Itunes video podcast
  • i miss it =(

    i enjoy the video version much more i dont know why, seeing facial expressions are just hilarious

    i was just wondering what happened to the video podcasts?

    its on episode 47 on the audio, and its still on 45 on the video version
  • Aww, that was my bad, sorry.

    I've posted ep 46 and 47 to, they should make it to itunes shortly. Thanks for bugging me! :)
  • wow thanks dude, much appreciated

    i love your show by the way, you guys are great

    edit: oh yeah ill be bugging you more if you dont put future episodes as well haha :)
  • update it for 49 plzz!!!
  • If you really want the videos before they get onto iTunes, you should download the YouTube ones ( and just convert them to whatever your iPod's video codec is(im guessing MPEG4)...
  • guess no one watches the video its cool ill do with keyransolo said
  • I watch the video versions.
    Thanks for the tip keyransolo. Using youtubex to Download it right now

    It's a bit of a pain to do it this way, but if it works that's all that matters.
  • Hrmm... I've done a little more investigating & there is yet another step to get this off of youtube (at least for what I want to do with it)

    When you download off youtubex it needs to be formated as an *.flv file.

    I have my xbox360 set to stream videos from my computer using the Zune software so I can watch them on my TV. But to do this I need something the Zune program will recognize (like mp4)
    I found a useful app here that can do the conversion from flv to mpg -->
    By the looks of it, it may even be able to download directly from the app instead of from youtubex (I found this after the fact)

    There are a lot of sliders you can change that affect quality vs speed.
    I am converting right now with the default settings & it's estimating ~19 minutes.

    Will post back if the quality is ok
  • steveo said:
    guess no one watches the video its cool ill do with keyransolo said

    It's not that. They just don't all post in this thread, or make one. When they hit, they hit. Until then, my ears still work, so...

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