Are You Fat Week #05: Tobin Comes Back!
  • Week #5!

    Ouch, most of the ground I gained came back to haunt me, mostly due to too many burritos and burgers on my business trip :(. Tobin finally got back on the bike and did pretty good this week!

    Post up your stats and include any pics/videos so we can feature 'em on the show.

    Weight: 188lb
    Current: 185lb
    Target: 165lb

    Score: (188-185)/(188-165) = 13%


    Weight: 181
    Current: 182
    Target: 170

    Score: (181-182)/(181-170) = -9%

  • Sex: M
    Age: 20
    Height: 5'7ish

    Starting Weight: 191 (Nearly 14 Stone!)
    Last Weeks Weight: 189 lbs
    Current Weight: 180 lbs

    Final Target (Putting it slightly higher :P): 160 lbs
    Pounds Left: 20 lbs
  • Hello, I'm fairly competitive and this really helped me loose weight. I know it's not a competition but still... it's helped so much.

    Start weight: 193 pounds
    Current weight: 171.5 pounds
    Height: 6 foot

    I'm really happy with what I've achieved, no trophy or achievement but I've felt healthier. I intend to keep this going untill 160 pounds and I've I'm still not happy possiple 150 or 140 pounds,
  • Starting Weight: 315
    current Weight: 310
    10-week goal: 285 (30 lbs).

    Score: (315-310)/(315-285) = 16.67%
  • Starting Weight: 280 lbs
    Week2 Weight: 280 lbs
    Week3 Weight: 275 lbs
    Week4 Weight: 273 lbs
    Target Weight: 200 lbs

    Man, trying to get it down to 260 by the end of the month.
    'Rents tell me that if I don't they cancel our family vacation to Las Vegas. What a serious burden on me.
  • OboeCrazy:
    Starting weight: 138
    Target weight: 125
    Week 4 weight: 136
    Change so far: 2 pounds!

    Down another pound! It's slow going, and my challenge this next week is to keep up the pace as I go to Seattle/Vancouver to visit my boyfriend and job hunt. Nothing like a vacation to fall off a diet. I'm planning on letting myself be more loose in my eating as long as I keep up the exercise every day. Hopefully that'll be the difference.
  • Not much change from last week.

    Age: 16
    Height: 5'8''
    Starting weight: 162
    After one week: 161-162
    After two weeks: 158
    After three weeks: 158-159
    After four weeks: 157
    BMI: 23.9

    Progress: 5 pounds (50%)

    Target weight: 152

    So I'm halfway there..these last 5 pounds will be very hard..but I managed to get halfway in the first month out of the three, so I have more time to lose that last bit of gunt.
  • Original Weight: 196lbs
    Target Weight: 168lbs

    Last Weeks Weight: 190lbs
    This Weeks Weight: 188Ibs

    The belt on my crosstrainer died this week, which has been a real pain. Yuzo, well done. Tobin, you are a gangbanging failure. Also Jack is a brave man.
  • Starting 230
    week 2 = 227
    change of 3 pound YAY!!!!!
    Good job everyone... keep it up
  • I didn't get chance to post my weigh-in details last week so these ones better be good, let's see.....

    Basic Stats
    Sex: Male
    Age: 21
    Height: 6ft 2 inches

    The Important Stuff
    Challenge Start Weight: 274.4 lb
    Todays Weight: 270.0 lb
    Target Weight: 246 lb

    How it managed to be spot on 270 lb I do not know but it did. So in 4 weeks thats 4.4 lb gone, I'm not impressed so my efforts shall be improved next week! On an additional note I've been looking around the local gyms, they seem ok except for the cost to join (£100 a month being the highest so far).
  • These are my stats for this week. :)

    19 years old
    5 foot 4inchs

    Starting weight: 176 lbs (12st 8lbs)
    Weight now: 169 lbs (12st 1lbs)

    Target weight: 145 lbs (10st 5lbs)
    Aiming to lose: 31 lbs (2st 2lbs)

    This weeks weight loss: 2lbs
    Lost in Total so far: 7lbs
    Percentage towards target: 22%

    Will be mega happy if I'm 11st next week.
  • Male
    16 years
    5 feet 12 inches

    Start weight:
    144,1 lbs
    Goal: 136 lbs

    Week 1: 142,9 lbs
    Week 2: 141,3 lbs
    Week 3: 140,6 lbs
    Week 4: 139,9 lbs
    Week 5: 140,4 lbs

    Gain week 5: 0,5 lbs
    Total loss: 3,7 lbs
    Weight to lose: 4,4 lbs


    I went up this week, but that's not weird cause I've trained with focus on muscles and actually eaten a lot of junk (stressfull week). I've decided to make a smaller goal cause I don't think I should get much thinner and wanan gain some muscle power :p
  • Starting weight: 187 lbs.
    Target weight: 160 lbs.
    Last Week: 184 lbs (14% progress)

    Current Weight: 182 lbs.
    187-160= 27 lbs loss target, 182-160= 22 lbs to go
    5/27*100=18.5% of goal achieved

    Didn't lose as much as I thought this week, but it didn't help that I fell off the workout bandwagon. :oops: It's weird for me scheduling workouts. Wish I could hop on the bike at 5am when I get up, but that would wake the folks who live below me and I don't want to be an asshole. End up doing it at lunch... which is sometimes busy and gets lost in the shuffle. Next thing you know, "Ill do it tomorrow" gets pushed into next week. Nearest gym is next town over, and it's still dark and icy here that early so I can't go outside yet. Meh. Excuses, excuses, right? :roll: I really can't wait till summer when it's light at 4am... I'll take my bike out every day! Starting the yearly tune-up this week in anticipation of hitting the mountain biking trails nearby. After all, rule #1 is Cardio. Gotta be able to outrun the zombies. :lol:

    Still, I'm really happy with my progress so far. I've really been trying to lose weight for a while in preparation for my upcoming wedding this August. At the end of October/09 I weighed 205 lbs., and was eating like a horse and not working out... ever. Since then I've lost 23 lbs., I'm eating reasonably but not excessively, and I'm working out more often than 'never'. :D That was my goal for the 5 month mark which is where I'm at... at this point I don't want to loose too much more weight (want the dress I bought to fit!) but will be trying to get better endurance and muscle tone. Particularly in my arms which are a bit flabby in the upper area by the shoulders. Can't have that with a strapless gown.

    In re: Yoga... Thumbs Up!
    I agree with Tobin and Yuzo. Yoga will definitely kick your ass when done correctly, especially if your body is not used to it. It gives you really good long, lean muscle tone. But when I took it a while back, I found the biggest benefit, especially for a klutz like me, was that I had a better sense of balance. I'm the kind of person that's constantly tripping on things and banging into stuff and when I took yoga, that aspect kinda disappeared, so if there's any klutzes out there I totally recommend it.

    DON'T FORGET!! There's a lot of people who are forgetting to post their percentages of weight loss goal achieved. That's how they're doing the contest so make sure you put those percentages in your posts! If you need help with the formula just look at Yuzo's first post and plug in your numbers accordingly or ask for help and one of us will help you.. if no one else, I will. :)

    Good luck and great progress so far everyone!
  • Starting weight: 228 lbs
    Target weight: 210 lbs

    Today's weight: 220 lbs
    % Loss = [ (228 - 220) / (228 - 210) ] * 100 = 44.4%

    No progress again this week. I guess I need to crank it up a notch.

    Technically speaking, I'm no longer "overweight" but It'd be nice to knock off some of the chub that's crept up on me :)
  • Target weight - 155lbs

    Week #1 weight - 144.2lbs
    Week #2 weight - 142.4lbs
    Week #3 weight - 145.2lbs
    Week #4 weight - 145.6lbs

    Been doing school so had no time to work out but now that I have a better idea of my schedule I can better plan out my workouts.
  • I found something worst than a McGangbang

    its from burger king and its called the Noah's ark

  • Starting weight: 215 lbs
    week 4 weight: 210 lbs

    no formula because this bud light with lime is messin with my head hah

    Good job everyone! Keep this shit up!
  • although my intention is not to be a promoter dude....

    i found that it may be pretty interesting, has someone tried this point system?

    oops as for me
    i started out with 242 lbs my height is 5,11 on febuary 24
    now im 217.8 lbs, im so happy

    all i have done is walk ...a lot....
    and now in march ill start to eat more healthy

    thx noobtoob it was a great idea!

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    oops forgot my target weight....
    ive seen a lot of tables....and they all seam so unrealistic since ive always been really heavy (not actually fat), for someone my size it should be 178.6......
    screw that i know when i look good, 190 lbs and ill be an adonis!

    Mucha Fuerza! to everyone!
  • Huh, nice find Wildokami.

    I've heard of of Weight Watchers doing some of that, but I've never thought of it that way.
  • Just quick post if you own some dumbbells this website gives you great idea of exercises and routines to work on parts of your body
  • I'm not really setting any sort of goal, but I've made a point to start exercising daily now that I'm back to school and have 3 hours to myself on campus every day. I hope that it'll give me more energy to get through the day and just feel better overall. Then maybe I can stop procrastinating :roll: Expert+ Drums on Guitar Hero Metallica doesn't hurt either :wink:
  • So, I forgot to post recently, but here's my weight:

    Start: 237 lbs
    Now: 238.0 lbs
    Goal: 220 lbs
    Change: -1 lb

    Decent considering I haven't trained inn the last 4 weeks because I re-injured my knee as well as various sports (Team Handball FTW!) needing me to actually be functional for the games.

    Luckily, sports are over for a little while, so I am back lifting on Monday as well as swimming (I am doing the swim leg of a team mini-triathlon, so I need to get practice and cardio work in for that). We'll see what things look like in a week.
  • FYI all - was digging around for a decent website with swimming training programs and found a VERY good one here:

    If you're the type of person, like me, who likes having a set/scheduled workout, then this will work best for you (although EVERY workout should be planned in advance, but that's another argument entirely).

    Pretty much the best cardio option, especially if you are overweight because your body's natural buoyancy makes the exercises easier as you start and then gets progressively more difficult as you lose body fat and thus have to work harder to stay afloat. It's a very good cycle :P
  • Hey all
    Looks like some people needed help with the percentages thing so I just went ahead with info posted. Would hate to see folks who work so hard get left behind on a technicality. Not that T&Y would ever be nasty enough to do this but just to be safe.

    To calculate a percentage, you need your starting weight, weight now, and target weight.

    This works if you're trying to loose or gain, and is calculated as "percent of goal achieved" using the following formula:

    For losing weight:
    (current weight - target weight) divided by (starting weight - target weight) times 100

    For gaining weight/bodybuilding:
    (target weight-current weight) divided by (target weight - starting weight) times 100

    so... here goes nothing :) I'm just putting it in a quote box to make it stand out a bit better

    Percentages of goal achieved

    JackInYaBox: 35.48%
    OboeCrazy: 15.38%
    Raskit: 28.57%
    Eidelon: 15.49%
    Metalsnakezero (gaining): 12.96%
    WildOkami (assuming 190 lb target): 46.54%
    ColossalHavoc: -5.88%
  • thank you tallchick !! ^^
    yeah actualy tried to do the formula......but got a weird result....

    and really? 40% already w00t XD
    and yes target is 190 lbs as explained :oops:

    in any case if i find later that my target wasnt that good i will most prob continue on....
    no reason to stop at one point right?

    does anyone have a easy workout plan? that i can do at home? or a link to online yoga video?
    (yeah kinda got me interested :P )

    Fuerza Everyone!
  • Lets see:
    I'm 6'3 and when I started a few weeks ago, my weight was; 240.

    Last Weeks Weight: 224
    Todays Weight: 225

    I'd like next weeks weight in, to be like 222 or at best 220.

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