Let's Congratulate Tobin!
  • Congratulations, Tobin. I hope that your marriage will go very well, with the occasional ups and downs, and that your wedding will be enjoyable.

    Remember, communication is important, as it will lead to deeper intimacy which leads to greater commitment to the relationship.
  • Grats bro.

    Remember.. sometimes when you come home from work, and there's no hot dinner on the table you just gotta choke a bitch.

    Oh, ya best wishes.. and all that good stuff.
  • Tobin is finally going to get laid, yay :D
  • Hey Tobin, congratulations!

    I just wanted to let you know that you can get some gaming in right before your wedding. My friend Ken was so nervous before his wedding that all he wanted to do was play Halo (to occupy his mind). The room we used in the church was actually right behind the alter... literally on the other side of the wall behind our TV was the cross. Is that blasphemous? I don't think so... I think God gave us Halo so that we would know what to do when the aliens come to enslave us all.

    Until that day, enjoy your marriage!
  • Everyone, we're congratulating Tobin, not scaring him out of marriage. So please behave and don't refer to his future wife and women in general in offensive terms. Even in a figurative sense or if it somehow sounds positive in a male sense.

  • Yeah good for you man hope it gos well. Hope this doesn't mean you gotta cut down on the games and are forced to leave the show = ( that would suck big time.
  • CONGRATS Tobin have a nice marriage. Make your wife proud
  • Congrats Tobin! Wish you well.
  • are you going to record your wedding? lol and put it on youtube
    plus is yuzo going to be there?
    and yuzo when are you getting married?
  • Congratulations Tobin! It's great news to hear, and it's the perfect end to NooBTooB's first year. We are all really happy for you.
  • congrats tobin

    Does this confirm that we will have noobtoob off spring from one half of the team to carry on the legacy?
  • Good job T-Bone, always fun seeing new couples getting married and taking the great leap. I have quite a few coming up I have to go to (i always cry! :( ) ok maybe i don't...but i do...anywho best wishes ya crazy mofo!

    Dammit i feel a tear coming already. PEACE!
  • Congratulations Tobin!
  • so is yuzo going to be best man?
  • Balmung Z said:
    Tobin is finally going to get laid, yay :D

    That usually stops after marriage.
  • I'm a bit confused. Has she actually said yes yet?
  • Congrats tobin, say goodbye to manhood XD
  • WesFX said:
    I'm a bit confused. Has she actually said yes yet?

    Yep she did.
  • congrats tobin, as nevets asked, is yuzo going to be the best mawn?!
  • congratulations Tobin :P

    good luck with it!
  • congratulations, i know i new but it doesnt matter, goodluck with all the engagement stress :P
  • Congratulations! damn, i am sooo happy for you :D Have watched you for a long time, and seriously, we have to see her sometime. We can't hear that you have proposed and not see her :D Again Congratulations! damn.... Weee *Happy!*
  • Congrats, Tobin goodluck with everything.

    Anyways Cya
  • yeah, Nice job on the intro very nerdy and awesome, Hope your wedding goes great. Kinda scary to think there could be little tobins runnin around soon trying to choke a bitch lol
  • Congrats Tobin. Say good bye to your manhood. You deserve to be totally happy considering I embarrassed you twice already...I'll find something soon. 8)
  • Already congratulated on youtube, but I'll congratulate again. So, congratulations on your marriage. Wish all the best to you and your wife!

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