[2009] Noob's Choice Ballot
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    As in past years, NoobToob is proud to present the Noob's Choice Awards. This is your chance to honor the best games of 2009. So gather around your game shelf, get your ballot in hand and let's vote!

    This year, Noob's Choice will work slightly different. We have two types of awards and thus two different voting systems.

    [center:2c0b067cfb]Main Awards[/center:2c0b067cfb]

    These categories have been determined by Tobin and Yuzo and will be the categories they announce winners for on the Awards episode. They'd like for the community to vote on the same list of categories so the viewer's winners can be compared to their winners.

    [center:2c0b067cfb]The Categories[/center:2c0b067cfb]
    [center:2c0b067cfb]Best Game on a Current Generation System (360/PS3/PC)
    Best Game on a Portalable Device (PSP/DS/iPhone)
    Best Downloadable Game (XBLA/PSN/DSiWare/WiiWare/PC)
    Best Game on the Wii
    Worst (Shame) Game of the Year
    Game with the Worst Title
    Most Disappointing Game of the Year
    Sleeper Hit of the Year[/center:2c0b067cfb]

    [center:2c0b067cfb]How It Works[/center:2c0b067cfb]
    In an attempt to allow viewers to truly vote for his or her favorite games and to keep the winners a secret until the show is aired, all votes will be write-ins and sent via PM to NoobsChoice. The following post will contain the official ballot that you can copy and submit by clicking the "PM" button at the bottom of the ballot post.

    Each member gets one ballot so don't think about stuffing the ballot box. Multiple ballots or ballots with more votes than are allowed will NOT be counted.

    [center:2c0b067cfb]Ballots are due in by Dec. 21 by 2 p.m. CST![/center:2c0b067cfb]

    [center:2c0b067cfb]Miscellaneous Awards[/center:2c0b067cfb]

    Besides the main awards, there are several extra awards we have come up with for the community to vote on. These awards will not appear on the show as they are just for fun. Each award will have a corresponding thread here at the forums where you can vote via the built-in poll feature.

    NOTE: These polls are just for fun. I'm sure we missed a few games, etc, but we really wanted to just put some polls up with popular games of our community. If you'd like to vote for a game that isn't listed in a poll then by all means, please post your vote in the thread. Again, this is just for fun and we hope you enjoy it!

    [center:2c0b067cfb]Forum Polls are open until Jan. 1![/center:2c0b067cfb]
  • [center:e7dbdec79f]Voting for the MAIN Noob's Choice Awards is over.
    Stay tune to Episode #171 to see what games the NoobToob Army picked!
  • [center:83ae66dcb1]ATTENTION!

    Ballots for the Noob's Choice Awards that will appear on
    episode 172 are due in today by 2 p.m. CST.

    Remember PM your picks to NoobsChoice.
  • portal device?

  • [center:627a424ea9]The polls are now closed!
    Check out who NoobToob picked as
    their top games of 2009!

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