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  • GreyAcumen said:
    nobody plays ps3

  • I recomend Tribe Acend (PC only game) it is in open beta so just download it and try it. I have only played a few matches but I have had a great time, it whould be great to play with a few from the community.
  • As there is a Forza night anyone interested in a GT5 night???
  • puff said:

    *pats* it's ok, i play PS3 too
  • GTA 4. To prep ourselves for GTA 5. It'd be a fun community event and for people that don't own the game it's not very expensive + It is in Redboxes. It'd be a great time for us to try to build up the community again. We need to do more to try and awaken the slumbering NoobToob army or add to it.

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