NooBTooB Update
  • Hey folks, we just posted a new vid on Youtube mentioning that we'll be skipping a week. Fortunately we're back in the studio on Wednesday so you'll have 173 this weekend at the usual time.

    In the meantime test out your video skillz and do up a review, noobtoob-style, and post it up as a video response here:

  • Great episode of noobtoob. I'm loving the new studio set you guys are on. Having the website in the background makes it all so much more beautiful.

    I kind of miss the old segments of your show but I guess something had to give way to this new, dynamic and slimmer format. It's kind of twittery now and the shift to smaller bursts of "social networking" is sure to double your internets traffic. Oh and I miss Tobin, he was interesting to have on.

    All the best with the new n00bt00bz, I am definitely a born again fan.

    PS. The audio levels in this show was startlingly different. Is this what its like when Range doesn't do his audio editing? I miss him the most then. :( Please bring back the Strunk.
  • I posted this question in the comments on youtube. I will post it here as well: Just wondering about the reviews, are you looking for a very recent game to be reviewed or can it be something a little older, and what about ones you have covered yourself in previous episodes?

    I just need to know so I can decide on what game to review. I cant really review anything recent since I havent bought any new games since May.

    P.S. Is this some kind of coup? I think you send Tobin into exile and took over the reigns of noobtoob. Range was probably another victim of this revolution.

    All hail Yuzo! (I dont wanna get shot) :wink:
  • Plankton said:
    All hail Yuzo! (I dont wanna get shot) :wink:

    It's like I said, tobin isn't worthy. Yuzo is The Man. :P
  • A NEW NOOBTOOB SKIT!!!! oh wait... (:

  • I could have something in about a week in a half. I'll do my best to get something going.
  • O shit, check out that ghetto Ikaruga monitor going on.
  • Hey noobtoob, me and a friend uploaded a video response to that original vid, so come check it out and rate plz!! our review is very opinionated just like noobtoob, we reviewd bayonetta and comment and respond to see if you agree or disagree.

    <3 noobtoob you guys keep doing what you do <br />

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