[2009] Best Action Game
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    Assassin's Creed II
    Release: Nov 17, 2009
    Platform(s): 360, PS3, PC

    Assassin's Creed returns with a new adventure set in the Italian Renaissance.

    Batman: Arkham Asylum
    Release: Aug 25, 2009
    Platform(s): 360, PS3, PC

    Eidos' comic book-inspired action title follows the caped crusader as he takes on the Joker and other supervillains in the titular madhouse.

    Release: May 26, 2009
    Platform(s): PS3

    Infamous is an open-world action adventure game in which you wield electrical superpowers in a city ravaged by violence.

    Resident Evil 5
    Release: Mar 13, 2009
    Platform(s): 360, PS3, PC

    Chris Redfield returns and heads to Africa where the latest bioterrorism threat is transforming the people into mindless creatures.

    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
    Release: Oct 13, 2009
    Platform(s): PS3

    Nathan Drake returns for some more tomb raiding in the sequel to Naughty Dog and Sony's 2007 archeological action adventure hit.
  • Ehhh I had to go with Infamous. Resident Evil 5 was good but the 2-player co-op and shift further towards standard run-and-gun game with the infinite supply of ammo made the game more generic than RE4 to me. Plus I will never consider playing RE5 alone, unless it's for the mercenaries challenges which I have little interest in :oops:
  • Assassin's Creed 2 really nailed the open-world element and the parkour/platforming was fun, even if it seemed like you occasionally went somewhere you didn't want to. Combat was also better than the first one.
  • I chose Infamous as well. This game is a must-play for PS3 owners. I really enjoyed it.
  • U2 gave me a huge game boner throughout the entire thing. There was never a dull moment in that game--even with the puzzle sections.

    Jam and I can agree on this bad boy.
  • I picked Uncharted 2 but it was a tough decision between that and inFAMOUS for me.
  • Infamous had more moments that annoyed me.

    Batman was a little to easy.

    Uncharted had the perfect balance of challenge, therefore creating a perfectly fluid experience of action and adventure like no game before it.
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, I can't even begin to explain how much I love that game.
  • Uncharted 2. Raised the bar for Action games. Intense action scenes that played better than most blockbuster action movies. Drake is one tough SOB :!:
  • I choose RE5. The only reason is because I haven't played any of the others yet.
  • REALLY hard pick between U2 and AC2, but i have 2 go with U2. The entire game just blew my mind.
  • I voted inFamous here because its more of an action game than AC2 is. I love that the action never seems to stop. So much fun!

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