PSN error 8002AD3D
  • Has anyone else ever gotten this error? I researched and found out that this porblem is associated with an instable connection to the PSN and media server. It always comes up when I turn on my Jabra BT 125 headset (the standard mic that comes with Warhawk). It worked perfectly fine the first 6 motnhs of use and then periodically it started to fail on me during long game sessions. Now everytime I turn it on a disconenction from the PSN is inevitable. please help. I've tried many things with no luck.
  • Have you changed the location of your PS3?
    New router?
    Btw open your ports that might be the problem.
  • No my router has been the same since i bought my PS3 and I havent reloacated my PS3. Whats this about opening my ports?
  • I have able to bypass this error code, which took me about 3 hours to do.

    Like what mostly everyone say, try setting up the ps3 using static ip address.
    the subnet mask is usually and check your DNS server in your router to input it in your ps3 cause it can vary.

    Next, you can open the ports through your router 80TCP, 443TCP, 5223TCP, 3478UDP, 3479UDP, and 3658UDP all assigned to your ps3 static id address.

    You can open the ports or use DMZ function(enable), which is alot easier because all you need to input is the static ip address that was assigned to your ps3.

    However, i set them both up and i'm too lazy to go back to check whether it needs both or one of them, but i'm sure one of them will suffice.

    Note: If you have DHCP enable, you have to check where the ip address starts and ends. You want to assign your ps3 static ip address within that range. Remember, assign a static ip address that is different from your default router ip address cause it can lead to alot of viruses.

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