Member of the Week- Week 69
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    What is Member of the Week?
    The member of the week contest is used to highlight those members who have clearly went above and beyond in their contributions to the NooBTooB Community

    Here are the nominees for Member of the Week- Week 69:

    tallchick27 - For her thread on Dragon Age: Origins.

    Crimson- "Amazing review, tallchick! I can tell a lot of hard work was put into this, and it really payed off. Well written, backed up with links, examples, and other information. Great work!"

    Dr. Flibble – For his posts on (PS3/360) - Final Fantasy XIII

    Crimson- "I'm glad you took the time to post so many FFXII updates, they helped fill my craving for the game for just a short while. I'm sure a lot of other members appreciated your knowledge on the game as well. Awesome job! "

    Karnage – For his thread on (PS3/360) Assassin's Creed II.

    Crimson- "Very well written review, you did a nice job on this. I hope your review helps people decide whether or not they should pick this game up, because it really is fantastic. Nice work."

    therealfirestarter - not for a specific thread, but for his participation in the shoutbox.

    thebgbb- "I've been watching the shoutbox throughout the holidays, and therealfirestarter has been posting Steam, XBLA, and Direct2Drive sales nearly every day. The shoutbox is the perfect venue for this, too, as it is about as temporary as the sales themselves, and it doesn't clutter up the forums with threads about information that will be obsolete in a week. I was able to capitalize on some deals that I would have missed if TRFS hadn't posted them.

    It is this kind of thing that helps to make NoobToob a living forum that people come to for their up-to-the-minute gaming information."

    Drake_Spartan- For his thread on Noob Toob Snow Logo.

    Crimson-"Great work on the site logo, you even got it thrown up on the main forum page. Well done! (even if it does look a bit like a bukake :lol: "


    Voting will close on Sunday, so Tobin and Yuzo can announce the winner when they record on Monday.

    Please PM me the details on who you chose to nominate. No longer post it in this thread.

    No Mods or Admins can be nominated for the award, unless under special circumstances . Sorry guys, but we know what great contributors you are to the community already, and I want to shift the spotlight onto members who may be less well known.

    Your only looking for threads or posts which were posted in the previous week (give or take), when nominating from the time of this post.

    Please leave an explanation on why you thought a member deserved a nomination.

    No noobies will be given out for winners of Member of the Week. This is only in effect for a short period of time, until something else is worked out or a better solution is thought of. If you have any suggestions send them to me in a pm and I'll see what I can do.

    Remember: Leave feedback telling who you voted for and what your reason was for voting. It's nice to see other people's opinions on these sorts of things. But make sure you are not flaming anybody, but only telling them what a good job they did. Constructive criticism is allowed, however.
  • duhurrrr 69 I'm so funny
  • Congratulations Dr. Flibble! Your contributions to the forums are always welcome, and thank you for your knowledge on Final Fantasy XIII, I can't wait for the US release. Also, thank you for sending out that FFXIII Art Book, that is just another example our community shines, and stands out among the rest.

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