people here, am i right on that?) considering that the final product in both cases is pure protein from a bird i don't think it would even be noticeable.
    ""not that it matters though since the FDA does not inspect pet food at all""

    as for the animal cruelty laws, hmmm i would be interested to know where the lines are drawn. is it different than hitting an animal with a car and being able to save it but leaving it to die? or like i said before, nobody made them go into the pit. could they be considered pests like mice, rats and other animals that are encouraged to be killed by most people. after all they have many pest like qualities. are they fair game once they go on private property......or are they are responsibility to keep safe when they are on our property. sure the moral questions are relatively easy, but the legal questions are a whole other matter and being that my bosses have the money and slick lawyers i don't give the animal rights people much of a chance if it went to a lawsuit.
    as for Peta if i know them well enough i think they are more concerned with the butchering of millions of chickens. that the occasional gull or pigeon will fly under the radar

    like most times on these posts i am not taking any sides i just say it as i see it, sometimes it may look like i am taking a side. i guess that's because i see it from that sides POV more.
  • I dont know if this is a norwegian thing but..
    Why the hell do they sell condoms in every airport restroom? Is it a safe-sex ad? Or is it an invitation?
  • No ... it's everywhere.
  • when i was a kid about 10-12 i used to want to buy the condoms i saw in bathrooms, not that i was using them back then it was just....i dont know what it was, a conversation starter with friends or just cool to have in a young boys mind.
    anyway the reason i never bought them back then was cause i always imagined there was a bell outside the bathroom that let everyone know that someone in the bathroom just made a purchase.
  • Quickie sexism thought of the day!

    Why is it accepted that denoting "that kids has balls," is a good thing, suggesting that they are brave or gutsy, while "that kid is a pussy," is a bad thing, suggesting a whimp?
  • GoodEnoughForMe said:
    Quickie sexism thought of the day!

    Why is it accepted that denoting "that kids has balls," is a good thing, suggesting that they are brave or gutsy, while "that kid is a pussy," is a bad thing, suggesting a whimp?

    i dont think they are supposed to be compared next to each other but a pussy is soft.

    its my opinion that the term he has balls refers more to the fact that his balls dropped meaning he isnt a boy anymore he is a man now. a boy will hide for safety a man will fight till he is safe.

    in unrelated news the 7/11 has locks on the door in case the night manager has to go to the bathroom.

    parkways get their name from the fact that the rest stops are basically parks. while driveways you drive onto rather than just park on the street.

    round pizzas come in a square box because they are easier to fold.

    you can cry underwater but dont try it because you cant breathe underwater.

    there are still monkeys because not all of them came down from the trees so they never evolved like the ones that did

    there is braille on drive thru ATM's because it makes no sense to have a separate mold than the ATM's that arent in drive thru's

    the interstate highways in Hawaii are built by the same funds that the rest of the interstate highways are despite the fact that you cant drive to another state on them.

    planes arent made of the same stuff as the little black box is probably because its a heavier metal also those boxes do get destroyed in crashes sometimes.

    thesaurus isnt in the thesaurus so there probably isnt another word for it.
  • post up any funny comic pages you can find...GO!

    El Fuerte is a fanboy
  • GoodEnoughForMe said:
    Quickie sexism thought of the day!

    Why is it accepted that denoting "that kids has balls," is a good thing, suggesting that they are brave or gutsy, while "that kid is a pussy," is a bad thing, suggesting a whimp?

    Thousands of years of culturally ingrained double-standards.

  • you know a fart smells bad when your alone in your car and its below freezing out and you have to roll down the window.
  • GoodEnoughForMe said:
    Quickie sexism thought of the day!

    Hehehe, you said "quickie" and "sexism" in the same sentence...

    I need to grow up.
  • chilli dawg or chesse dawg?
  • powerpc127 said:
    [quote=GoodEnoughForMe]Quickie sexism thought of the day!

    Hehehe, you said "quickie" and "sexism" in the same sentence...

    I need to grow up.[/quote]

    Please do.
  • Maxim said:
    [quote=powerpc127][quote=GoodEnoughForMe]Quickie sexism thought of the day!

    Hehehe, you said "quickie" and "sexism" in the same sentence...

    I need to grow up.[/quote]

    Please do.[/quote]
    Please poop.
  • Plankton said:
    [quote=Maxim][quote=powerpc127][quote=GoodEnoughForMe]Quickie sexism thought of the day!

    Hehehe, you said "quickie" and "sexism" in the same sentence...

    I need to grow up.[/quote]

    Please do.[/quote]
    Please poop.[/quote]
    I am.
  • "LinkCable">

    "LinkCable said:
    chilli dawg or chesse dawg?

    depends on the cheese...actually it also depends on the chili. But...there is a much bigger diference between good and bad cheese than there is between good and bad chili.
  • Optical Illusions blow my mind!

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