What deserves a noobie from you?
  • Use your own judgment. Noobies should be used to encourage other members to contribute good threads.

    These are the guidelines on giving noobies that appear in the rules. As you can see they're pretty damn open to whatever and as a result I think we've set up our own personal criteria of what deserves a noobie. For instance I've noticed some people reserve their noobies for people who make lengthy intellectual posts while others give them out almost solely to people who make them laugh. What I think would be interesting is we all posted what our noobie criteria is.

    I tend to give out most of my noobies to review writers. If someone is just starting to write reviews and putting in genuine effort then I think they deserve a noobie even if the review itself isn't good. On the other hand if an established writer has written an exceptional review a noobie is a good way to show them that their work is appreciated. Outside of reviews I don't give out too many noobies, mostly because I don't like giving a noobie for something that a person has already gotten a noobie for and everyone always seems to beat me to the punch. Also I'm more reserved on giving out noobies to people who have more than ten because I feel that at that point it's already known that they're good members and if they want to get more then they'll need to be exceptional.

    NOTE: This is NOT a place to post what you think should be the communities standard criteria and any amendments that you feel the whole noobie system needs. The system we have now works just fine but if you disagree then please take your opinions elsewhere as this is simply a place to see what other members believe to be positive contributions to the forums.
  • You deserve a noobie for this topic ( too bad I can't give any :( )
    I was just wondering that myself.
  • Anyone who adds to the community in a positive way deserves a noobie, doesn't matter if its from being a regular poster or to helping someone out or simply answering someone's question.
  • I try and give noobies for someone putting time and effort into something, Like an intellectual well thaught out post as you mentioned, a tuorial,advice, or review.
  • anyone who makes, organizes and/or see through an event to the end, podcasts that are good, podcasts that mention me, anything that genuinely makes me laugh out loud, people who add constant updates to topics (the SSF4 topic is a good example)
  • I'll give them for just about anything, but usually I give them to posts I've found funny, good reviews, or just things that obviously took a lot of effort like some of the video reviews or tutorials etc. Like McMason I also tend to stay away from giving noobies if everyone else is noobie-spamming a certain post. That's not to say I object to others giving noobies to said post however. I also try to give noobies to a lot of newcomers or people who I feel often get overlooked simply because I think everyone should be noobie-enabled.
  • Honestly I mostly forget they exist most of the time but when I do remember they exist I usually give them out to people who put a real effort into something whether it is a post, a review, or is user generated content.
  • Helpfulness, Awesomeness. Contribution.

    I got my Noobie for posting some songs I made in the User Generated Content section. They were liked so I got a noobie for them.
  • Well, this one's hard to pin down. I just finished looking over my stats. I've given about twice as many noobies as I've received. I guess, in keeping with the inclusive and encouraging nature of the site, I try to give noobies to people who use the power of NooBTooB for good and not evil (Though the evil can be pretty damn hilarious at times and also garner a noobie. :twisted: lol). I also try to recognize people who make new UGC in particular, because we all benefit from that.

    So... what does "using the power of NooBTooB for good" mean?
    - A good comment in a debate that made me think hard on a subject
    - A good comment or contribution to a thread I started (like the recipes thread I have had going for a while now)
    - Building or making something for other NooBTooBers to use, watch, listen to or admire like Fan Art, Wallpapers, Sigs, Browsers, Podcasts, Skins, T-Shirts, Reviews (video/radio/written), a good thread idea, and of course, games!
    -Hard work. Not to name names but a good example of this is thebgbb; I've given multiple noobies to him because whatever he does he works very hard and achieves great results. This particularly applies to events organizers.
    -When NooBTooBers help other NooBTooBers in Real Life in a good way
    - And, as mentioned, something really funny or entertaining that catches me out of left field

    What have I received noobies for?
    - The T-Shirt designs and Wallpapers I've made (majority)
    - Reviews I've made
    - Good posts I've made in threads in a debate
    - My recipes thread
    - Being Nice
    - Giving good advice

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Give how you want. There's really no rules... I would agree with others though that spamming noobies is worthless because it devalues the noobie as a reward. I would also agree with the general consensus that they`re to be given as a reward for stuff you think is awesome, whatever that may be.
  • if I do give one out that post had to be really good me

    I need to give a few out

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