I'm noob!
  • YEEEEOOOWWWW! what up guys the king here. I"m new to the noob toob. I stumbled across thi splace after doing a vid search on youtube for Tank Beat. I say ep 46 and loved it! I work near a computer at work and have some wireless headphones so I stream from my computer and wander around the office. Anyhow, after listening to ep 46 I decided to get all caught up. for a week straight, ending today (fri, july, 13 ooh, lucky) I have listened to all episodes!!! every day averaging about 8+ episodes a day! I can't wait for the new episodes! peace out bitches!
  • Just FYI the OFFICIAL new noob welcome thread is exactly 2 threads above this very one. Welcome to the club.
  • Locked for Quahgg saying what needed to be said ;p
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