Should There Be a Politics section?
  • i bring this up because politics has always spurred much conversation and allows everyone to discuss their political views with other noobtoobers while at the same time hearing about policies in other countries.

    I propose a Politics section because while current political discussions are in Off Topic, i think a subject such as politics is too broad to fit in just off topic as it can also find home in Media Discussion and in some cases Gaming News

    Politics is something that affects us all, even if we have no interest in it. A political board will help raise awareness about certain issues, expand knowledge on what is happening overseas, and provide thoughts of the people which you cannot get form other news programs.

    So what exactly could be posted in a political board?

    -Political Debates
    -Thoughts on presidential candidates
    -Current events
    -Political party views
    -Government attacks on video games
    -Raise awareness about political issues
    -how to fight political idiots

    if you support this idea please post in this topic and raise awareness, also post why you support this idea
  • 1. Noobtoob is still a gaming forum I don't think this would fit into theme.
    2. I doubt a political section would garner a lot of attention.
    3. I would be a little scared of the condequences some of the discussions could have. Political discussions could disrupt the harmony of this community.
    4. Off-topic is sufficient for those few political discussions we have.

    My thoughts. I would suggest taking your political interests to another forum/website if you really feel the need for some deep discussions on political issues.
  • I like talking about politics every so often but I do not feel that it deserves its own section. I feel that off topic is just fine for political debates.
  • There isn't enough political discussion to warrant it, I think. And I'd worry that in a smaller board it'd get even less views, as opposed to it's current place in off topic.

    However (this is mostly to Plankton), don't let fear of disrupting harmony of the forums ever stop you, please. Our community is mature enough to handle ourselves and I am always discouraged when I hear people propose that some discussion just isn't meant for a certain community.
  • Good points, i guess after reading these posts it would be an overall bad idea.
  • I also wanna chime in and say a politics section would quickly die due to a lot of people being bandwagon jumpers and the true breadth of political issues are not being talked about. :)
  • I wish there was a way to stop people from talking abot politics or religion, because no matter what, literally no matter WHAT, it eventually turns into an argument rather than a debate. I understand here at NooBTooB we can talk about some stuff other than games, but I really like us being friendly. Call me a loser pacifist, but I just like it that way.
  • I do not think that you need to worry about a politics section making it so that other people on here become unfriendly to others. I would like to think that most of the people on here are mature enough to realize that everyone is entitled to have their own opinions on things and even if you do not agree with them can look past it and see the other people for what they are and not just what they believe in. Overall everyone on here is a good person and overall is treated as such. Karnage I do not think that your concern about the unfriendliness would last for more then a few days at the most.
  • its one way ticket to a never ending flame war about "Legalizing Pot" and "Gay Marriage"

    I've seen what happens to political threads/sections and its not pretty
  • EmranIsDead said:
    its one way ticket to a never ending flame war about "Legalizing Pot" and "Gay Marriage" I've seen what happens to political threads/sections and its not pretty

    Er.... we've had both those topics been made and they've both turned out fine. The only problem I see with having a Politics section is it would get relativley low traffic and it would only detract from Off-Topic. The Politics threads is part of what makes Off-Topic so great and having a set place for Politics would only end up splitting one awesome board into two sub-par boards. Plus it just makes it even more over-whelming for new members seeing as we have a fair few boards as it is.
  • Chip said:
    Er.... we've had both those topics been made and they've both turned out fine.

    No, the last legalizing pot thread I remember had a ban come of it.
  • Well, in defense of those threads, it seems that generally a thread gets closed down by a few people being children rather than the whole group replying. Besides, when has Noobtoob stopped doing things because someone might piss on it? As far as I could remember the idea was to remain positive and react to negative behavior. Just saying.

    On the subject, I don't think there is enough political talk yet to warrant it's on section, BUT, if it's a serious concern to people they should make more political threads. A forum I used to goto regularly had a few threads that they stickied and were generic catch alls of politics and religion. They came complete with ban warnings for retards in the title. That forum was generally flame retardant; more so on the religious and politics discussion though.
  • discussing politics and religion is a fast and effective way to piss people off :P
  • urbansoul said:
    discussing politics and religion is a fast and effective way to piss people off :P

    But that is a sign of immaturity in an individual and not the whole. The same mentality could be put towards crime. If someone stabs someone in a fit of rage do you ban all knives because a few nut jobs? Besides, I believe that if your getting pissed off about someones politics or religious beliefs, you should stop talking about it; not them.

    Of course, I have been pretty across the board on this issue before, even standing behind the right to be in favor of issues that are inherently considered the 'scum' of the web. Once again it stems from the belief that people have a right to choose to ignore something, if you dive into a politics/religious thread and then get butthurt you only have yourself to blame.

    Just saying. Your right though, people would get pissed. But I hardly think that should be a reason to nix an idea. I'm pretty sure video games piss off a group of people. Fuck em.
  • urbansoul said:
    discussing politics and religion is a fast and effective way to piss people off :P

    Nothing wrong with pissing people off from time to time.
  • I personally enjoy a good debate on religion. Never really pisses me off for more then 5-10 minutes and then I accept their point of view and respect the fact that they are entitled to their own belief as much as I am. I get over myself and call it good. I think that most people are able to do that but there are some trolls that will never let it be and that is where the issue comes from. If we were to have a whole section devoted to just politic and possibly religion we would find ourselves with more trolls I think and that is something that I do not want to see.
  • I often discuss religion, but if you discuss it with a true believer, he quickly look at you like your some sort of antichrist.
    And yes, that is immaturity. But then again, only kids have imaginary friends :wink:
    (i'm sorry for that dreadfull joke ^^ i sometimes pray when i enter the lottery :P)

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