Where are the Noobies!!!
  • What happened to my noobies. I need my noobies. (PimperX rolls on floor, sucking his thumb) I need my noobies. I need my noobies. I need my noobies.
  • Some douchebag broke the noobie system so now they have to fix everything. It could take a while.
  • Just be patient, man. There getting their machinical monkies to sort out the problem.
  • Yeah, I'm still working on getting the correct noobie counts.. And hopefully Raymond can figure out a good way to protect us from this sort of thing so we can reenable them. Feel free to post here or PM him if you have any ideas or PHP code that can help.

  • Hmm, I'm trying to think of a way to make the noobie system not-exploitable, but most of the times I think of something it's more like making it slightly-more annoying to exploit but still not ridding it of the problem.

    Some things I'm thinking of are:
    -A noobies/hr/day limit (ex:I can only give 1 noobie an hour or 3 a day or something)
    -Noobies per message limit (I wasn't too familiar with the noobie system before it was removed because I joined recently/didn't pay attention to the noobie system, but from what I understand you picked a specific message and gave the poster of that message a noobie right? Well you could make it so that each individual message can only recieve some number of noobies (1/3/5/10/whatever) AND also only once per person regardless of whatever number you actually pick
    -MAYBE make posts older than a week (or some other predetermined amount of time) unable to be noobied or something similar? (I think this would maybe help if combined with the other 2 suggestions really, this would be sort of changing those from making exploiting annoying to making it actually hard)

    I'm trying to think of things that wouldn't be too hard to code but still help - although I really am clueless about the coding itself so I could be dead wrong :lol: Good luck finding a workable solution guys.
  • Another way would to have it, so that you have to be a member for X amount of days/weeks, or you have to obtain X amount of posts. The latter could run into some problems with people spamming so they can noobie other people, but it is an idea.
  • This might not be a good idea, but maybe turn noobies into money or something. You can only give noobies untill you run out of them.
  • Great ideas. Noobies for both of--- God-Damnit!
  • It would be good to have it on a time-release from when you're an established member. It wouldn't stop someone from abusing it eventually, but if someone just decided "hey, tonight I'll fuck it up" won't be able to for quite some time.

    On a related note, I think people need to be members for 2 weeks before able to start a new thread. :3
  • Sunflower4000 said:
    On a related note, I think people need to be members for 2 weeks before able to start a new thread. :3

    There's a 5minute patch out there that can do this. Kinda goes against Tobin's libertarian ways though.


    I think I'l be finished with the site update this weekend.

    A lot of minor fixes. (still need to fix typo in the forum header)
    Patched up the Admin CP.
    Ability to embed YouTube videos on the forum.

    ... Argh, shit, I can't remember what else I've done...

    Thats right, a new noobie system. The old one was meant to have a limit of one noobie per minute. But obviously it wasn't working. =/ This new one should or I wil cry. Also, working on PMs to alert you when you get a noobie, an improved public log on the forum as a real page and a tougher restriction: you can only give out noobies if you've received a noobie.

    Security is way tougher than before. If anybody ever abuses the thing again, they and all their related accounts will be found out. Also with the one noobie per minute thing, it'll take a while to spam anyways.

    There's stil one noobie popup page that I need to pretty up, then its a matter of moving over the noobie counts (pain) and enabling it.

    Besides the noobie system, check out the new search bit in the Podcasts section. Hoping to make that universal across the site. So when you're on the memberlist page, it'l quicksearch the memberlist. When you're on the forum, it'll quicksearch the forum. What I'm aiming to do with this is make searching more convenient and sort of wrap the site together.

    Tomorrow, I want to finish the improved search, fix the quick reply bit, add a litte FAQ for the noobies and make a ranking system thats based on noobies as opposed to post count.

    Please post if you find any bugs. I'm sure there shoud be a few. Brain is dead from being up too long, L key is not working properly and the ENTER key registers a few times when pressed.
  • Ass-kickingly good, Sloth.
  • get a newbie every time someone joins the noobtoob forum with you as their referer
  • Awesome work, sloth! It's so nice to have our noobies back.
  • All the hard work is muchly appreciated Sloth, especially the quick reply which I requested :)

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