Review of the Week- Week 4
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    What is Review of the Week?

    The review of the week contest is used to highlight reviews written in the previous week. It is a contest that gives recognition to all reviews written in the week before, and all the reviews are voted on by the community to best show all the great reviews written by members of NoobToob.

    Review of the week was an idea that was proposed in order to generate discussion in the Review section, and to get people excited to read reviews, and talk about games in general. Make sure to post your opinion in the thread, and check out any of the reviews listed that you haven't seen. Comment, and give constructive criticism if necessary.


    Here are the nominees for Review of the Week- Week 4:

    @NdRiLz@ - For his review on (Movie Review) Australia and (Movie Review) Shutter Island

    McMason- "I wanna nominate @NdRiLz@'s movie review of Australia. Besides making an overall well put together first review @NdRiLz@ also took a step outside the norm and made it for a movie, something I'd like to see more of around here."

    EmranIsDead - For his review on Condemned: Criminal Origins (xbox 360).

    Crimson- "Awesome review! This is yet another review of yours that I enjoyed reading. Keep writing, please. You never disappoint me with what you have to say."

    CapnRedChops - For his review on Stunt Car Racer - Blast from the Past 2.

    Crimson- "I am truly sorry about not adding you to the poll last week. Your work is still great as ever, and I hope this nomination isn't any less meaningful!."


    Please PM me the details on who you chose to nominate. No longer post it in this thread.

    All written reviews and video reviews are eligible for nomination for Review of the Week.

    Admins, Mods, and Coordinators can be nominated for the award. They are members of the community just as everyone else is, and their reviews deserve to be highlighted as such. They spent just as much time on their review as a normal member would, and thus deserve a nomination.

    We are only looking for reviews which were posted in the previous week (give or take), when nominating from the time of this post.

    Please leave an explanation in the thread on why you thought a review deserves to win the contest.

    No noobies will be given out for winners of Review of the Week. This is only in effect for a short period of time, until something else is worked out or a better solution is thought of. If you have any suggestions send them to me in a pm and I'll see what I can do.

    Remember: Leave feedback telling who you voted for and what your reason was for voting. It's nice to see other people's opinions on these sorts of things. But make sure you are not flaming anybody, but only telling them what a good job they did. Constructive criticism is allowed, however.
  • I have to say those 2 move reviews do like nice

    I should check them out
  • EmranIsDead for mine!

    Thanks for the phenomination!

  • CRC. Sympathy vote, that is.
  • One vote for CRC... :lol: That is the most hardcore sympathy vote ever. Congratulations to the winner.

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