Shoop 75: bringing out the GIMP
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    Shooping rules :
    [spoiler:8ff92c327c]- Rule #1 :
    -Grab a screen shot of the current episode. If you don’t want to go hunting for a

    good one yourself I will provide tons in the bottom of this post.
    - Give the picture a funny twist in your photo editing program.
    - Upload it to this thread and remember to name it
    - Be sure to tell me which shoop you want to be voted for if you submit more than one shoop!
    - Also remember to cast your vote every week, to make sure the absolute best shoop will win.
    - Don’t be a DICK.

    The winner of this week’s shoop contest gets a.... noobie!

    If you don't know how to upload shoops then please visit

    this thread for a guide.

    For a link to all of the old shoops go to
    t=6630"> the Noobshoop Fusion Thread

    If you have any questions feel free to
    mode=post&u=1985"> send me a PM.
    (<- thunderwolf's mail)[/spoiler:8ff92c327c]<br />
    There are quite a few first timers this time... keep it up! If you're stuck using MS Paint, why not give the GIMP a try? It's a free program that is quite similar to photoshop: you can get it from here

    "Kanye isn't a Noobtoober" by Bobbikis

    Noobie for you :D!

    This week’s contestants:
    "Yuzo is the ladies man" by LinuxBruiser

    "Uncle Tobin" by ranglin 21

    "Betrayal" by ZOMBIE!!!

    "Brains!" by Nightbreed121

    "A Harsh Message" by Strife315

    "Yuzo's new Jonas pet" by lordmoogle

    "Noobtoob = Bad Influence" by Pantheonhero

    "This is not noobtoob..." by Ultrabean v2.0
  • which thread do i post my submission?
  • LinkCable said:
    which thread do i post my submission?

    Right here in this one, where it will go into the next contest.
  • i love yuzo is the ladies man, that shit is hilarious
  • this was just a quickie but i thought the screen shot was too funny to pass up

    by ZOMBIE!!!

  • had to vote for uncle tobin, his face was so awesome with that beard and top hat
  • This is my first time so... here we go

    "Half-Minute Hero"
    by Floodflames

  • image

    From Linuxbruiser and Genetrix

    BTW Zombie hell's yes :lol:
  • (my first time) image
  • I had to vote for "this is not noobtoob..." just because it is that random.

    "Shoop da whoop whoop whoop whoop"
  • "Downs Tobin"


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