search bar
  • Do you people think for searching throught the forms their should be a word search bar for the fourms this is just a sugestion and also not being able to give out noobies because you don,t have any is stupid. From now on i will post this in every topic I make

  • A word search bar? Maybe you could elaborate on that? If you click the search button up the top a search function appears.

    Not quite sure what you mean by a "word search bar".

    Also please at least make a decent attempt at grammar so viewers can follow the post easier.

    I dont really understand why you've just said that being not being able to give noobies when they have none themself is stupid and then not given any reasons for it? If you make a decent post then you will receive a noobie so just make one then you can distribute noobies to others. Finally you say you are going to put PS3 SUCKS in every topic you make, but why not just put it in your signature?

    Eh well theres my two cents on the matter
  • Best way to get noobies is to look at who has a bunch and see what how they posted and follow their lead.

    A lot of times it's an indepth review of a new game released, or some helpful information. Also good is commentary on recent news happenings.