Member of the Year- 2009!
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    What is Member of the Year?
    The Member of the Year title will be awarded to the most deserving NoobToob member who went above and beyond the call of duty, and contributed the most to the NoobToob Community.

    Here's how it's going to work:
    The Member of the Year nominees will consist of those that have won TWO previous Member of the Week contest. Those entered into the poll will be voted on by the NoobToob community, for who they think deserves to win the title.

    This year we ended up with an excellent number! There are 5 member of the week winners from this past year that have won twice throughout the year. So let the competition begin!!

    What does the Winner receive for winning?

    The winner of member of the year will receive a $10 PSN or XBLA points, for whichever system they choose. If the winner does not own one of these systems another prize will be chosen to accommodate them.

    The Winner will have bragging rights until a new Member of the Year is determined at the end of '10. Sorry Smoke, you knew you had to give up the crown someday..

    I would like to personally thank Wtrswoopes for making the Member of the Year logo, Ashgooner for starting up the contest and handing it off to me, all of the members that have nominated various people throughout the year, and everyone who has ever voted you guys are what make this contest happen, you’re all awesome!

    Without father adieu let us begin with the Member of the Year nominees for the year 2009

    MixedUpZombies - For his thread on Noobtoob TV and Reviewcast Reboot Ep. 1: [PROTOYPE]

    Crimson- "Oh. My. God. This is one of the coolest things I have seen on NoobToob. It puts every video, podcast, UGC all in one convienent place. It comes fully loaded with chat, and is very easy to use. Awesome job to both of you!" and "This was a great listen, and a nice reboot. Definitely stick with this and make the podcast even better based on the criticisms you received in the thread. Awesome job! to both of you, and Magenta as well. "

    thebgbb - For his thread on Gaming on a Budget #8: Details and Layering, Demon Stone and NoobToob MMO Invasion November: Dungeon Fighters

    Crimson-"Still going strong with his gaming on a budget work. I love the show, and I am glad that you are sticking to it. I really enjoy listening to all the things you find that are real quality items, that just go unoticed. Great work! " and "Excellent job being consistent with all of the MMO invasions. Even though I can't be a part of any, it's still nice to see you doing them for the community. Great job."

    Veri7as - For his thread on Street Fighter SE Fightstick Mod. and NoobToob Cribs: Veri7as & Ar7emis.

    Crimson - "Thanks a lot for showing us all of this. This was an informative video that I'm sure a lot of members here appreciate this. Awesome work, and I hope you enjoy your modded joystick!" and "This is by far one of the greatest Crib videos out there. A lot of time and effort went in to making this video, but it was well worth it, the end product was fantastic! Great work to the both of you!"

    Fuzzy – For his thread on Fuzzy's Cheers (NT Tribute) and Addiction - A Fuzzy Film.

    Crimson- "Haha really great video and entertaining too. Great work on the tribute and you should do more quick things like this in the future. Awesome Job!!" and "Really good video, and very entertaining. Awesome job on the acting and pretty funny. I hope to see more of this kind of stuff from you in the future. Great work! props go to Castadarkshadow for his work in helping Fuzzy in this film. Good job to you as well."

    Manio - For his reviews on (360) Dead Space | Review by Manio and (360/PC/PS3) Prototype | Review by Manio and (360) A Week Of Warfare (Call Of Duty 4) and (Multi) Ocarina Of Time | Review by Manio and A Gamers Nightmare Episode 13 - Chicken Cannon and Manio's Weekly Discussathon #13: Video Game Piracy

    Crimson- "Two well written reviews in the span of just a day. You have come a long way, Manio, and have really improved your writing. From your format, to the content, everything about your reviews is quality. Keep it up and keep them coming." and "You have created numerous events before, but I haven't seen one as perfectly executed as this in a while. I like the layout, and the setup, and the events. Nice job! Also, you wrote an excellent review to top it all off, well done!" and "Although the podcast needs a bit of tweaking with the audio and what-not, this was still really well done, and I hope you continue doing these in the future. I enjoyed hearing your views on what you've been playing and your opinion on the news, excellent work!" and "I always love the Discussathon threads, but this one is a little more close to home for me because I just had to write a 12 page paper on this exact subject. Keep them coming, they bring forth some excellent discussion."

    Voting for the Member of the Year Contest will close on Thursday December 31, 2009. So get your votes in as soon as you can!

    Remember: Leave feedback telling who you voted for and what your reason was for voting. It's nice to see other people's opinions on these sorts of things. But make sure you are not flaming anybody, but only telling them what a good job they did. Constructive criticism is allowed, however.
  • My vote goes to Fuzzy.

    He's a lovely guy to chat with, he's always looking for ways to improve the community, and his videos are always entertaining.
  • Fuzzy has my vote.
  • I voted for Muz. I really admire his passion for the site, which is reflected by his desire to produce quality UGC. I could never match his passion, and I used to be a Mod. :P

    But every member up for nomination deserves to win. Well done, guys!

    Also, I think Crimson deserves a round of applause for keeping this contest running. You've done an amazing job since taking over from me.
  • I'm quite surprised to have been nominated for Member Of The Year, but I'm happy about it. I'm also glad I'm running against all these wonderful members.

    I haven't placed a vote yet, as I believe I shouldn't vote since I'm in the runnings, but if I plan on it I'll vote for either Fuzzy or MuZ. Both, have put some great stuff into the community, and both are overall great guys.
  • Voting for thebgbb, I've never met anyone else quite like him on the site, or anywhere for that matter.

    Granted I never get the chance to talk to him (or anyone) from NT but he's always been such an inspiration in many ways, both gaming and non-gaming related.

    And he brought a badge to PAX.

    : )
  • .Ethereal. said:
    Granted I never get the chance to talk to him (or anyone) from NT

    IRC and Vent are always open. :)

    What's my vote you ask? Two words; Bear Mace.
  • Chip said:
    [quote=.Ethereal.]Granted I never get the chance to talk to him (or anyone) from NT

    IRC and Vent are always open. :)[/quote]

    The mic part of my headset fell off and IRC hates my name : (

  • Voted. Nice list I guess. :>

    lol, i voted for manio
  • It looks like things are going to be close from what you guys are posting in the thread. Keep the votes coming in, and explain why you voted.

    I still haven't voted yet. I can't choose between you guys, because I love you all. I'll probably get my vote in closer to the deadline, once I've mulled it over for a bit.
  • I have to pick only one? :shock:

    Manio. He's always coming up with great ideas for stuff, is really active on the forums, really have nothing bad to say about the guy.

    Seriously, though.... it was a hard choice. Everyone up there does an AWESOME job! 8)
  • Tough choice, but in the end I went thebgbb. Every time he posts or makes a video I feel like I learn something from it. While maybe not quite as active a member as, say, Fuzzy or MUz, I find that pretty much everytime he has something to say it is incredibly entertaining and insightful.
  • I voted for Manio. I really wanna commend Manio for taking all the criticism from the community to heart and improving upon that. There is a huge difference between the Manio who first registered over a year ago and the Manio today - at least from the impression I got. He is making awesome contributions to the forums. Keep up the good work, lad!

    Even though I voted for Manio all the others are just as deserving of our recognition. Thanks Crimson for making this thread.
  • Thank you very much for the nomination. It means a lot.
  • I had my vote either between Fuzzy or thebgbb. I decided to go for Fuzzy just because he has been much more present in time here at Noobtoob, mainly because we both stay in the IRC quite a bit. But congrats to thebgbb and all other nominees. You have all been great members.

    And special thanks to Crimson for doing this MOTY/MOTW. It's a good deal of work and I just wanted to thank Crimson for honoring other people in the community. Thanks a ton.
  • GoodEnoughForMe said:
    Tough choice, but in the end I went thebgbb. Every time he posts or makes a video I feel like I learn something from it. While maybe not quite as active a member as, say, Fuzzy or MUz, I find that pretty much everytime he has something to say it is incredibly entertaining and insightful.


  • Manio is a trooper, he contributes right across the board, from his weekly discussions to reviews to UGC, the little bugger is everywhere :P That, and the fact that out of all the names on that list he's probably the one that gets least recognition, is why my vote is going to him. bgbb, Fuzzy, Veri7as and MUZ are all deserving as well, I just think they are already very acknowledged among the community. And as Plankton said, Manio is a good sport when it comes to taking criticism, and his taking that criticism on board has seen him shine, some of his recent reviews have been great!

    Good list of nominees though, they are all stellar MOTY material.
  • Ever body has done such a good job and all deserve member of the year. I'm going to vote for thebgbb because of how great he was helping Sapphire and myself go to PAX and all the great invasions he sets up. I just hope he has the chance to bring back Gaming on a Budget.
  • Thebgbb gets my vote on this one. I'm a huge fan of the MMO Invasions, and participated for at least a short period of time in each one. It's definitely not easy to find a game that people have interest in playing and get a good schedule set up so we can all get together, and bgbb does a great job of it. Kudos to you bgbb and all other nominees.
  • Veri7as makes me wet! Got my vote!
  • By far thebgbb out classes every other nominee tenfold. I feel i have won just by being put in the same category with him.
  • I decided not to vote because I think the true person who deserves MOTY is not listed as a nominee. This poll only really represents forum posts and excludes involvement in the IRC and other facets of Noobtoob. I hope everyone recognizes the efforts and time commitments that people have contributed to Noobtoob in all areas of the site. We have a lot of good people here.
  • I'm going to have to write in a vote for me.

    I've been my biggest fan for the last year. I've really pulled my shit together in terms of beating some old backlog, quitting WoW, and fixing my fucking perpetually failing house.

    In other news...grats to the nominee's. I couldn't pick who to vote as I love you all equally.
  • Great list, and thanks for making it Crimson - I'm going to go with thebgbb

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