Community Directors?
  • Every time I post a message, or if I start up a new post, It either gets moved or I get rude responses. Now, in my prospective, if you want to run a good site, you must have directors that help you, or at least tell you you're doing something wrong nicely. I don't like being yelled at over the computer by the community directors.

    And to note: this happens EVERY time I post anything. and because of these directors, it has made me come back to this site less and less. I used to come here for information about 3 times a week, but now I only come here about once a week, or when I'm just really bored.
  • Read the website's rules man, that's all I really can say. For your last post regarding MW2 and AC2, you posted that in the Game Discussions thread - which only has one thread per game. You could have posted in either the MW2 or AC2 thread, but not make one yourself when it doesn't focus on just one. It's clear you haven't read the rules, just make sure you do an you'll be fine :)
  • I've looked at your previous topics, and no-ones been rude to you about you posting them in the wrong place, well what I saw I didn't think was rude anyway.
    Here are the rules if you need to read them:
    I hope if you still choose to stay you enjoy it here.
  • If any of the Mods or members seem mean it's best to just ignore them. The Mods have gotten really burnt out with having to merge and move topics a number of times a day. If you go to PAX or listen to any of their podcasts then you can tell they are really a fun group of guys and gals. They work, go to school, and have normal lives. Noobtoob is just something they do with their free time and would you really want to spend your free time cleaning up after people who don't follow the rules? I'm guessing not and neither do they. As for the members, we see so many of the same things that we can be a little harsh at times when someone makes something unoriginal or just a copy of what is all ready made.

    Normally we are all really fun people. We just have our moments of meanness.. everybody dose. Don't take it personally. Some people seem more mean then they really are. You just have to get to know them.
  • As it's in the wrong place, I'm moving this thread to.... nah only joking tiger!


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