Shoop 81: 87 Bazillion shoops
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    Shooping rules :
    [spoiler:e65abf50f0]- Rule #1 :
    -Grab a screen shot of the current episode. If you don’t want to go hunting for a

    good one yourself I will provide tons in the bottom of this post.
    - Give the picture a funny twist in your photo editing program.
    - Upload it to this thread and remember to name it
    - Be sure to tell me which shoop you want to be voted for if you submit more than one shoop!
    - Also remember to cast your vote every week, to make sure the absolute best shoop will win.
    - Don’t be a DICK.

    The winner of this week’s shoop contest gets a.... noobie!

    If you don't know how to upload shoops then please visit

    this thread for a guide.

    For a link to all of the old shoops go to
    t=6630"> the Noobshoop Fusion Thread

    If you have any questions feel free to
    mode=post&u=1985"> send me a PM.
    (<- thunderwolf's mail)[/spoiler:e65abf50f0]<br />
    WOW there was a big response for this contest... great job guys! Sorry I'm a bit late this

    week, but I've been moving house.

    Congrats to MailToad once again! Nightbreed121 did very well too, and had enough votes to

    win most contests.

    "It's a me, Yuzo!" by MailToad


    This week’s contestants:
    "Tobin's porn collection" by Bosna

    "Where's Tobin's wine?" by SwiftMike

    "Live" by PasticTrEE

    "Bu-KKAK-e" by The Gamer U H8

    "The future" by MailToad

    "20/20 hindsight" by coldzero18

    "Eat Lead is the shit" by Richard_The_Gr8

    "The Noobtoob Canaries" by Saighdear

    "BooBTooB" by cambot339

    "Baby Tuzo" by gamesdisk

    "Tobin's final straw" by Y2kain

    "The return of the Clone Bone" by BlueWg

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    "Deep Shit" By Richard_The_Gr8

    Edit: 1st :D
  • Great list everybody!

    Spent more time on this one than I wanted to - but right when Yuzo said waterboarding my instinct kicked in.

    I call this one "Waterboarding with Kratos"

  • Hi all,
    this is my first post. The picture is taken from a show, that's a bit older...
    ... but I couldn't resist to paint this one!
    Tobins shirt shows a pig in a panda-costume - so I call this "Pig in a Panda Costume"

  • lol, love baby Tuzo

    "A Whore"
  • Wow I haven't seen this many entries in a long time. Good job everybody.

    Eat Lead has my vote.
  • iWife

    Digital wife? yes
  • I have something?? I don't if counts or not


    (I can't live without NoobToob)

    the name of this shoop is called "what is our persona??"
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    idk which one is best lol idc enter yuzo's revenge
  • are they going to go over the shoops in the show later because they didnt this week
  • I call this one "Ninjabread man II"

  • Hi guys, these shoops are great, but should be in the shoop 82 contest thread :)

    PlasticTrEE, they haven't done the shoops in 171 or 172 because they werer game of the year shows. I expect that they will start again in 173
  • oh god how did this get here I am not good with computer

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