NooBTooB's First PS3
  • yuzo said:
    [quote=Sloth]Just use a normal usb headset?

    Ah, I didn't know those just worked out of the box. I'll give it a try, thanks for the tip!..[/quote]

    Heh , alot of things work out of the box on the PS3 if it has a USB plug :-)
    Try a USB Hard drive for example .
    Out of the box supported formats are any image based ones and ATRAC, MP3, AAC, MPEG-4
    Speaking of images , the photo album feature is quite NICE .
    I dunno bout you but my G/F likes to look at pictures alot so yeah .

    gwenster said:
    If you still cant get ahold of Ninja Gaiden try the demo up on PSN .

    OH ! Did you try flow yet ?

    Haven't picked up flow yet.. I'm a little worried about paying for it -- how much is it again, $10? Not sure if the replay value is there..

    I picked it up for my G/F after we got back together , (yes the PS3 is dedicated at her place for a while serving mostly as a HTC[ so that i can watch my downloads when im there/i] )
    and she likes to veg out on it if she needs to wind down from her work wich she often does at home since its less intensive then the Wii ( [i]also permanant at her house lo
    ) but still a distraction nonetheless .

    But for a guy like you that gets tons of new games a month ?
    No , dont think the $10 is worth the game . It feels more like a concept demo than an actual game to me .
  • Congrats Yuzo on getting a ps3. I just picked one up too a couple of days back because my bloody Xbox 360 died. Keeps crashing on me. So far im loving the ps3 tbh. I got Ninja Gaiden. Motorstorm. Resistance all free with console, then I picked up Virtua Fighter 5 pre-owned. OH and add me too, my user is 'Jonsty'
  • raskit said:
    awesome :) Will be good to see what you guys think of Sonys offerings from now on.

    Stealth, I've seen a few on ebay that have been cheap, lowest was £300 plus £10 P&P buy it now for the PAL 60gb. On they have a £400 deal with motorstorm and Resistances

    Oooh, £300 is quite tempting, I'd even consider buying a BR-player for that price (~445€). The best buy I can find on my little island is at 700€ (including resistance, motorstorm and an extra sixaxis). I'll have to wait a while longer, putting a new computer together is quite costly.
  • whoo! that's good news :P
    I'm really looking forward to some PS3 game reviews on NooBTooB podcasts now :D
    Resistance and its multiplayer are still keeping me entertained 'til I find another game that I want to put away £40 for, and now it looks like there's a massive bunch of them coming at once....

    again, whoo!
  • Welcome to the ps3 fan club Yuzo, you soul now belongs to Sony, just kiddin. Anyways congrats on getting a ps3 and have fun with it, also Tobin when you get your ps3 pick up full auto 2, its a racing game with guns you might like it

    Anyways Cya
  • haha, i like the youtube skit about it

  • lol nice video guys but tobin you do know that you just shown all teh stalkers where u live lol
  • I thought about getting one with the recent price drop, but I think I'll probably just wait until Ratchet is out and maybe another price drop. Besides, the rest of my year is pretty much already booked solid with MUST BUY games like Bioshock, GTA4, Mass Effect, Rock Band, Phantom Hourglass, and more. And the only upcoming ps3 game I'd put in that category is the aforementioned Ratchet....
  • Hey Yuzo, I was wondering if you rent Resistance, if you'd want a few private-matches?
  • gwenster said:
    [quote=Zen_Monk]Wasn't there a voice-mail from an earlier episode that the caller said that he'll donate his PS3 to you guys? What became of that?

    Also, what do you do with 60 Gigabytes on the PS3. I never really understood that feature. Please explain what the 60 gigabytes would do for PS3 owners.

    Your probably a 360 user I suppose . So here we go weighing it against the default 20 GB xbox 360 drive in general .
    ( 120 GB model isnt a standard ) .[/quote]

    Actually I don't have or use a 360. Just plain old PS2. I just happen to not know anything.

    But thank you for the info, nonetheless! I really appreciate it.
  • Awesome... I can't wait to hear some of your opinions on the PS3 features. Games are secondary for me atm, as I know which ones I look forward to and only sigma is out at the moment.

    Zen Monk, you bring a valid point. 60GB HD seems a little large since they tout that blu ray holds so much more info. Seems you would only need it for DL games and content which would fill very slowly I would think. Oh wait nevermind. You can DL movies and music on to your PS3 and then use it as a media center, and last I heard they were implementing software for the PSP which interfaces with the PS3 from anywhere you can get internet access to play back videos and music. So basically every teenager will have a PSP that acts as an Ipod and mobile porn device.
  • With the possibility of having the PS3 being a TiVo-like device, I see a need for the hard drive now. But, that's the only reason... lol
  • nutta27 said:
    lol nice video guys but tobin you do know that you just shown all teh stalkers where u live lol

    Well, luckily we never said what the name of the street I live on is. :)

    Gotta keep those damn stalkers away!
  • yur a wize man yuzo.....

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