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    What games were the best of the 2009 on PSP/DS/iPhone?

  • Dissidia and Star Ocean were good, but I had to go Tekken 6. No online was a bummer, but it was still a blast.
  • The year I got my PSP, I spent most of my time catching up on older games: Crisis Core, GoW: CoO, etc., however Mario & Luigi made me feel joy I haven't felt for a Mario game since the 64 (yes, I didn't like Galaxy).
  • I loved Dissidia. It was epic, simple as that. Playing with all the characters I love, and then getting to meet new ones was a blast, Surprising though considering I hate fighting games, but this didn't feel flailing like all the rest, to me anyway.

    Coming in a close second and third are Mario and Zelda. DS just busts out joy every year, and this year was no exception. Kind of wish they would put this much effort into their Wii every year, then Id be more excited for when my nephew gets one.
  • I chose Scribblenauts. It's the only portable game I bought this year. Damn, I think it might've been the only one I even played.
  • Probably Final Fantasy Dissidia! great fighting system that I was hoping some game would pick up. Plus I am a Final Fantasy FANBOY!
  • This one is a no brainer for me...Monster Hunter Freedom Unite...i'm not sure how a portable game could make me play it for 350+ hours in a little over a month...but MHFU did it.
  • I really have to go with Dissidia on this one. Definitely taking a chance and I really think that the game offers something for everyone with a PSP. The fighting is solid, and the unlockables are endless so you can really sink some time into this game.

    Honorable mentions go to both Half Minute Hero, as well as Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes
  • Probably Layton 4 or Dragon Quest 9.

    My favourite DS game all year was the re-release of some of the old Game & Watch games via Club Nintendo. Total nostalgia trip.
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

    Portable Game selection this year was pretty weak, but MHFU is great.
  • Hmmm..for me probably Kingdon Hears 358/2 Days for DS its the only game i played for this year as far as Portables go but this felt more like KH1 as in the fighting syle and the Difficulty since its actually a challenge this time around. Plus ive played as te other KH games (gonna get BBS 1st day) so i kinda needed this :p is really he only Portable game i think ive played this year..
  • Without a doubt, Mario and Luigi takes the cake for me.
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor!

    Honestly this game was pretty much built around RPG mechanics that I love. I keep meaning to do a 60 second review of it to send in to noobtoob, but I can't find a way to do justice to the game in 60 seconds. Ah well, one of these days I'll get bored enough.

    But seriously if you like jRPGs with great story, grid-based RPGs, turn-based RPGs, and a slight pokemon factor, this game is amazing. The only downfall is a bit of pacing issues with story/gameplay ratios being odd sometimes.
  • offtopic: but ah, its good to be back at noobtoob again :P

    I got to go with Hakase Layton (Professor Layton). The ultimate mystery/puzzle fan's best friend during a flight or a long car ride.

    I just have to say thanks to Tobin and Yuzo for showing me this game, because if they didn't give it appraisal I would of missed this gem of a series.
  • mario and luigi bowsers inside story
  • I was going with the Bowser inside story at first, but this weekend I got my hands on "Nostalgia" which is an RPG very similar to FF. Though the graphics in this game is way better then the remake of FF4.
    The game has a feature called the Adventure Notebook.
    In this notebook you got about 8 achievements like quests, Character Data, Monster Data, Map Exploration, Treasures Found, Items data and some other secret stuff. Everything is Precent based to keep track on your progress.
    I haven't played so much of the game yet but sofar the main plot is to become a Great adventurerer, and to find you lost dad.

    If you got a DS and like J-RPG's you should hook this up, its a great game to play.
  • Final Fantasy: Dissidia (PSP) for me it was even better than crisis core :wink:
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. fun as hell over adhoc party. nothing like taking down lao xD
  • Little Big Planet PSP. If You can't effort a PS3 this game is the one for You. All of the stuff from the big game in a handheld. Lack of multiplayer is annoying but the community is awesome.
  • GTA: Chinatown Wars. GTA style on DS. Just awesome

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