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  • I was doing a little rooting around on the site and saw that there are virtually no game reviews for the Ipod. This may be because the general population on Ipod games are just crap, but there are a few shining stars out there. Plants vs Zombies recently was released on the Ipod as well as a few other Pop Cap games. There are quite a few innovative puzzle games out there as well.

    I was wondering why there are no Ipod game reviews here and was thinking maybe I am just not looking in the right place. Perhaps there are a few reviews that just got lost in the endless sea of games? I believe that the Ipod is almost a portable console, in its own way, because there are thousands of games that are all relatively cheap, some of them can provide many hours of game play.

    I was thinking of reviewing some of my favorite games for the Ipod and want your input on whether or not it is worth it. Thanks!
  • It's definitely worth it. Even though it may seem like finding an Ipod game review might be few and far between, some really good ones are still out there. The best way to have more ipod reviews, is to write some yourself.

    If you find a game on the ipod that you feel really strongly about, let us know. Better yet, if there is a handful of games that you want to give your opinion about, you might consider bunching them all into one review, with separate sections for each of the games.

    Another thing, you mentioned that some Pop Cap games are the shining gems as far as Ipod games go. These haven't been reviewed for the Ipod, so to speak, but I'm fairly certain a bunch of these (Peggle, Plants vs Zombies, etc) have been reviewed for the platform they were released on initially.