Member of the Week- Week 68
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    What is Member of the Week?
    The member of the week contest is used to highlight those members who have clearly went above and beyond in their contributions to the NooBTooB Community

    Here are the nominees for Member of the Week- Week 68:

    Sssargon - For his thread on (PSN) Everyday Shooter HSC: Week 3 due 11/30/09.

    Crimson- "Great work on keeping this going week after week. You've done a nice job coming up with a unique event and allowing for fun competition. Keep it up!"

    ultrabean v2.0 – For his thread on (360) Modern Warfare 2: All nighter

    Crimson- "Awesome idea! I might have to get one or these going on the Ps3 side of things, because an all nighter sounds like it would be a lot of fun. Great job on the event, keep them coming. "

    MixedUpzombies – For his thread on Mini ReviewCast: I MAED A GAM3 W1th Z0MBIE5 1N IT!!!1.

    Crimson- "Great work on the mini review casts, Muz. And awesome job on the main show as well. Keep up your continued dedication, and hard work. Awesome job!."

    Encryptic - For his thread on Mad/Den 2012! by Team Awesome

    Crimson- "Wow, awesome job on finishing your own game. I haven't had the chance to check it out yet, but I definitely will soon. Great work!!"

    wookiemonster- For his thread on Shoop 79.

    Crimson-"Keep those shoop contests coming. Great job pulling screen shots to shoop each week, and finding the perfect moments to capture Tobin and Yuzo doing funny faces. Awesome job!!"


    Voting will close on Sunday, so Tobin and Yuzo can announce the winner when they record on Monday.

    Please PM me the details on who you chose to nominate. No longer post it in this thread.

    No Mods or Admins can be nominated for the award, unless under special circumstances . Sorry guys, but we know what great contributors you are to the community already, and I want to shift the spotlight onto members who may be less well known.

    Your only looking for threads or posts which were posted in the previous week (give or take), when nominating from the time of this post.

    Please leave an explanation on why you thought a member deserved a nomination.

    No noobies will be given out for winners of Member of the Week. This is only in effect for a short period of time, until something else is worked out or a better solution is thought of. If you have any suggestions send them to me in a pm and I'll see what I can do.

    Remember: Leave feedback telling who you voted for and what your reason was for voting. It's nice to see other people's opinions on these sorts of things. But make sure you are not flaming anybody, but only telling them what a good job they did. Constructive criticism is allowed, however.
  • I just dont know, all good candidates. Gonna think about it for a bit and come back with my vote :D
  • Congratulations on the win, Wookiemonster!

    In light of the Member of the Year threads going up next week, and finals to study for, there will not be a member of the week this week. But make sure to watch out for the thread next week, because voting for Member of the Year will be done a tiny bit differently than last year, and I want to make sure you're all clear on the rules.

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