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    What games were the best of the 2009 on 360/PS3/PC?

  • I ended up giving the nod to Dragon Age. It had it's issues, but the characters and setting were brought to life quite well, and the combat got better the farther into the game you got.
  • Uncharted 2

    Currently playing through on hard and lovin' it! Anyone who has not done 3 man coop at the Sanctuary needs to PM me! That is the best coop anything I have ever played. So damn good.

    Might lose due to slight majority of 360 ownership on site, but votes is votes. COD4partdeux is likely the frontrunner. I think it would be mighty interesting if CODfour2 ( Holy Crap! it is the answer to "the question"! ) "won" both best game and most dissapointing game. Fuzzy has already started that push.
  • The game I've enjoyed the most this year gotta be Uncharted 2, no doubt about it.

    I just love every single moment in UC2, everything from the witty comments to the platforming!
  • Uncharted 2 Among Thieves, with Dragon Age Origins coming in second.

    I love UC2, could not stop playing until I platinumed, and my first platinum at that. I love the characters, the music, the story, everything.

    [spoiler:dc10d6e2a3]Also, this is the first game that has almost made me cry. When I though Elena was going to die, I actually felt sad...because Im lame like that.[/spoiler:dc10d6e2a3]

    Dragon Age was also amazing, and since Im almost certain UC2 wont win, Im hoping DA will. False hope though, the MW2 fans will bust through and give that the win(though it's just a prettier MW1).
  • My nomination has to go for Demon's Souls. This game went against the norm and decided to take players back to a time in gaming that is all but lost in this day. Playing this game reminded me of playing Ultima when I was but a child.
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, most definitely.
  • Dragon Age has my vote, although it probably would be UC2 if I had a PS3.
  • Great year for Gaming but I'm going to have to go with the Beastly 3 - Course meal of a game MODERN WARFARE 2. Uncharted 2, Batman AA, and SF4 not to far behind nipping at it's heels.
  • Uncharted 2. Killzone 2 comes in second, followed by Demon's Souls by a very slight margin
  • Dragon Age gets my vote. It's a stellar RPG that deserves it.
  • Uncharted 2 was great, Modern Warfare 2 is fantastic, Batman: Arkham Asylum was surprising, Resident Evil 5 was fucking awesome with a friend...

    but only one game made me feel like a little boy when i first played it...

    only one game made me fall in love with it, then make me hate it, then make me love it, then make me hate it, then make m...

    only one game made me get up at the butt crack of dawn every Sunday morning to hopefully make the game more fun to new comers...

    only one game made me call in to work so that i could drive to Las Vegas to watch a tournament...

    only one game made me spend ridicules amounts of money on arcade sticks and parts...

    [spoiler:9fdda7c26d]Street Fighter IV!![/spoiler:9fdda7c26d]
  • Straight up UNCHARTED 2. DONE.
  • Dragon Age: Origins, I just loved the way it played and the way it all was put together. I really enjoyed it :)
  • I loved batman AA.
    It was such a great game and polished to hell, massive respect to the guys at Rocksteady.

    If you asked me earlier in the year, I would of said MW2 without a doubt, but I think it just didn't have the same multiplayer impact like MW1 did.

    I also give props to Dragon Age Origins: brilliant characters.
  • dragon age
  • Demon's Souls! and uncharted 2
  • dragon age
  • For me, it's Dragon Age. Uncharted 2 was a fantastic experience; however, it is tightly scripted, so nothing of consequence will change the next time through. Dragon Age is a much more satisfying experience, even if the graphics aren't brilliant; content wins over style.
  • Dragon Age is way solid, but having two endings instead of one, for each quest, isn't exactly massive choice, it's almost none. This is not a Turing test realized, it's more like playing "vis oar vat" on the modcast. In the end, almost all the choices are false, the plot grinds the same direction, no matter what. Lovely dialog, but if you felt like anything could happen, you were projecting like a mofo. Great game, but not my GotY. Kinda couldn't be, what with dragon being the first word, and actually fighting dragons being one of the least enjoyable things to do.
  • Another for Dragons Age , without doubt the best game of an outstanding bunch this year.
  • I gotta give it to Assassin's Creed 2. Can't think of much that bothered me about it...might need to rework my top 10 list soon.
  • Uncharted 2, no contest for best single player game. AC2 was v. good but just didn't have the pazazz that Uncharted did. Best MMORPG is still WOW. Best fps is MW2, the online mode's what really made it a winner
  • UC2 is the best game of the year in my oppinion
    This game is phenomenal. It deserves a 10 out of 10. The motion capture animations and cut scenes, the graphics, the platforming, and the gunplay all put this PS3 exclusive above all the other games.

    Coming in second is MW2, the multiplayer is awesome, the campaign is great, but too short.

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