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  • I have a suggestion for a new Book Club book. Consider Phlebas, by Iain M. Banks. It's the book that inspired Halo, and it's a good read.
  • I thought Larry Niven's Ringworld series was the inspiration to Halo..

  • I went to my local Chapters to pick up this book today. They said they had 2 copies, but when they went to check the shelf, they were out :( So I special ordered it to the store and should be reading it in about 4-10 days ^_^
  • yuzo said:
    I thought Larry Niven's Ringworld series was the inspiration to Halo..


    I believe Ringworld inspired Consider Phlebas, which inspired Halo, so yeah, it kind of did in a way.
  • I have a suggestion as well. When playing overlord I came to think of a book called Grunts by Mary Gentle. It basically follows the horde of the dark and namely the orcs. It's full of humor and the first thing that happens is that the orcs go on a mission to retrieve a horde of artifacts from a dragon, the artifacts turns out to be weapons and military items collected from other dimensions. Check it out.

    Edit: oh yeah, I should say that the horde included m16's, tanks and rayban sunglasses. Soon the orc horde looks more like the US marines/army and the rest of the world follows.
  • i just happened to notice the "book club" link at the top of the page. i just recently discovered noobtoob, but this was one of my favorite books of the last few years and ia sparker of many debates between me and my girlfriend. just had to mention. everyone interested in any form of popular media, and everyone uninterested in any form of popular media should read this book.

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