Member of the Week- Week 63
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    What is Member of the Week?
    The member of the week contest is used to highlight those members who have clearly went above and beyond in their contributions to the NooBTooB Community

    Here are the nominees for Member of the Week- Week 63:

    MixedUpZombies and Bobbikis - For their thread on Reviewcast Reboot Ep. 1: [PROTOYPE] .

    Crimson- "This was a great listen, and a nice reboot. Definitely stick with this and make the podcast even better based on the criticisms you received in the thread. Awesome job! to both of you, and Magenta as well. "

    KevinahKun – For his review on (DS) Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Review

    Crimson- "After I pick up Uncharted 2 next week, I'll definitely give this a go. I've been a KH fan since the first one was released, and have loved them ever since. Great work on the review, and although it might need a little touching up, it was still solid. Nice work!"

    hurricane006 – For his review on (360) Halo 3 ODST.

    Crimson- "Awesome job on the review, hurricane. It was well written, informative, and to the point. I think you might have even convinced some people to get the game in the near future. Well done."

    Manio - For his thread on Manio's Weekly Discussathon #7: Cinematics In Videogames

    Crimson- "This is for keeping the discussionathons going week after week. They generate a lot of good discussion, and the topics are usually thought provoking, and interesting. Nice work."

    ninsaru- For his thread on halo 3 skulls: the ODST map pack .

    Crimson-"It's nice to see the process shaken up a bit, with a tutorial video. You don't see much of those around here, but when you do they are usually entertaining and informative. Nice work on the tutorial!."


    Voting will close on Sunday, so Tobin and Yuzo can announce the winner when they record on Monday.

    Please PM me the details on who you chose to nominate. No longer post it in this thread.

    No Mods or Admins can be nominated for the award, unless under special circumstances . Sorry guys, but we know what great contributors you are to the community already, and I want to shift the spotlight onto members who may be less well known.

    Your only looking for threads or posts which were posted in the previous week (give or take), when nominating from the time of this post.

    Please leave an explanation on why you thought a member deserved a nomination.

    Remember: Leave feedback telling who you voted for and what your reason was for voting. It's nice to see other people's opinions on these sorts of things. But make sure you are not flaming anybody, but only telling them what a good job they did. Constructive criticism is allowed, however.
  • this week was a hard decision for me but my vote goes to the power duo MUZ and Bobbikis because it was a great listen and it takes a lot of effort to make a podcast and if they take every ones advice it will turn in to a great podcast
  • The Reviewcast gets my Vote. Enjoyed it very much
  • Reviewcast, nuff said. Very much enjoyed it :)
  • The Manio for his discussatationaliousness.

  • I have to go with the Reviewcast I enjoyed the new episode very much! :D

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