Urget: Need help on buying a new HD TV
  • I'm getting a decent check for my tax return. I figured this would be the perfect time to purchase a new TV. Now, I am not too certain on the whole variety of high definition televisions. I just rely on what my eye can see. I noticed that the contrast ratio on LCD models look horrible. And if you're not looking directly at the image, it looks off. Plasmas look really nice and DLPs are gorgeous (but a very pricey). I did take a look at some tube HDTVs and they looked great and were about 1/2 the price of the other models. Yeah, I know they're bulky, but I don't care much about saving space. Any help/advice?
  • I don't know man, in my opinion it all depends on what you're going to do with the tv. I got a 32 inch LCD TV and it's heaven when I feed it with a digital source like my tv-pc or my digital cable tv but when I'm using my old VCR or the channels that I use a regular antenna output for it really blows. As you mention the contrast is bad and it just look awful, not even close to my old tube tv.

    If I was still only using my tv with a regular antenna signal and perhaps some odd dvd-movie I would not buy a lcd tv today.I'd rather stick with a old school tube or perhaps plasma.


  • or, if you would rather not buy a big tv, there are some pci cards for your computer that can make cable jacks in the back of your computer and use the monitor as an hdtv (i think monitors are hi def). there is most likly one for satalite too if you have that instead (i have cable, less channels, but never quits on me)
  • I did a lot of research on the subject a few years ago and wound up getting a DLP system. I primarily use my tv for gaming and movies, and it's worked out great. Especially for gamers, they're really your best bet (and they're not as pricy as you seem to think). Fast response time, look wonderful, better blacks than LCD, etc. They do have a little more depth and you can't hang them on the wall, but they're also deceptively light - my 50-inch DLP weighs significantly less than my old 27-inch CRT did.

    I highly recommend Sound & Vision magazine and their website for learning about the basics and product reviews. I eventually a chose a Samsung rear projection model and have nothing at all bad to say about it. I know at least three other people with the same or similar models, and they all love 'em, too.
  • I just picked up a 42" Sony Bravia LCD a few months ago, and I couldn't be happier. I did a crapload of research beforehand, and then went and looked at a bunch of screens, and I liked the feel of the LCD the best.

    Also, I highly recommend doing things like getting an upscaling DVD player so you get data input at 1080p, it makes even DVDs look a lot sharper and clearer.

    I have to warn you now, standard TV looks like shit on a new tv. I was really pissed when I got it home and it looked much worse than my old tv did. You're gonna want to only watch HD content after you get it.
  • 1080p sony bravia is sex, says the sony fanboy.
  • Yeah, I did a lot of research as well when I got my 67" Samsung DLP 1080p (HL-S6767W). It was basically a choice between that and the the Mitsubishi 65" (WD-65732). I basically decided to go with the Samsung since it was slightly bigger and able to be picked up direct from Costco.

    AVS Forums are your best bet for TV reviews. Basically if there are at least 2-3 threads on the TV you're looking at, then it's most likely a good TV. And for the size, the Mitsu and Samsung were compared to each other very favorably and noted to be the best for the buck. And you will always get better bang per buck with DLP RPTV's over plasma and lcd. Plus, you can't get a 50+ inch 1080p plasma or lcd for under $4k.

    I was in your same boat, I mainly wanted good image quality and a huge screen -- didn't matter much how much space it took up. Just keep in mind that you need know how far away you'll be from the TV when you choose the actual size. Tobin got a TV far too big for his room at first and had to get a smaller one.

    As Tobin said, make sure you have an HDTV source of _SOME_ kind before you get it. Standard def looks like _garbage_ on a big HDTV. We can't even watch SD tv anymore..

    But 1080i and 720p content is sooooooo amazing. Just saw Superman Returns HD-DVD the last night.. shitty movie but it sure was pretty.
  • Ok guys, I just got my new TV. It's tube, I feel it looks great, and I didn't spend too much. I had $200 from selling DVDs, and $150 from selling my old TV. So I ended up spending $300 on a new 30 inch HD TV. It's a Samsung txs3082


    I spent about 2 hours looking through the variations of HD TVs. To be honest, I didn't want to spend $1,000 on a TV. That's too much! Call me a cheap bastard if you will, but that's a lot of money just for a TELEVISION! I watched The Protector on my new upscaling DVD player in 1080i and was blown away. I can't wait to get some gaming onto this baby.

    kjdsnkjansdkjnfkjansdlfkaldsjknflkajsdlfkjnaslkdjnf. That's how I feel at the moment.
  • pico210 said:
    kjdsnkjansdkjnfkjansdlfkaldsjknflkajsdlfkjnaslkdjnf. That's how I feel at the moment.

    Rofl. Nice tv, very stylish. The wii sensor bar will look great ontop. All you need now is a matching samsung surround sound system. =P
  • Sloth said:
    [quote=pico210]kjdsnkjansdkjnfkjansdlfkaldsjknflkajsdlfkjnaslkdjnf. That's how I feel at the moment.

    Rofl. Nice tv, very stylish. The wii sensor bar will look great ontop. All you need now is a matching samsung surround sound system. =P[/quote]

    I also purchased a upscaling DVD player. Makes my movies look so darn crisp in 1080i.

    I have my stereo as my surround sound. 450 of pure power (grunts in tim allen fasion)

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