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  • We have been bombarded by spam bots in the Wiki. While there are moderators checking it often, we are only human and may miss something. I spent nearly 15 minutes at work getting an old episode page back as the change had not been made recently. The amount of spam is about enough where we can handle it at the moment, but you never know when these bastards are gonna start to pick up.

    What Can you Do?
    If you really feel like you could do something, let someone know here. Whether it be mad programming skillz or just another eye in the sky it's useful.

    1) Please, as of now the Wiki is anonymous editable. It records IP's and what not, but if you could just take a moment to register it saves the mods from looking at every edit that happens with just an anonymous IP.

    2) If you see spam in any number of ways, let us know here and someone can fix it. Spam is just about anything not NoobToob related. As of now the popular ones are ringtones/cellphones, medicines/anti-virus. Recently we had one about Golf clubs. Yes... golf clubs. If the link doesn't have 'noobtoob' in it it is probably spam. There may be exceptions to that though (someone may actually link a games website in a review), generally most spam is just a slew of links with no real text involved.

    3) Look, but don't touch. Ignore the links. Even if your looking to get some Viagara or Anti-virus software, there are better places to get it. Those links are probably a virus and I would hate to hear that any of you had to clean up from that. So you have been WARNED. Click at your on risk....actually... Don't click the spam links!

    Thanks ahead of time and I stress again to please take the moment to register. It makes the Wiki Mods happy.
    Can someone sticky this for the time being?
  • How do you register?
  • Top right hand corner of any Wiki page. Just FYI it's not mandatory but it helps.
  • i usually fix it myself if i see it. i just delete the links, usually thats the only thing changed with the page
  • Alright, done and done. Thanks for the help.

    Maybe this will give me something to do during late-hour down-time.
  • Thanks for the post quahgg (+1.2). Anyone that spends a lot of time cleaning up the links let me know and I'll give you moderator access so you can protect pages. Generally the spambots tend to only target certain pages, so once they're protected they remain untouched.

    If there's enough spam activity we can make it so only registered users can edit it, but we'd like to avoid that since having anonymous access opens up the wiki to everyone and usually results in more edits. So we'll keep an eye on how much spam is happening and if it's too much for our users to keep up with (even with the page protection), then we can make a decision then.

  • brex123 said:
    i usually fix it myself if i see it. i just delete the links, usually thats the only thing changed with the page

    That works, if you could post in here when you do it would allow us to roll it back. Or.... you could PM Yuzo to give you mod access and do it yourself. Either way better to remove spam as soon as it we can. Maybe... just maybe, they will stop.

    The good news is the pages that get hit up alot don't get the spam yet. So there has been no need to protect them.
  • What kind of stuff should go under "Episode Commentary"?

    I've been updating some the game pages, and I'm not sure what should go there. Quotes from Tobin and Yuzo maybe?
  • yes look at a few of the eps and there is a running commentary about what yuzo and tobin said during the ep, it takes a while to write one good so ther arent very many yet lol
  • Ok I'm bad from the slums and I'm going to do my job again and edit the wiki and help protect it, so hopefully everyone can view it without the hassle of looking at gibberish.

    Anyways It's good to be back and Cya
  • ZOMG! firestarter is back :) welcome back dude...

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