If I donate, can I get an invoice for it?
  • The reason being is donations of any kind are tax-deductible. I would need the invoice for the exact amount and in case I get audited.
  • depends on where you are making a donation and also the amount that you are wanting to deduct. If you want to give more information I will be more than happy to help you with it but keep in mind that you can not deduct the value that you payed most of the time its what can you get for it at a yard sale or what would you pay at good will kind of thing. Feel free to hit me up with a pm with more info if you would like or post in here. Also there are some things that you can not get a deduction on even if you donate them because they are considered to have a 0 value.

    Also I am not sure that this is a site discussion kind of thing it should have gone in off topic or help I think. I know that you are newer here so I am not to worried about it but do not be surprised if a mod moves it for you.
  • Yeah, I wasn't sure where to put this either and this is the best place I could guess. It is related to the site, even though indirectly and I don't think it qualifies for off topic. I don't mind if it gets moved though, as long as I'm told where it's moved to.
  • Site discussion is fine for this sort of question, as it does deal with the site and could be a concern for most folks.

    As to your question, since NooBTooB isn't a non-profit entity, donations won't be considered tax-deductible in most countries. For now, just know that Tobin and I don't draw a "salary" from the donations, and all income is being used to fund various parts of the show, including recording equipment, hosting for the forums, bandwidth for video downloads, toll free number, etc. We also spent a crazy amount at PAX on things like Pizza and prizes/giveaways. We also purchase games with donations to review for the show, and give them away when we're done.

  • Hey Crossplay.
    My name is Glennwaugh I read your problem but I think it is not good
    for any nation if you save money this way every body follow this
    way so ,do the donate all money you have.

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