Ahhhhh i love this utopia
  • don't you?

    its just so uncorrupted unlike places like GamFAQs and the #Chan epically
    with no trolls and kick ass founders that listen to what we have to say

    So id just like to say thx guys for making this such a kick ass place to hang out
  • I agree, it's nice to have a gaming community where there are no flamers or trolls. The fact that the founders are actively involved in discussions is also great. Thanks for doing this guys, you rule.
  • Thanks much guys. We definitely try to be active and make sure this community grows and keeps the same sort of vibe as it gets bigger. As you may know, it's a rather difficult task but we've had a lot of help from the community with our mods (gwen/sunflower/sloth). We'll need more help as more peeps join so we'll grow our mod staff accordingly as the number of posts increase.

    Also any feedback you guys have with how the community is going is very valuable. If you feel there are things lacking or it's heading in a bad direction be sure to let us know so we can correct it earlier. Most of the best new additions have come directly from users (like the noobie system).

  • ... Ok, now I feel kinda bad.