Listener Homework: E3 disappointments?
  • This week's listener homework requires you to have watched some of the E3 footage, or at least read about them. The question is, at this E3, what were you looking forward to, only to have a video or demo that was just soul-crushingly bad?

    Personally, for me, the game that I was hyped for but now am less-than-thrilled about is Conan. That was a horrid video, and the game looked like shit. To get the taste out of my mouth, I watched Conan the Barbarian again, and it didn't let me down. Another disappointment was the lack of Silent Hill 5 news...wanted much more than they gave. Also, the things they're doing to GH3 made me a little skeptical...though I will likely get it anyway, I need more use out of that guitar.

    Post up your disappointments!
  • The entire thing was quite devoid of 'OMG how cool' moments. My biggest E3 disapointment was E3 itself.
  • Drunken Haze said:
    The entire thing was quite devoid of 'OMG how cool' moments.

    I agree. Nothing really stood out, it all seemed quite generic next gen stuff.

    But I like my games the way they are, generic's good with me. Beef up the graphics once in a while and add a new gameplay element here or there (which is pretty much what they've been doing for years) and I'm sold. I haven't been truely Blown Away in years.

    Most of the E3 footage was great imo. Expected, but still quite cool.
  • All of E3 was about the games, but we already knew all the games shown were coming out and we've all seen them before. :?
  • I would have to go with Mario Galaxy, even though i am not a big Mario fan i was quite looking forward t o the Nintendo Press Confrence Just to take a look at that game. But all they did was show around 2 minutes of footage which was bundled in with footage from metroid and various other games. I feel ninty spent too much time on the casual gamer and not enough on us harcore and if you think about it E3 is for the hardcore, you wont get any "soccer mums" as reggie fils-amie put iyt watching lie stream of e3 or even reading about it online so why spen so much time on wii-fit and leave everything else out of the picture. Nintendo did so well last year and easily won the show, i feel this year the came way down at the bottom and it has made me think why did i pay for a wii if they aren't gonna make anything that interests me.
  • E3, was awesome, and it had a lot of great stuff, but it was missing 2 games that are supposedly being show at next years E3. The third Banjo Kazooie game was just mentioned by Peter Moore, he said nothing about it at all, I think he just said "Banjo Kazooie" or something. That was my main Microsoft disappointment. My main Nintendo disappointment was the fact that nothing at all was said about Animal Crossing for the Wii. It's all good though, because there were enough cool games talked about/announced to hold me off untill next E3.
  • e3 was cool but i didnt here much about any new ds games
  • Worst thing about e3 07? No booth babes.
  • mr. champloo said:
    Worst thing about e3 07? No booth babes.

    Can't disagree with you there.

    Seriously though, I was dissapointed that there was no gameplay shown of Resident Evil 5 and the DS games were kinda crappy to be honest.
  • I heard that there isn't going to be super smash bros brawl at this years E3.
  • I was dissapointed that there was no gameplay shown of Resident Evil 5

    your a long way off seeing gameplay for resident evil 5, its still in early production. I think the video was just to show people that they are getting big titles that would normally be sony exclusives. I think we will see resident evil 5 gameplay next year at e3 because it definately won't be out untill then.
  • Conan, NOT Age of Conan. Conan looked like the developers were too busy sucking balls to make it good. Age of Conan looks like they're busy applying their mastered craft in the best way possible.
  • Hey

    Have'nt posted much lastely cause ive been busy with summer school but ive been ghosting around and keepin up but anyway, the one really cool video ive seen so far is the one they put out for fable 2 it is pretty cool and its really new and was done at E3 so here it is,

    there are some over cool demos etc that were done at earlier times and in my opinion they are just as good, im really excited about this game even though its not supposed to come out till august sept of 08

    Hope u enjoy
  • We're recording tomorrow and I think it'll be an all E3 show, we may save the games and new releases for a separate show we record later this week. We'll have tons of big E3 disappointments there, so stay tuned :).

    Yw - btw, great homework sf4k!
  • sony: Killzone 2 i didnt no they were showing a ingame play so i was like yay and mgs 4 haze exclusive and unreal half lifes new game looks fun
    xbox360: halo 3 looked ok in single player halfs lifes new game looks fun
    wii: liked new controller thing and mario

    but rests pretty much crap
  • Disappointments... I guess the lack of games... that aren't shooters highlighted. I don't really yearn to play shooters on a console, ... or shooters in general aside from the Call of Duty series, which is always badass. So for me it has to be the distinct lack of original titles that no one expected. IGN in their "Wii-kly" podcast had hinted Nintendo had an old Nintendo series being brought back from the dead and revealed at E3, so when nothing new came up I was severely disappointed [I figured it's Kid Icarus or PunchOut!]

    I think I'll break down my thoughts.

    ]Nintendo- Say what you want about how lack lustre the conference was, or how they failed to impress you with their obvious intent to focus on the casual gamer, but they did exactly what the wanted to. They got on CNN, they showed the whole damn world they were taking their company in a completely new direction and that they were focussed on the family aspect of gaming which I can respect them for. I am a bit worried about it for me, who likes more meaty games but at the same time I really can see what their goal is for the industry and realize as a gamer I may have to pick up another console to get my hardcore gaming needs met. In the meantime, I keep the Wii and enjoy playing it with my fiance on weekends and evenings. PS: Talk about awesome DS games next time fuckers.

    Games that stood out:

    Super Mario Galaxy
    Smash Brothers
    Trauma Centre: Bad Blood

    Sony - Thank God for their focus on the games. They really showed me the upcoming reason for me to get a PS3. Lots of games coming up that look fantastic for me, and my style of gaming. I really appreciated their half-way approach to casual gaming and hardcore gaming but also at the same time really feel as if they missed their opportunity to solidify their games library as being FOR the Hardcore gamer. Where were all the fucking RPGs, damnit that's the reason I own a PS2 basically.

    Games that stood out:
    Call of Duty 4
    Resident Evil 5

    Microsoft - I'm not going to lie, I don't overly give a shit personally about the Xbox 360, it's a pseudo anti-fanboy thing I have for no reason at all. I like what they have, I just can't bring myself to get a 360 and I really, really should as a real gamer though. Anyways, I have to admit the conference was on to late for me to catch and I didn't follow much coverage on what they did. So I don't really feel like I'm in a position to judge one way or another about what they did or they games they have coming out.

    E3 overall was lacking and disappointing to me. Oh and where the fuck was Spore, Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy Tactics DS, and Fight Night Round 4?!

    Hold out for Leipzig and TGS I guess.
  • Yeah, Microsoft just kind of bullshitted about their console for at least half their conference. Hearing nobody clap except the presenters was entertaining, especially when you compare it to the clapping at the other keynotes.

    Maybe they should have made it about the games.
  • Almost no handheld games announced or shown. That is a gigantic disappointment.
  • WesFX said:
    Almost no handheld games announced or shown. That is a gigantic disappointment.

    Phantom Hourglass looks amazing. And did you just miss out on the five million psp games they announced?

    And from what I hear, they're bringing over Professor Leighton which I'm UBER excited about.

    I'm sure TGS will have tons of great portable stuff..

  • the obvious dissapointment was in the nintendo camp
    now ill give them wii fit and the board, because frankly the have struck gold with that product. thats got so many promising ideas.
    but the games the showed were lack luster
    no brawl, some mario footage, and a bunch of third party crap.
    honestly, being a huge nintendo fan, i just shook my head and asked myself why i wasted 2 hours watching that thing....

    mario kart looked good though :D

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