[2009] Best Sports Game
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    FIFA Soccer 10
    Release: Oct 20, 2009
    Platform(s): 360, PS3, PC, PS2

    FIFA Soccer 10 brings back EA's soccer series for another year with updated rosters, improved graphics, and other enhancements.

    Madden NFL 10
    Release: Oct 20, 2009
    Platform(s): 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP

    The Madden franchise returns featuring all-new animation technology and gameplay mechanics.

    MLB 09: The Show
    Release: Mar 3, 2009
    Platform(s): PS3, PS2, PSP

    MLB 09: The Show is back for the 2009 baseball season with expanded features.

    NHL 10
    Release: Sep 15, 2009
    Platform(s): 360, PS3, PC

    The NHL franchise that has won 19 sports game of the year awards over the past two years begins a new era with gameplay innovations that deliver a new standard of toughness, the emotion of playoff hockey on the ice and in the arena, and over 200 gameplay refinements that replicate the skill and finesse that every fan sees throughout the NHL playoffs.

    Release: May 18, 2009
    Platform(s): Wii

    Nintendo is reviving one of its most storied and popular franchises with the first new Punch-Out!! boxing game in 15 years.

    UFC 2009 Undisputed
    Release: May 19, 2009
    Platform(s): 360, PS3

    UFC 2009 Undisputed is a game based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship and features the best mixed martial-arts fighters in the world.
  • I am a sucker for Virtua Tennis games, and 2009, rehash though it was, held my interest. Other.
  • MLB 09: The Show is the best baseball game I've ever played, next to Baseball Stars 2 on the Neo-Geo. Punch-Out!! is CLOSE though...so good.
  • What? No Smackdown vs Raw 2010? :P
  • I haven't bought (or even rented) a single sports game this year, but my buddy gets like all of them. Everyone knows his house is the place to sit back with your bros and have a couple beers while playing some games, so I've had great experiences with a lot of sports games.

    UFC 2009 was spectacular. It's pretty awesome when you have a room full of your bros cheering and placing bets while you virtually beat your friend into a pulp. The only problem is only 2 people can play at a time, and my buddy (who's a UFC freak) just played it non stop with Anderson Silva and now he can't be stopped.

    Fifa 10 and Madden 10 were both great as well, but my vote has to go to NBA2K10. 2v2's in that game are epic.

  • Madden Roster Update, no thanks. NHL, decent, but not my cup of tea. UFC, same as NHL.

    My vote? The Show. Basically the reason I bought a PS3. Comparing the Show to some of the other baseball games out there is like comparing a Ferrari to a Fiat.
  • I know it's sad but, I really enjoyed Madden Arcade.
  • UFC 2009, no more need be said.
  • The Bigs 2 or Wii Sports Resort (both not on poll)
  • bongtokage64 said:
    The only problem is only 2 people can play at a time, and my buddy (who's a UFC freak) just played it non stop with Anderson Silva and now he can't be stopped.

    Ahhh, I'm that way with Cro Cop...
    UFC 2009 ftw!
  • [X] Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
  • UFC 2009 as it created a new buzz around MMA itself and the game is new to this type of genre and it will do better with the next installment of UFC 2010
  • Fight Night round 4, had some fun playing as sweet pea whitaker, fun defensive boxer in game, beast irl
  • As much as i love nhl im gonna have to say fight night...
  • don't give a crap, but since I like hockey, NHL 09.

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