How to watch NoobToob on your TV using your Xbox360
  • OK, so everyone knows how to use itunes to download the podcast. Wouldn't it be great if you could watch those videos on your nice big ass 50" TV instead of your shitty little 17" monitor? Well if you have an xbox360 on your home network, you can do this easily!

    Basically you need one of the following:
    -Windows Vista
    -Windows XP Media Center
    -Windows XP /w SP2
    (I've seen some sources say that you need Media Center edition of XP, but that is BS. I have XP pro with SP2 and it works fine)

    And the most important is the Zune software. (No you don't need to actually HAVE a zune to get the zune software)
    - I had to use IE to download this since the site tries to detect your OS but it couldn't do that with firefox.
    Download here -->

    You'll have to enable media sharing in the zune program (Click Options, Library, Media Sharing > and select "Share my media").
    Also make sure to open some ports if you have a personal firewall. These were automatically added to Windows XP firewall for me, so this should only be needed if you have a 3rd party firewall (or if your PC & xbox are on seperate networks)

    Once you have all of that set, get on your 360 and go to
    > System > Network Settings > Test Media Connection (you will be logged out of live)
    If you have any result other than "PC Connection --> Connected", check to make sure you're xbox & pc are on the same subnet & and double check the rest of your PC settings as mentioned above.
    (With most home routers, both your computer & xbox should have an ip address like 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x)

    If you try all of this & are still having trouble, Microsoft has a lot more detail & troubleshooting that you can find here (including the basics of home networking):

    If you see this, then you are ready to stream video to your xbox!!

    Now that you have everything all networked together, you just need to know where to find all your videos.

    With the Zune software just add all of your podcasts/videos/music/whatever to your zune library.
    - By default it adds "My Music", "My Pictures" & "My Videos" from the "My Documents" folder. That just so happens to be the default location where iTunes saves everything as well (Aren't standards great!) So unless you set a custom location to save your iTunes stuff, then you don't have to change a thing.

    Important Note!
    By default iTunes will store all of your podcasts into "My Music" even if they are VIDEO podcasts.

    So when opening these up on my 360 I had to go into this EXACT location
    From the Media blade on your xbox dashbord...
    Video > Computer > My Music > iTunes > iTunes Music > Podcasts > NooBTooB Videos

    And there you have it! You can do this with any video podcast as long as its in a format that Zune supports. It seems like a lot of work, but if you understand basic networking this is a breeze. Just remember to open Zune (nothing fancy, just have it running) BEFORE trying to play the videos.

    So with that. The only thing left is for Tobin & Yuzo to make sure the iTunes feed is up to date and I will be one very happy noob! :)

  • Or you could just use Windows Media Connect.

    (Also, if you have Zune or Windows Media Connect, you don't need Windows Media Player.)
  • ya windows media connect. seems lot simpler. or just do what i do and watch it on your laptop while sitting on your bed playing games on your 360.
  • Yeah, you could substitute Zune with Windows Media Connect. But everything about making the connection & where to find the files still applies regardless of which program you use. In fact the ONLY thing you have to do with zune in this whole process is make sure sharing is enabled.
  • Well, with WMC, all you have to do is choose folders to share, and it works fine. Zune is pretty good, though, but not a good choice unless you actually have a Zune.
  • I actually have a zune, and i didnt need any of the other media software

    I opened the Zune software, logged in with my windows live ID, turned on file sharing to 360s, went to the media tab on my 360, chose 'videos' chose one of the episodes, downloaded a free 2.28 mb media update, and hit play.
  • Yeah, like I said, WMC, WMP 11, and Zune are all stand-alone media charing services that work with not only the 360, but also the PS3.
  • 360 now supports mp4?

    What formats doe the ps3 support?
  • The same can be said for the Wii, just using youtube, and I'm betting the Xbox 360 can play youtube as well.

    In fact, I pretty much always watch NoobToob from my television.
  • 360 can't play flash video format, and has no browser, so it can't play Youtube videos. Wii's browser sucks a fucking lot, and I wouldn't recommend it at all. PS3's is excellent for watching flash video or dicking around on the internet when you're on your couch.

    I don't really know what format video PS3 can use, cause I've only downloaded shit from the PSN Store.
  • I beg your pardon. The Wii's browser is very accomplished.
  • WesFX said:
    I beg your pardon. The Wii's browser is very accomplished.

    LOL. Okay there, buddy. Try to watch a video on anything other than YouTube that's longer than like 10 minutes. Enjoy not having enough memory.

    Meanwhile, PS3 browser handles everything I've thrown at it just fine.
  • yeah i tried to watch arry potter on my wii a few moths back and gave it up as a bad job and just dl and watched it on the 360

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