Member of the Week- Week 77
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    What is Member of the Week?
    The member of the week contest is used to highlight those members who have clearly went above and beyond in their contributions to the NooBTooB Community

    Here are the nominees for Member of the Week- Week 77:

    @NdRiLz@ - For his thread on (Movie Review) Shutter Island and (Movie Review) Australia

    Crimson - "Great movie review, man! Always nice to see people review something other than just games for a change. Glad to see your thoughts on the movie, can't wait for your next writeup. And for taking the constructive criticism and improving it for your future reviews."

    Lucien_Lachance – For his thread on 8 Bit Wii Shop Channel Music

    Crimson- "Thanks for another awesome 8-bit song. They are always great to listen to. I hope you keep chugging these out"

    legonintendo – For his thread on Fan tribute!

    Crimson- "Really great job making this, thank you for taking the time to put this out! You've got some nice talent here, and I hope you continue to create stuff for the community in the future."

    Fuzzy, wtrswoopes, Chip, Dracomaster01 – For their thread on Fuzzy, Draco, Swoopes, Chip kill Crawmerax - Borderlands.

    Crimson- "You guys are really pro now! It's official. Great job on the video, and nice job on beating the Crawmerax! Congrats.

    McMason- For his thread on NoobToob's Favorite Movies of All Time!.

    Crimson-"Great thread, and you've received a lot of feedback so far! Interesting to see what people's thoughts are on movies, and adding a lot to the media section. Great job!"


    Please PM me the details on who you chose to nominate. No longer post it in this thread.

    No Mods or Admins can be nominated for the award, unless under special circumstances . Sorry guys, but we know what great contributors you are to the community already, and I want to shift the spotlight onto members who may be less well known.

    Your only looking for threads or posts which were posted in the previous week (give or take), when nominating from the time of this post.

    Please leave an explanation on why you thought a member deserved a nomination.

    No noobies will be given out for winners of Member of the Week. This is only in effect for a short period of time, until something else is worked out or a better solution is thought of. If you have any suggestions send them to me in a pm and I'll see what I can do.

    Remember: Leave feedback telling who you voted for and what your reason was for voting. It's nice to see other people's opinions on these sorts of things. But make sure you are not flaming anybody, but only telling them what a good job they did. Constructive criticism is allowed, however.
  • voted for Lucien, I'm really liking his 8-bit renditions
  • Lucien. I'm loving the 8-bit goodness.
  • Glee ^^ It's just fun to even be nominated
  • Well this is unexpected. I didn't even know I was in the running. I need to find more time to pay attention to the forums.

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