Are there any plans for PAX '10 east coast?
  • I planing on going to PAX '10 on the east coast.(but I'm not sure about PAX Seattle '10).

    I live about 2 hours from where it's going to be,(Boston, MA) and I was just wondering are any other Noobtoobers going?

    It would be great to have more chances to meet other members, it's closer for some people, which means cheaper.

    I think I might have my fellow NYC noobtoobers, and I know it not going to be the scale of west coast, but I might be the easier choice.
  • I'd be intrested in going, when will it happen?
  • According to Wikipedia it will be March 26 to March 28, 2010 in Boston. Hopefully I can make it, never know what papers and project my professors might throw at me though.
  • Oh this sounds kinda cool. I might be down for it.
  • I am definitely going. There haven't been any updates since the announcement, but the official site is

    I hope some crazy NoobToob shenanigans can be organized, 'cause I won't be able to attend PAX '09. :twisted:
  • Awesome! Driving from eastern Canada to Seatle was going to be difficult. This is way easier. Hopefully its not a washout compared to the original east coast pax... we'll have to wait to see which sponsors support it.
  • Sadly, can't possibly make it. I went into some serious debt making this PAX one to remember, don't think I'll have recovered.
  • So, is PAX moving to the east coast, or are there 2 different events?
  • bongtokage64 said:
    So, is PAX moving to the east coast, or are there 2 different events?
    There are two different events.

    But March? :S
    Kind of a strange time if you ask me. School makes it a little difficult to go to.
  • God dammit...

    I might attend this. We'll see. Any free money I get goes into housing reno, and you know...other debts, but this might be a one time affair if I can get some friends together.

    Boston at the end of March eh? If the weather is anything like Canada...fuck PAX.

    How this will be a vacation I have no idea.
  • PAX East is during my busy time of year(though right now all the time is busy).
  • I will most likely attend PAX East . Boston is a quick direct flight for me. May even drag a friend along... I don't expect it to be as much fun as Seattle but its worth a try!
  • I can barely afford to go to PAX once a year. There's no way i'll be able to go.
  • Possibly, im in New York, so not too far
  • If you can only make it to one. Definitely save for PAX '10 Seattle, right? I am corrent in assuming that's when most of NTA come?
  • I won't be going. One PAX a year is enough for me, and Boston is at the other end of the country. I hate long flights. :P
  • I might be going. Boston is MUCH MUCH closer than Seattle for me. Anyone else planning on attending?
  • I am definitely interested in going. I can't afford a round trip flight to Seatle, but Boston is a 4 hour drive, and I have friends I could possibly crash with up there. Hopefully this isn't a half ass Pax
  • If a lot lot of noobtoober goes than count me in I would like to go to seattle but it is way to far (when wil they invent the teleporting device god dammit)
  • I wanna go to seattle cause I got family in portland, also the boston is right in the middle of my classes so suck for me,
  • I can go to this PAX too. Maybe... if cool people come.
  • I'm going! I just got word on my media pass! Whoo hoo!!
  • I got the one day pass for sat. Anyone else going?
  • I'll be at PAX East working the Ubisoft booths for the Frag Dolls!! I'm a Cadette this year, so you can easily find meeee by the uniform!! :D :D :D

    I can't wait to meet other noobtoobers. If you spot me (My name is Cheri, btw), please say hi and tell me you're from NoobToob!! That would be the best.
  • I'll be there. Follow me on Twitter @hattrick_wii.
  • just added you on twitter(mine is fatagooyman). Hopefully we get a chance to meet at pax.

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