Listener Homework: Favorite Arcade Game?
  • Here's where you discuss what your favorite arcade game is, and why. It can be your favorite game from the past, or your favorite game currently.

    My favorite arcade games right now are the Time Crisis series, culminating with Time Crisis 4, which just blows my goddamn hair back.

    For old school games, I have to agree with Yuzo that the old Star Wars game was freakin genius. What do you guys think?
  • Initial D, DDR, Time Crisis, ...

    I remember playing co-op metal slug, that was awesome. My friends reckon they've dumped over a grand into those initial d machines in one year.
  • Sloth said:
    Initial D, DDR, Time Crisis, ...

    I remember playing co-op metal slug, that was awesome. My friends reckon they've dumped over a grand into those initial d machines in one year.

    I don't think I've ever even heard of initial D. I should look for that one.
  • I have been a long time fan of the Tekken series ever since I discovered Tekken 2 while working at the arcade. I remember that we used to stay till 12a or later after the place closed at 9p playing the Tekken games. I have competed in tournaments for Tekken Tag and Tekken 4 as well so I would have to say that the Tekken series is my favorite hands down. I even have the Tekken 5 Arcade Stick =)
  • Favorite arcade huh ...

    Well the arcade-scene in Holland has been virtually DEAD for
    the last 10 years or so .
    There are only 2 arcade`s in the entire country.
    Both being not in the neighbourhood and those 2 arcade`s arent very up to date either .
    I do know that one of them is specialised in shooters .
    You have the entire time crisis series , the entire house of the dead series all of virtua cop and a few other cool ones .
    And besides a few racing games , that`s really it ! Sad isn`t it ?

    My favorite arcade game would still be after burner .
    I have had alot of fond memories of that , especially that after burner 4 I think it was , where you were encased in this spherical shaped cockpit that could actually turn around 360 degrees , thats just awesome.
    Doing loops and barrel rolls had that extra sense of coolness to it and making it harder on yourself by completing the game whilst being inverted the whole time .

    Second favorite arcade game series would indeed be the Time Crisis 3 .
    I dont think I need to explain why on that :)
  • Hokuto No Ken (Fist Of The North Star)

    Fuck DDR to keep you fit. Play The motherfucking Fist of The North Star arcade game.

  • Oh my God just look at how empty this homework is I must say the community has realy exploded since this topic was created.
  • hmm...
    the ninja turtles arcade game, X-men Arcade, Simpson's arcade game
    Street fighter 2, MK1,2,3,ulti. 3,4, Primal fury, VF 1&2, Marvel Vs Capcom 1&2
    Vcop, Time Crisis 2-4, House of the dead all, area 51
    Pac man.
    Yes i played a lot when i was young.
  • I have to say that i've spent a combined amount of $100 on Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Metal Slug 1-4,Time Crisis 2-4, and Galaga
  • All the classics have been mentioned above so I'd say one of the ones I had fun playing because it was the first game i ever played in an arcade that saved your character. Gauntlet: Legends baby, i coulda bought the the game two or three times with the quarters i threw at it. Me and three friends would go every week to level up our guys to epic proportions. Sadly when they swapped the arcade to another location it lost all the my info so naturally i started over =p. With the wizard of course
  • Ghost Squad and Biohazard...
    They're a lot better in the arcade versions...
  • The usual games that I play when I'm at an arcade are Time Crisis 2-4, House of the Dead (which ones??), Point Blank, Bubble Bobble, and Metal Slug.

    But, I've really become addicted to Para Para Revolution and Dance Maniax after Anime Expo this year. IF ONLY THESE TWO GAMES WEREN"T SO GODDAMMIT HARD TO FIND.

    Occasionally, I will play a game of Melty Blood: Act Cadenza and Guilty Gear XX, but I suck at fighters.

    Shmups..... I haven't played almost any arcade shmups for a while, now that I think about it, but I have like Strikers 1945 II. If they ported Touhou to the arcades, it would be so very GODLY.
  • I decided to make this topic because now that arcades in the U.S and Canada are dead, we should look back and talk about our personal favourite games. Mine was "GunForce".

    The basic idea of gunforce is it's a metal slug clone with the difficulty of contra. This gem is no well known, but definitely deserves to be.


    It was also released for the SNES, but it was at it's best in the arcade. It had vehicles too, which was a nice touch. The only bad vehicle was the helicopter. It had really god awful controls, and took up half the screen so trying not to fly it into enemies and getting it damaged was practically impossible.


    That is the actual helicopter you can control. Every time you run into an enemy, it takes damage.

    So now, unleash your opinions.
  • Definately the original Virtua Fighter; fun as hell. I lost a lot of quarters on that game, and I can't recall if I ever beat it or not.
  • ive always enjoyed playing racing games and tekken tag
  • Soul Calibur, DDR, Beatmania, and Time Crisis.

    Spent more quarters on these games than any else.

    I'll be sure to get a video next time I play DDR so you all can laugh at me. xD
  • Oh man, basically any fighting game in an arcade, like Soul Calibur, MvC2, etc....

    Oh, and side-scrolling beat-em-ups, like the Punisher, Final Fight, and so on.
  • Man, that's a tough question.. loved Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat those 2 games go without saying..and then later on Killer Instinct as far as fighting games went..


    Other than that I'd have to go with the great quarter-sink game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That game was so great and unlike the fighting games I mentioned, I got a different sort of enjoyment out of it. Fighting games makes you dislike the person youre fighting against and if that person is a complete stranger you definitely don't like him/her because he is kicking your ass and making you lose (and have to spend more quarters because of him). But with TMNT you would spend the whole game teamed up with that stranger and you'd get like a temporary bond or friendship outta it. All of a sudden you were co-oped with this guy and trying to help him out and forming strategies to get through this difficult game. You wouldn't be having animosity for this person for this person you'd be partnered against a common enemy while losing copious amounts of quarters. And if you were playing with a friend it was even better. I tried it on XBLA but, of course, it doesn't have the same kind of feel.


    I used to love Cruisin' USA, back in the day as well. I know alot of people hated/ripped-on this game but we loved it. I don't know what it was but me and my friends used to play that game for hours in the arcades (then it later came to the Nintendo 64 but it just wasnt the same w/o the wheel). The trophy girl always made it an extra incentive to come in first as well... speaking of the trophy girl. My buddy won a Nintendo contest way back in the day when the N64 just came out and the Nintendo party truck came to his house and had a big Nintendo party and they brought copies of Cruisin USA and Shadows of an Empire before they were released and we were ripping on Nintendo because they put a t-shirt on the big-breasted bikini-clad trophy girl in the N64 version. The chick running, NOA Amy, it just shook her head and rolled her eyes at us. Ah, good times. (while google image searching for a pic i found out the trophy girl does/did porn too.. LOL awesome)

  • Best arcade game of all time for me is House Of The Dead 2 (Arcade, Pc and Dreamcast)

    dont know why i love this game soo much
    i always liked the fact u can dual wield the weapons it costs 2x as much but in my case it was soo mucg fun

    the story i enjoyed and the difficulty for me was wide and varied in different sections of the game


  • Bust-a-Move or Puzzle Bobble from Neo Geo. However, I also like some of the games on the Touchmaster machines.
  • All Metal Slug games is the best arcade game I've ever played. i used to play this crackloads when i was younger.


  • Street Fighter 2, Darkstalkers, well basically any capcom fighting game.
    Samurai Showdown II, Metal SLug series and the shooters, like TIme Crisis and House of the dead.

    Arcades were awesome back in the day, you just don't get that same feeling you do when you walk into an arcade with the air conditioner being blasted, all this lively noise and major comnpetition with strangers LOL
  • Time Crisis for sure!
  • Time Crisis for sure!
  • bubble. bobble.

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