Shoop 77
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    Shooping rules :
    [spoiler:f4070a2f2c]- Rule #1 :
    -Grab a screen shot of the current episode. If you don’t want to go hunting for a

    good one yourself I will provide tons in the bottom of this post.
    - Give the picture a funny twist in your photo editing program.
    - Upload it to this thread and remember to name it
    - Be sure to tell me which shoop you want to be voted for if you submit more than one shoop!
    - Also remember to cast your vote every week, to make sure the absolute best shoop will win.
    - Don’t be a DICK.

    The winner of this week’s shoop contest gets a.... noobie!

    If you don't know how to upload shoops then please visit

    this thread for a guide.

    For a link to all of the old shoops go to
    t=6630"> the Noobshoop Fusion Thread

    If you have any questions feel free to
    mode=post&u=1985"> send me a PM.
    (<- thunderwolf's mail)[/spoiler:f4070a2f2c]<br />
    Sargeras only just defeated LinuxBruiser to gain the shoop crown this time; the tally was 9 votes to 8. Grats Sargeras!

    We're still getting more than ten times as many views as votes... what's stopping you guys?

    "Downs Tobin" by Sargeras


    This week’s contestants:
    "Bicurious Noobtoob" by Sargeras

    "Noobtoob TV" by Nightbreed121

    "Camp from down unda" by cambot339

    "..." by Mailtoad

    "Stop being a dumbass!" by BlueWg
  • stop being a dumbass was too similar to last weeks so i voted for NoobToob TV
  • "Boys Night Out"


    Tanx for the vote Z.
  • Better late than never... Locke also made it a T-shirt on Zazzle

  • i voted for ..., because it's awesome)
  • "true love?"
  • All the shoops are great this week. Really well done with a lot of work put into them. I couldn't decide who to vote for so I'll just let the gamer in me decide. Since I'm a life long RPG gamer I have no choice but to vote for "...". That shoop is priceless.
  • Noobtoob in a nutshell

  • Hi guys,

    I'm keeping the current contest open until the last winner is on the show.

    This is my first shoop in a while. I give you

    Noobtoob Origins: Bloody Brilliant
  • The shoops are really great this week
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    "SUPER GTA: LONDON - 2009"
  • :lol: :roll:

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