Are You Fat Contest Reply
  • Hey guys it's rhsfootball#72 and I have seen on previous episodes about how Yuzo, Tobin, and A LOT of noob toobers are trying to lose weight in 2 months. Well I have a solution to losing weight that I used to lose 30 lbs. in 3 months... It's called P90X! P90X is a 90 day workout and diet plan (very strict) that you go by. This workout is DESIGNED to be used in your home with really no weight lifting involved. The only things you need are an assortment of dumbells, a pull-up bar (like the iron gym), a chair, and SHEER determination. This isn't the average workout program you see on infomercials. It is very difficult (I played football for 8 years and I thought the plyometrics were hard!), but IT PAYS OFF. I am actually trying to do P90X again and since a lot of noob toobers are trying to lose weight too, I want you guys to join me in losing all of our fat! PM me if your interested and I'll tell you all of the info. that you need to know and where to get the program. BTW happy birthday Yuzo!