Xbox live motto; NooBTooB
  • i find it hard to distinguish between the noobtoobers on my friends list, to make it easier to see if you are a member of noobtoob, i would ask all of you to put the word NooBTooB in your motto line, it should be easier to diferentiate then!

  • The only friends on my lists will generally be Noobtoobers or people I think really are 'friends', ... and if I don't hang out or play with them too much or they drop off the face of Noobtoob, I'll just delete them from my lists.

    So I don't know why anyone should bother for your personal help, lol.
  • No offense, but I'm not doing what you tell me, my motto is more important ;p Just remember, if you have Mr Sunflower...well, you know why. I'm unforgettable.
  • ok, bad idea ; sorry
  • not really a bad idea at all. I have www.noobtoob as my motto since i joined the site and i know that either yuzo or tobin does aswell (cant remember which) so i think it would halp spread news of the site

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