NooBTooB Summer Break: Help out with the clip show!
  • As we talked about in episode 48, we're taking a two week hiatus in July after we record #49. Tobin'll be cruising Europe and without net connection so even an audio only 'cast won't likely be doable. In either case, it'll be a welcome break since we've been doing a show pretty much every week for a year now.

    But don't lose total hope. We would like to try and release something in the interim, and one of the plans is to make a clip show celebrating our anniversary, but we could really use your help. We basically need people to rewatch some episodes and give us timestamps of particularly funny or interesting moments that would make for good clips. Please respond to this thread "claiming" a few episodes and then posting timestamps if you're interesting in helping. That way people don't do the same eps and we can spread the load a bit. There's should be 25 episodes on Youtube so the more eyes we can get the better.


    Episode 23
    Time: 5:48 (from the start)
    Note: Yuzo does something stupid

    All the eps can be viewed here:

    Thanks a lot!

  • u guys are so lucky cause its fuking winter here and i dnt finish school till late november
  • I've already done a whole bunch. As I was watching them on site I only have the timestamps from the end (why the hell does it do that, btw?) but I will go through them and translate them.

    Just so noone has a chance to do any of them before I get round to reporting on my work, the episodes I've done are from ep.23 to ep.36 (not all of them had moments that made the list, though).

    I also have moments that I remember from episodes 37, 42, 43, 45 and 46. I don't mind going over these ones to get the stamps and look for other moments.
  • Ok, here goes:

    Episode 25
    Time: 5.08
    Note: [About coop Geometry Wars] Tobin: I'll just follow in your wake. I'll be Goose.

    Episode 29
    Time: 10.38
    Note: [About Rogue Galaxy] I give this game a thumbs down, but you can't see my thumbs down until you watch a 5 minute cutscene

    Episode 30
    Time: 22.54
    Note: Def Jam Icon "Wiki-wiki-wah...BOOM!"

    Episode 31
    Time: 46.09
    Note: Two words: Fuck Vince

    Episode 31
    Time: Right at the end
    Note: Tobin tricks Yuzo into thinking that Crackdown is sold out.

    Episode 33
    Time: At the end
    Note: Tobin gets tackled by Range

    Episode 35
    Time: 8.50
    Note: Did the game just call you a bitch?

    Episode 42
    Time: 40.34
    Note: Yuzo chokes on his wine when he hears that a caller gets games from the library.

    Episode 43
    Time: The beginning
    Note: Yuzo uses the One Ring to steal Tobin's wallet.

    Episode 43:
    Time: 32.33
    Note: "If only I was left handed..."

    Episode 43
    Time: 54.53
    Note: "The Xbox 360 is a dick magnet."

    Episode 45:
    Time: At the end
    Note: Yuzo's face when he realises that the audio is missing

    Episode 46
    Time: 23.49
    Note: "Bu...can I mow the lawn?" "NO! TAMAGOTCHI!"

    Episode 46
    Time: 47.00
    Note: Yuzo tries to get the last dregs out of the box of wine.

    The moments I still need to get times for are in episodes 37 and 45, so I'll do those too.
  • This sounds like a great idea, a greatest moments compilation. The moment I remeber most was already mentioned (the audio slip up).
  • Episode 39
  • Jesus, thanks, Jam Enslaver! Big ass noobie for you, sir.

    I'm going to start editing the clip show tonight. That's a big help.

    Please post some more timestamps, guys! We love the Army, and we want to hear what moments you thought were funniest.
  • tobin said:
    Jesus, thanks, Jam Enslaver! Big-ass noobie for you, sir.

    It never stops being funny. Although now I'm a little uncomfortable.
  • Here are some ones from Episode 33 that I jotted down on a piece of paper that I lost and just found:

    Episode 33
    Time: 19.00
    Note: Thanks a lot Frank Lloyd Wrong!

    Episode 33
    Time: 49.47
    Note: Omega's friend on the voicemail.
  • Okay, the ones I was meaning to do:

    Episode 37
    Time: 2.20
    Note: Tobin reveals that he's winning the IGC for GH2

    Episode 45
    Note: Side Talkin'

    Episode 45
    Time: 1.52
    Note: Jokes about Vanilla Games (Vanilla Ice and 'Monotony Software)

    Episode 45
    Time: 18.30
    Note: Tobin is a 5 letter word for awesome.
  • u put the foot race in there?
  • Did you put in Yuzo's gorilla impression?
  • silverbullet1080 said:
    Did you put in Yuzo's gorilla impression?

    I need episode numbers and time stamps, people!
  • I've put up my own clip show as a response to episode 49 (on YouTube I'm schaedenfreud82).
  • i found crack down, guitar hero2 and god of war 2 the best reviews i believe cause there funny, u noe what u 2 should do for the 50th episode u guys should switch places cause u r always in the same seats just for the 50th ep switch seats to be a lil different oh and the voice mail of phat geek calling in 4 times that week and tobin goes off about having to pay for it that was hilariuos, oh and tobin for ur next set of holidays come to australia
  • Jam, that highlight reel is amazing, really good job on it :).

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