[2009] Best Music/Rhythm Game
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    DJ Hero
    Release: Oct 27, 2009
    Platform(s): 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, DS

    DJ Hero is a turntable-based rhythm game featuring 93 mixes of popular hip-hop, pop, dance, and rock tracks.

    Guitar Hero 5
    Release: Sep 1, 2009
    Platform(s): 360, PS3, Wii, PS2

    Guitar Hero 5 features a robust new track list, as well as a new Party Play mode that allows players to jump in and out at any time.

    Guitar Hero: Metallica
    Release: Mar 29, 2009
    Platform(s): 360, PS3, Wii, PS2

    The legendary Bay Area quartet will be the subject of the second band-centric installment in Activision's popular rhythm game series.

    Lego Rock Band
    Release: Nov 3, 2009
    Platform(s): 360, Wii, DS

    Rock Band makes its way into the Lego universe in Lego Rock Band.

    Rock Band: Beatles
    Release: Sep 9, 2009
    Platform(s): 360, PS3, Wii

    The Beatles: Rock Band lets players perform a variety of Beatles hits and supports up to three vocalists singing in harmony.

    Rock Band Unplugged
    Release: Jun 9, 2009
    Platform(s): PSP

    Take Rock Band on the road with the first-ever portable version of the music game featuring 41 master recordings.
  • This may seem a little awkward, but my vote is going towards Rock Band 2. Although HMX is following activision with the rape-the-franchise route, you can overlook all that and see that Rock Band 2 is still the main game. More importantly, their promise of making RB2 a platform with much DLC has become more and more realized as time passes. We have seen weeks with 6-9 tracks released from different artists, quite a few large track packs featuring 5-12 songs from a single artist at once, and in general just a huge expansion of the possible library. You may have gotten bored of RB2, but if you did then you probably won't be touching any of the other games in the list anyway.
  • Rock Band Unplugged for me.
  • Being a rythem game thing this will highly depending on music tastes. Trying to not be bias I still come out with the same result, guitar hero: metallica. Guitar Hero's haven't been better when it comes to how the game plays, now if only they could get the margin of error back to what it was on GH2 the way it should be (and is on rockband)
  • I honestly cannot vote for this award. Not because I hated all of the games, but because I liked too many of them equally. I'm a huge Rhythm game fan and have played all of these (with the exception of Lego Rockband) and I like different games for different reasons. I love Dj Hero for the controller and generally how awesome you feel if you hit a difficult crossfading section. Guitar Hero 5 had done many things right like having the solid black note chart backgrounds and the song challenges, but it also had a very diverse set list which appealed to many audiences and was really solid. The Beatles Rock Band was an amazing experience though, in that it had beautiful and unique visuals, an amazing soundtrack and the achievements were really well done; I got the "beat the game in 24 hours" achievement from the first time I played the game.

    All in all, it would be way too difficult for me to choose any of these games, and because of this, I would regret any vote I made.

    My vote: DJ Beatles 5.
  • Rock Band Beatles. Hated LEGO Rock Band, didn't play Rock Band Unplugged, thought Guitar Hero 5 was OK, thought Metallica was sort of mediocre, and DJ Hero...well, I hate hip hop.

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