Question for Yuzo and or Tobin.
  • Do you guys know sunflower like personally or what? Are you guys like friends or something? I was just kinda curious...
  • Nah, but he's been a member for a long time now and we've played together on XBL occasionally.

  • Oh thanks for the info. Just wanted to know lol.
  • Yeah, and I totally owned him in Gears, and he cried like a little girl.

    Oh wait, that was me.
  • If you guys don't want to tell him the truth, that's fine. I'll spill the beans.

    I was born out of both Tobin and Yuzo channeling their most hateful intent. That's why all I am is piss and vinegar, anger and destruction, murder and death. And they named me Sunflower to make me angrier.

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