What if?.....
  • Hey dudes and dudettes,

    I was thinking and, I had an idea... Surprisingly...
    I am new to the community (although i've been watching NoobToob for over a year now, I never had my target pointed at joining the forums... For some reason unknown to me at the present time), and one thing I noticed is that, besides from noobies, there are not that many ways to tell good community members from the average ones or the simply "Not that smart" ones (And I dont mean any harm by saying that, this is one great community to be in, by all means). I though that it might be a good idea to create a way to Crown the great actions taken by community members towards making this an even better community to be in...

    What if there was some kind of "achievement " sistem, of course, with NoobToob related themes that Tobin, Yuzo and the MOD's could give out by their own judgment...
    Imagine (there I go with my "Lennon" again...)
    -"Yaoo!!!!! Achievement"- for being one of the best contributing community members out there
    -"ChainSaw on a Stick Wielder Achievement"- For being one crazy MotherFuc.... yeah you got what I meant
    - or even the "Bukakke Master Lord Achievement"- For bringing great pleasure to the community by an action taken... or something...... *cough*.....

    and so on, and so on, and so on.....

    So... What if?.... Opinions?...

    Foxtales, the "Emperor of Peas"

    By the Way... Anyone who doesn't agree with me, WILL be sent to the gallows... Really,
    I have one next to my bed.... I call her "Jane"...
  • Noobies are fantastic. I say this because I currently have the most.

    Problem is, these custom titles aren't doable with our current setup. We use a heavily modified version of phpbb. Who knows what the future will bring, though?
  • Sounds cool, it's going to be really hard to do I guess. I could help.. durrr welcome <3
  • Of course Noobies are fantastic, by no means was I hammering on them or cursing there mothers.

    If you say that It can't be done right now, then ok....
    But It would be pretty cool, wouldn't it?
  • Yup. It sounds like... da shit <3
  • Achievement titles would be awesome.
    I think we should at the least be able to see members postcounts.
  • newt0n said:

    I think we should at the least be able to see members postcounts.

    I think that will bring a bunch of spamming due to people wanna grow their e-peen
  • Yeah, I've never been a fan of postcounts; people too often see them as a status symbol. I'm fine with the noobie system how it is; it encourages community involvement in a positive way. Titles that revolve around certain "achivements," I fear, might cause that e-penis elitism to creep up on some people. Even the best of us can fall victim to pulling out the kind of attitude that we strive to avoid.

    I have always wanted custom titles though. I've been to another forum where you can type whatever you want beneath your username (limited length, of course), and whatever you want next to your location, and there have been some clever entries. :D
  • Sunflower said:
    Problem is, these custom titles aren't doable with our current setup. We use a heavily modified version of phpbb. Who knows what the future will bring, though?

    I've always seen a forum change upcoming in the future, Sloth made a good forum, the Mods polished it, but I can't see it will do everything we want it to.

    (Black and grey colour scheme forums are totally in right now. :wink:)
  • Meaning no harm to previous posters

    Of course that the postcount could be abused, I never talked about it in the first place, its to risky, the achievements I meant were through actions taken, like:
    creating a great Fan Event, or a great contest or even being the wackiest Member out there...
    And the system would not be automatic, Tobin, Yuzo and certain MOD's could give them out accordingly to they're own perspectives.... Hence, they would become very rare and
    (I hope) a little *nudge* to push people towards making this a better community...

    But I agree... It as its risks....
  • We're hoping with the new mod team we'll be able to have the extra bandwidth to start recognizing folks a bit more for the great work that's being done. On one end of the spectrum it could be a simple noobie or getting stickied, and on the other end getting promoted via twitter or our NTA channel/Front Page. It'll take a bit longer to get there but we're definitely on that track.

    Any improvements to the forums themselves will likely have to wait a bit. They're running ok now and until we can get some dedicated resources to convert to the latest phpbb and keep it running it's just too risky to do anything major.

  • Okay, it was only a newcomer's idea anyway, so don't pay much attention to it ...

    It is trully an honor that my second topic gets replied be the very own Yuzo...
    Been a follower of Noobtoob's Youtube channel for a long time now and can only say
    to keep up the good work my jolly good fellow...

    Ps: got to admit that "Bukake Master Lord" achievement sounded cool hey?
  • If you mean achievements like they have on the Escapist Forums, then I agree, it's a fun way of knowing who has done what. Hopefully it'll be a feature sometime in the future ;D

  • I too like the idea of achievements as long as they are properly moderated. It could be like the ones Steam gives, having clever/catchy titles for people taking certain actions. For example, "Don't do it For Free," could be awarded to those that donate. "Shoop! There it is" for all that have done Shoops. "Not in the Face" for those who can guess within 5 minutes of when Tobin is going to say Bukkake in the next podcast. (We all know he's going to do it!) And the one guy that got Yuzo to say, "Eat Lead is the shit" deserves a special achievement! I want to call that one, "I'm Rick James, Bitch!"

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