360 Demo memory
  • I was looking at my 360 hard drive memory I hade 9 nine demos which took up like 6.6 G and my 5 games took about 250 Mb. Dose anyone know why demos take up more memory than games. :?:
  • if you mean xbla games thats because microsoft limit them to 50 megs so they fit on memory cards and look at the demo its a small part of a mahussive game of course there gonna be bigger than pacman
  • They used to limit the XBLA games. The reason why the demos are so fucking huge is because it has the game engine as well as the data from the first level, and more. So...I'm not sure what you expected. I wipe all demos out after I've tried them, you should do the same if you are concerned with housekeeping.
  • Yeah, demos are large because they have to fit engine resources in there to make the game playable: textures, videos, music, AI, etc. In some cases, easier to see with PC games, the developers pack in additional content that you aren't supposed to find when playing.

    For example, back with Battlefield 2 for the PC, people had 'hacked' the unlockable weapons to make them playable in the demo. Other times you might find additional music or other goodies packed in. This is less likely on 360 demos simply because your inputs and interaction with the files is rather limited by the controller interface and how files and handled on the console.