Noobtoob Modcast Episode 050 - End of the Year Awards
  • Hello, and welcome to Modcast #50, the End of the Year Awards.

    Since we're still a day away from release, we'd like to have you all post up what you feel are your awards for these categories, as well as guess some of ours. Some of the categories (that haven't been polled about on Noobtoob yet) are:

    Single-Serving Award - What game did you complete, and was wonderful...once? No plans to go back to it ever again.

    Late to the Party Award - What game did you pick up this year that didn't come out this year, that was the best damn thing you've played?

    Best Soundtrack Award - What game had the best music, in your opinion? Burnout Paradise for the inclusion of "Girlfriend" will not be considered...except by Sun.

    Best Character Award - Who was the best character of 2008? Main, or supporting.

    Fan Service Award - What game catered most to the fans of the particular genre or IP? What was made expressly to put joy in your hearts?

    Best Graphics Award - Which game absolutely WOWED you this year? What surprised you at what it could do on-screen?

    Cutest Game Award - What game had the absolutely most adorable characters?

    Best Buddy Award - Which game had the best co-operative experience?

    Best Game We Didn't Play Award - What game did you not pick up but couldn't help hearing SO many good things about? Did you neglect it? Did you not have enough money? Why did you not play it?

    Most Difficult Game Award - What game had you puzzled or stuck, in a situation you will never emerge from? What game was unrelentingly impossible?

    Best Wow Moment Award - What one moment in a game made you almost drop your controller and say WOWWWWWWWW!

    Best Thinking Game Award - Which game had ingenious puzzles or methods to be victorious, but were still the best? Not the most ingenious puzzle award, but which game did thinking best?

    Worst Timing Award - What game came out at possibly the worst possible time for its release?

    What the Fuck Is This Shit Award - Throw your controller in a fit of rage? What game made you FUCKING IRATE enough to break a disc in half this year?

    Staying Power Award - What game did you continue to come back to time and time again this year? What game's charms will never wane?

    Broken Toy Award - What didn't work as advertised? What's useless to you?

    Guilty Pleasure Award - What do you play in secret and LOVE, but won't tell others?

    And of course, the one to guess what the hosts have picked...Their top three Games of the Year. In order, no less!

    Just an FYI, all three of us have NOT been talking about our GotY selections, so it'll be a surprise to all of us. We'll see you Friday - have a great time not only posting your own opinions on the above awards, but also for guessing the Modcast GotY choices!


    The episode has finished recording. Enjoy!

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  • I can't WAIT for this episode, Sunny! These categories are amazing!

    One thing I noticed right away is the lack of a Best Multiplayer award. You've got a Co-op award, but I think of Co-op as strictly cooperative while Multiplayer is competitive. Will Locke say SSF2, L4D Versus mode, or Gears 2 Multiplayer? We'll have to wait to find out!

    How about a "Pissing On Your Grave" award... as a kind of opposite to the Fan Service Award? What game this year completely urinated on the great memory of a long-since-dead game or character---rehashing an old, beloved character or game into a new, horrible game?

    What about a "Biggest Surprise" category for the game you didn't think would be any good but was a lot better than expected?

    How about a "Best new gaming innovation/Best new use for an existing game mechanic" category? Stuff like the Spore creature creator, LBPs level editor, Dead Space's non-existant HUD, Mirror's Edge and the first person non-shooter, etc.

    I'll think about this more... and maybe have more for you tomorrow morning. I seriously can't wait for this Episode. Don't limit yourselves with a time limit! Talk until you're done talking! We love you guys and can never get enough!!!

    EDIT: How about a Best and/or Worst Story in a game award? I know what story is easily the worst, particularly since the game is so much fun.
  • Single-Serving Award - Lost Odyssey (Great game, just will never go thru it again :p)

    Late to the Party Award - BioShock

    Best Soundtrack Award - Persona 3: FES

    Best Character Award - Niko (GTA4)

    Fan Service Award - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix (But much much more than just fan service!)

    Best Graphics Award
    - Metal Gear Solid 4

    Cutest Game Award - Little Big Planet

    Best Buddy Award - Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 (Terrorist Hunt FTW!)

    Best Game We Didn't Play Award
    - Burnout Paradise

    Most Difficult Game Award - Mega Man 9

    Best Wow Moment Award - Left 4 Dead (First time you encounter a tank)

    Best Thinking Game Award - Braid

    Worst Timing Award - Dead Space (Only because it came out the same week as Fallout 3 and Fable 2

    What the Fuck Is This Shit Award
    - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Fuck that game!)

    Staying Power Award - Call of Duty 4

    Broken Toy Award - Castle Crashers (An amazing game but very broken)

    Guilty Pleasure Award - Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader

    My top 3:
    3- Dead Space
    2- Metal Gear Solid 4
    1- Mega Man 9

    3- Valkyria Chronicles
    2- Rockband
    1- Burnout Paradise

    3- Company of Hero's
    2- Gears of War 2
    1- Culdsept Saga

    3- Valkyria Chronicles
    2- Fallout 3
    1- Gears of War 2
  • Im excited for the show. you guys never disapoint when it comes to entertaining me.

    single serving: mega man 9 I enjoyed it but it was too much of a slap in the face to go back

    late to the party: Elder scrolls 4 oblivion game of the year edition it came out in 2006 but when I got my 360 just before the holidays I went and bought this game. and for the past couple week I would play until 5am and sleep in till 12 and then start playing again I can hardly stop playing. I dont care what tobin says it is the best game I have ever played.

    best sound-track: mega man 9 I like all the mega man sound tracks and this was no exception

    best character: when GTA4 came out I whent to my freinds house and we played pretty much all day and I thought Niko was very well writen and interesting.

    fan service: gears 2

    best graphics: resistence 2 when I played this at my freinds house all I could think about was how good the game looked

    cutest game: ninja town you might think how could ninjas be cute then you have not played ninja town

    best buddie: left 4 dead...... Duh?

    best game I did not play: FallOut 3 I just got my 360 but I have a freind who is selling his 360 and he is going to sell it to me for 30$ so in a couple weeks I will have it. It is best game I have not played because apparently it is oblivion with guns so Im in.

    Hardest game: Megaman 9 oh my god was it hard it was just as if not more punishing than the original nes game

    Wow moment: metal gear solid 4 microwave tunnel it was pretty darn cool

    best thinking game: Toki Tori it was amazing it combined platforming with mind numbing puzzles

    worst timing: Farcry 2 it had too much to compete with


    staying power: mario kart wii I unlocked everything and pull it out when freinds are over. but what gave this staying power was when I was in my homeland of Canada for the holidays my grandfather got a wii so I brought mario kart and he and I played it. and never in my life have I seen him smile as wide as then. especially since it might have been the last time I see him I will charish the memory and come back and play it long after he is gone.

    Broken Toy: GHWT Song Creator I chose GH4 over Rock Band 2 because of the song editor and boy was I disapointed it produced terrible quality notes if it read them at all.

    guilty pleasure: Star Wars The Force Uleased simply because everybody rips on the game saying it is terrible so I go along with it. but secretly I loved it.

    My top 3 that came out this year
    1 Mario kart Wii
    2 Super smah bros Brawl
    3 Animal crossing Wii
    Mod cast top 3 games
    1 Left 4 Dead
    2 valkyria chronicles
    3 Burnout paradise

    1 Left 4 Dead
    2 FF Crysis Core
    3 Gears 2

    1 Left 4 Dead
    2 FallOut 3
    3 Rainbow 6 Vegas 2
  • Single-Serving Award - Bioshock

    Late to the Party Award - Bioshock

    Best Soundtrack Award - Saints Row 2

    Best Character Award - I was - Saints Row 2, Fallout 3, Fable 2

    Fan Service Award - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

    Best Graphics Award - Gears of War 2

    Cutest Game Award - Little Big Planet

    Best Buddy Award - Gears of War 2

    Best Game We Didn't Play Award - I don't think I have one that I can think of at least

    Most Difficult Game Award - Mega Man 9

    Best Wow Moment Award - First time I popped in Gears of War 2 and played Muliplayer with everyone.

    Best Thinking Game Award - Culdcept Saga

    Worst Timing Award - Far Cry 2 - To many damn games that week

    What the Fuck Is This Shit Award - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

    Staying Power Award - Call of Duty 4

    Broken Toy Award - Castle Crashers

    Guilty Pleasure Award - Wii Fit

    My top 3 in terms of just pure overall fun that I've had - in other words my best overall games
    3- Dead Space
    2- Saints Row 2
    1- Gears of War 2

    I will post full thoughts once I've listened in a separate post!
  • Instead of guessing what you guys will say, I'm taking your categories, and listing my top three for each one.

    Single-Serving Award
    [spoiler:ea35f69d77]3. Tales of Vesperia
    2. Resistance 2
    1. GTA IV [/spoiler:ea35f69d77]
    Late to the Party Award
    [spoiler:ea35f69d77] 3. Condemned: C.O.
    2. Bioshock
    1. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
    Honorable mention: Ninja Gaiden Sigma [/spoiler:ea35f69d77]
    Best Soundtrack Award
    [spoiler:ea35f69d77]3. Little Big Planet
    2. Metal Gear Solid 4
    1. Rock Band 2 [/spoiler:ea35f69d77]
    Best Character Award
    [spoiler:ea35f69d77] 3. Starkiller (the Apprentice from Star Wars: FU)
    2. Yuri Lowel (Tales of Vesperia)
    1. Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes) [/spoiler:ea35f69d77]
    Fan Service Award
    [spoiler:ea35f69d77] 3. Gears of War 2
    2. Dead Space (for reviving the Survivor-Horror genre)
    1. Metal Gear Solid 4 [/spoiler:ea35f69d77]
    Best Graphics Award
    [spoiler:ea35f69d77] 3. Tales of Vesperia
    2. Dead Space
    1. Metal Gear Solid 4[/spoiler:ea35f69d77]
    Cutest Game Award
    [spoiler:ea35f69d77] Only one game fits.
    1. Little Big Planet [/spoiler:ea35f69d77]
    Best Buddy Award
    [spoiler:ea35f69d77] 3.Tales of Vesperia
    2. Rock Band 2
    1. Left 4 Dead [/spoiler:ea35f69d77]
    Best Game We Didn't Play Award
    [spoiler:ea35f69d77] 3. Prince of Persia (I want to trying it at least)
    2. Persona 4
    1. Farcay 2[/spoiler:ea35f69d77]
    Most Difficult Game Award
    [spoiler:ea35f69d77] 3. No More Heroes (Hard Mode)
    2. Ninja Gaiden Sigma
    1. Ninja Gaiden 2 [/spoiler:ea35f69d77]
    Best Wow Moment Award
    [spoiler:ea35f69d77] 3. No More Heroes
    2. Dead Space
    1. Metal Gear Solid 4 [/spoiler:ea35f69d77]
    Best Thinking Game Award
    [spoiler:ea35f69d77] 3. Dead Space (were to shoot the monsters)
    2. Metal Gear Solid 4 (how the go around the enemies without being seen)
    1. Left 4 Dead (plans for the finally) [/spoiler:ea35f69d77]
    Worst Timing Award
    [spoiler:ea35f69d77] 3. Ninja Gaiden 2 (right before Metal Gear Solid 4)
    2. Mario Kart wii (came out the same week as GTA 4)
    1. Dead Space (came out around the releases of Fable 2, GHWT, Fallout 3, and Gears 2.)[/spoiler:ea35f69d77]
    What the Fuck Is This Shit Award
    [spoiler:ea35f69d77] 3. The Club(i still like this game a little bit)
    2. The House of the dead 2/3 (Wii)
    1. Dark Sector [/spoiler:ea35f69d77]
    Staying Power Award
    [spoiler:ea35f69d77] 3. Gears of War 2
    2. Dead Space
    1. Rock band 2 [/spoiler:ea35f69d77]
    Broken Toy Award
    [spoiler:ea35f69d77]3. Little Big Planet
    2. Star Wars: F.U.
    1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl[/spoiler:ea35f69d77]
    Guilty Pleasure Award
    [spoiler:ea35f69d77] 3. Silent Hill Homecoming
    2. Ninja Gaiden 2
    1. Star Wars: F.U [/spoiler:ea35f69d77]
    Now as a added bonus,

    My personal Top 10 list of the best games of this year.
    10. Silent Hill Homecoming
    9. (Tie) Rock Band 2/Guitar Hero WT
    8. Tales of Vesperia
    7. Devil May Cry 4
    6. Left 4 Dead
    5. Gears of War 2
    4. Ninja Gaiden 2
    3. No More Heroes
    2. Dead Space
    1. Metal Gear Solid 4

  • I can't think of one for the first three but,

    Best Character - Three Dog in Fallout 3
    Fan Service - Gears of War 2
    Best Graphics - Dead Space
    Cutest Game - Little Big Planet
    Best Buddy - Left 4 Dead
    Best Game We Didn't Play - Metal Gear Solid 4
    Most Difficult - Dead Space on Impossible
    Best Wow Moment - Dead Space
    Best Thinking Game - Fallout 3
    Worst Timing Award - Prince of Persia
    What the Fuck is this Shit - Castle Crashers
    Staying Power - Left 4 Dead
    Broken Toy - Castle Crashers
    Guilty Pleasures - Carnival Games

    Sunflower -
    3.Left 4 Dead
    2.Fallout 3
    1.Gears of War 2

    3.Gears of War 2
    2.Left 4 Dead
    1.Crisis Core

    3. Kingdom for Keflings
    2. Left 4 Dead
    1.Burnout Paradise

    3.Gears of War 2
    2. Dead Space
    1. Fallout 3
  • Single-Serving Award – I would have to say Bioshock…I still have about 5 achievements hanging out which I will play through once or twice again to get them all. I really loved this game, the art style and combat was very fun and it had a great story line full of twists and turns.

    Late to the Party Award – Call of Duty 4…after picking up my 360 this was about the 3rd game I bought and played the shit out of it! It is something always fun to go back to and I am glad I own it.

    Best Soundtrack Award – Culdcept Saga….some of the levels have some great music, very soothing and relaxing.

    Best Character Award – Isaac (Dead Space)

    Fan Service Award – Gears of War 2

    Best Graphics Award – Dead Space

    Cutest Game Award – have not played it but Little big planet

    Best Buddy Award – Gears of War 2

    Best Game We Didn't Play Award – Left 4 Dead…wasn’t that interested and I had money to spend on other games I knew I really, really wanted to play.

    Most Difficult Game Award – Braid, played the demo yet to buy it still

    Best Wow Moment Award – Gears of War 2…great memories playing through it release night with fuzzy…both of us drunk as hell and we were still able to kick ass. Great wow moments throughout the game!

    Best Thinking Game Award – Culdcept Saga…such a great game and it really gets the brain a turning to make combos to fuck people up or get out of really bad situations.

    Worst Timing Award – Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, and Dead Space…Fallout 3 and Far Cry 2 because the amount of time needed to play them, Dead Space because it was one of the most under rated games that came out this year

    What the Fuck Is This Shit Award – Star Wars Force unleashed…great demo fucking dumb game overall

    Staying Power Award – Call of Duty 4, Culdcept Saga, Gears of War 2, Burnout Paradise all great games to come back to again and again!

    Broken Toy Award – The Zapper for the Wii

    Guilty Pleasure Award – Hello kitty island adventure (if only haha)..Wii fit if I ever find it

    3- Valkyria Chronicles
    2- Fallout 3
    1- Gears of War 2

    3- Valkyria Chronicles
    2- Rockband
    1- Burnout Paradise

    3- Company of Hero's
    2- Gears of War 2
    1- Culdcept Saga

    My top picks
    3-Dead Space
    2- Gears of War 2
    1-Culdcept Saga
  • Castadarkshadow said:
    Best Soundtrack Award – Culdcept Saga….some of the levels have some great music, very soothing and relaxing.

    I can't help but wonder if you're on crack. While it's certainly a passable soundtrack, listening to a music box for two hours DROVE ME TO INSANITY.
  • Sunflower4000 said:
    [quote=Castadarkshadow]Best Soundtrack Award – Culdcept Saga….some of the levels have some great music, very soothing and relaxing.

    I can't help but wonder if you're on crack. While it's certainly a passable soundtrack, listening to a music box for two hours DROVE ME TO INSANITY.[/quote]

    I couldn't really think of any other soundtracks that really grabbed me....and having to play the fire level at the start like 20 times i really liked the music on that level! if i had to pick an actual soundtrack (just to please you Sunnie).....Burnout probably had the best out of the games i played
  • Single-Serving Award - Too Human, i loved the game but theres no way im going to complete it again, i just plain dont want to even though i loved it.

    Late to the Party Award - Bioshock, when this came out i only had a PS3 and i dont have nor probably will have a gaming PC, so i never got a chance to play it, but when i got my 360 i made sure i was going home with and i loved every second of it. The mix of "spells" and guns had me entranced.

    Best Soundtrack Award - Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, holy fuck i love this soundtrack, i have that shit on my iPod and its great to listen whilst working as the lack of lyrics doesnt stur your concentration.

    Best Character Award - Im going to cheat here and say, Myself! :D, just becuase i love being able to mold a character in my own image whenever possible. Be able to put my personality into him and import myself into the game always makes it better for me.

    Fan Service Award - SSF2THDR, if you have played SF2 and like it, play SSF2THDR and be amazed at their attention to detail, what they added that makes fans pleased, and one major thing, oline that actually works, no greater thing to give a fighting game fan but working online.

    Best Graphics Award - Even though its 2D, SSF2THDR wowed me at how beautiful it was, seeing all the old classic stages in glourious HD just amazed me, sometimes i go into practice mode and just look at all the detail in the stages and look at what is happening in the stage.

    Cutest Game Award - Viva Pinata Trouble In Paradise, if you say they arent adorable your not human!, i mean look at the cutey wuteyness......... :shock:

    Best Buddy Award - Ill leave this one as i havent really played any games co-op.

    Best Game We Didn't Play Award - CAnt really think of one at the moment.

    Most Difficult Game Award - Although i completed it there was a certain part in Mirrors Edge that met no end of my rage, i knew what to do, how to do it, but it just fucking wouldnt work!, but when i did make the jump it made it all that much more satisfying.

    Best Wow Moment Award - Getting absolutely smashed by Sunflower in SSF2THDR, i knew he was good but damn!, dont worry though ive beaten him a few times and ive got a lot better. ;)

    Best Thinking Game Award - Another win for SSF2THDR, just when i was playing online i would face opponents that would seem unstoppable, but after a round or two you start to notice patterns in the way they fight, and you think of ways to exploit those patterns to result in you victorious.

    Worst Timing Award - Mirrors Edge, its been said before but if it was released when nothing was coming out, i probably would have liked it more and it would have had more sales.

    What the Fuck Is This Shit Award - Mirrors Edge, it wasnt that i didnt know what to do i did, but when i went to it just wouldnt work, Faith would sometimes jump instead on wall run, sometimes she would jump too far, just little things in a game where you have to be near perfect can really piss you off.

    Staying Power Award - SSF2THDR, as long as there are matches online i will keep playing, and even in the of chance their isnt, there are always a few people around these parts ready for a few rounds, it may be becuase SF2 is my favourite game, but i can see myself playing this for a long time, that is if SF4 isnt all that good ;)

    Broken Toy Award - Fable 2, it offered so much. but i just cant get into it, the combat isnt deep enough for me, i dont care enough about the environment to be bothered about affecting it, i just expected a lot more and i cant be bothered with it.

    Guilty Pleasure Award - Im never ashamed of what i play!

    And of course, the one to guess what the hosts have picked...Their top three Games of the Year. In order, no less!
    Illl leave this one, too many good games have come out for me to guess which all three of you like the most, but i reckon Gears 2 is in each of your lists somewhere!

    Cant wait to listen :D.
  • Single-Serving Award - Far Cry 2
    This game was really great, I had planned on collecting all the diamonds, but the need to continue the story was greater. I would play it again, but for a game that's this big, there isn't enough that I could do differently a second time through to really justify it. Quality game, though.

    Late to the Party Award - Half Life 2 (The Orange Box)
    I have no idea how I never picked this up before, that was a great game in every single way. The only thing I didn't like was the crappy port to the PS3, luckily I only had a few glitches.
    Epic journey, Gordan Freeman, I am so sick of hearing his name. 'Gordan Freeman?!' Yeah.

    Best Soundtrack Award - WipeOut HD
    Although it's not too memorable, apart from a few songs that I recognize. The default soundtrack triggers somemthing in my head, makes me concentrate and be more aware of the racing situation. Also, the custom soundtrack is a nice inclusion.

    Best Character Award - The Jackal (Far Cry 2)
    He's a bit of a mystery man, the Jackal. Twists and turns galore, you never really know what to think of him. I can't really say anymore for spoiler reasons, but great character.

    Fan Service Award - Metal Gear Solid 4
    No doubt at all. This game was so made for the fans of the series, all the flashbacks and hints to previous stories. I doubt anybody who's new to MGS would enjoy it much at all, but for veterans of the series, it should be amazing.

    Best Graphics Award - Metal Gear Solid 4
    Seriously, amazing graphics. The seamless transition between cutscenes and gameplay was also great, really put you in the situation. Not much more I can say.

    Cutest Game Award - Metal Gear Solid 4
    That's the cutest of the games I've played this year.

    Best Buddy Award - Call of Duty: World at War
    Competitive co-op, campaign co-op or zombie nazi mode. One of the only co-op games I played this year, but it's worth it. Zombie mode is really good fun when you're all co-ordinated and on a roll.

    Best Game We Didn't Play Award - Little Big Planet
    I was about to pick it up, but decided to wait until it was cheaper. I'm still waiting.

    Most Difficult Game Award - Call of Duty: World at War
    I think I need some WWII practise, but Veteran mode crippled me near the end of the third level. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    Best Wow Moment Award - Metal Gear Solid 4
    I won't say why, because it'll be a spoiler. But chapter 4? Wooooooooow.

    Best Thinking Game Award - Fallout 3
    Simply because there's so many ways you can do (almost) everything. It really is down to you, however you want the game to play out.

    Worst Timing Award - Call of Duty: World at War
    I'd have to say that, because I think most people were very hesitant on picking it up, and with all the other games out at around the same time... Their loss, I'd say it's a good game.

    What the Fuck Is This Shit Award - WipeOut HD
    Three words: Elite Difficulty Unfairness.

    Staying Power Award - GTA IV
    The online stayed fun and fresh for a long time, and it still is, every now and then.
    I'd still play sometimes if I hadn't traded my copy in.

    Broken Toy Award - Prince of Persia
    Okay it's not physically broken. But for what it's worth to me, it may as well be.
    I had fun playing it for a while. I just really dislike the direction that the series is heading in.

    Guilty Pleasure Award - Minesweeper
  • Single-Serving Award - Pretty much everything I played, bar Metal Gear Solid 4 which I re-played because it was amazing.

    Late to the Party Award - So many games... BioShock, The Orange Box... I think mainly, though, Metal Gear Solid 3. That was the game that convinced me to get a PS3 because I loved it so much.

    Best Soundtrack Award - Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

    Best Character Award - Drebin from MGS4.

    Fan Service Award - Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

    Best Graphics Award - Metal Gear Solid 4.

    Cutest Game Award - Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City

    Best Buddy Award - Halo 3 was the only co-op game I played with friends briefly, so it wins by default.

    Best Game I Didn't Play Award - Gears of War 2 probably. I really liked the first one.

    Most Difficult Game Award - Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. Dammit that got hard due to poor item placement.

    Best Wow Moment Award - Metal Gear Solid 4. All of it.

    Best Thinking Game Award - Final Fantasy Tactics A2. That requires a lot of thought.

    Worst Timing Award - Super Smash Bros. Brawl in my opinion. Lots of people I know who would have bought it had sold their Wii's in the month prior to it's PAL release, because they wanted a 360.

    What the Fuck Is This Shit Award - Metal Gear Acid, I guess...

    Staying Power Award - None. I play through games once, then I'm done.

    Broken Toy Award - LittleBigPlanet I guess. I'm not into it as of yet.

    Guilty Pleasure Award - Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga with the Infinite Health cheat ^_^
  • Single-Serving Award – I will have to go with Fable 2, because the story was good, but I would not want to go through the same stuff again even with another person. Plus the ending was pretty dumb.

    Late to the Party Award – Has to go to Company of Heroes. This game has made me really like RTS games, which means I will be getting Dawn of War 2 when it comes out.

    Best Soundtrack Award – I usually don’t listen to the music in games, but the music in SSF2THD is really good.

    Best Character Award – My dog in Fable 2, he was awesome finding treasure and such for me; he was the best, which makes me sad that I picked the money in the end.

    Fan Service Award – Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

    Best Graphics Award – It has to be Endless Ocean for me. It was the only game that kept me from selling my Wii for a long time. It made me feel like I was really scuba diving in the ocean.

    Cutest Game Award – Little Big planet for sure, I haven’t played it, but it seems that it is the best one to fit this award.

    Best Buddy Award – Easily it has to be Left 4 Dead, the games was made for co-op and having 3 friends with me to endure the terror of the zombie apocalypse.

    Best Game We Didn't Play Award – Far Cry 2, simply because I didn’t have the money to get it, but sometime in 09 I will pick up.

    Most Difficult Game Award – It’s going to be Braid for me. I did just get it a few days ago, but nothing has given me so much trouble on how to get certain puzzle pieces.

    Best Wow Moment Award – Gears of War 2 multiplayer, mostly while playing with everyone from noobtoob, also being able to chainsaw and shot Sunflower with my shotgun was made me pretty happy.

    Best Thinking Game Award – Culdcept Saga, because even though I’m pretty good at Yu-gi-oh and monopoly, having to put those two games together makes me really think on what cards to use and what monster to sacrifice so I can win.

    Worst Timing Award – Far Cry 2, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get it, but after hearing Sunny’s in-depth talking about it I wanted it, but I had no money to buy it with.

    What the Fuck Is This Shit Award- Mega Man 9, damn this game was so fucking hard, I only got through the 9 bots, and I still haven’t beaten Dr. Willy.

    Staying Power Award – Geometry Wars 2, mostly the pacifism mode, which I just keep trying to beat my own score and getting the Game Over and Smile achievement which I finally did.

    Broken Toy Award – Spore, the game was fun the first time I played it, but trying to download it again on my other computer is impossible and makes me not want to go back to it anytime soon.

    Guilty Pleasure Award – It’s a tie between Yu-gi-oh and Pokémon, but I guess I will have to go with Yu-gi-oh, because I sometimes will just duel by myself if I’m super bored.

    For your favorite games of 08, I have no clue to many games that you guys like I can’t choice.
    I can’t even choice my 3 favorite games of the year
  • Dracomaster01 said:
    Best Wow Moment Award – Gears of War 2 multiplayer, mostly while playing with everyone from noobtoob, also being able to chainsaw and shot Sunflower with my shotgun was made me pretty happy.

    I don't remember this happening. ;)
  • Sunflower4000 said:
    [quote=Dracomaster01]Best Wow Moment Award – Gears of War 2 multiplayer, mostly while playing with everyone from noobtoob, also being able to chainsaw and shot Sunflower with my shotgun was made me pretty happy.

    I don't remember this happening. ;)[/quote]

    Come on now, you know it happened, don't try and deny it.
  • Oh I can't wait for this to be posted! I hope there are some surprises in your picks and even more...some suggested games that I need to go back and give a try.

    So sticking true to the end of the year awards, all come from 2008 with the exception of "Late to the Party" and all I have played. Here are my winners...

    Single-Serving Award
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]Viking: Battle for Asgard[/center:0066768432]
    I'm still not sure what made me pick-up this game. No one really talked about it on any podcast here except for Gameshark and even that was minimal. This game reminded me a lot of Fable where it was a very simplistic world and skill tree. The general idea is to run around to all these enslaved villages and free the townspeople. Once freed, they join your growing army and help you in the final battle for that stage. There are hundreds of enemy on the screen and its just crazy. The 360 does slow down during these parts just because of the massive scale, but it still wasn't enough to kill the game for me. An absolute joy and surprising enough, I enjoyed it more than Fable 2 (which was the reason I bought my 360 in the first place).[/spoiler:0066768432]
    Late to the Party Award
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]Gears of War[/center:0066768432]
    Since I just got my 360 this past January, technically I was late to most everything, but for me the game I missed out on the most by picking it up late was Gears of War. I arrived to this party about 12 games too late and 562 days (May 21). I wasn't at all impressed by Gears after hearing such great things about it. The single player was just okay. I had already played CoD4 and the experience in Gears didn't even come close. I wasn't impressed with the cover system as I had already seen that in GTA4. Sure it was easy for friends to jump in and out of your campaign, but what good is that when none of your friends are playing it anymore? Even more disappointing was the multiplayer. By this time the only people playing this over CoD4 were really hardcore. The only way I'd ever get a kill was if someone would accidentally run into my chainsaw. I really feel that by arriving to the party late, I missed out on such a great experience.[/spoiler:0066768432]
    Best Soundtrack Award
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]A Kingdom for Keflings[/center:0066768432]
    A rather odd pick, I know, but let me explain. I'm looking at this as best original music rather than commercial tracks. I don't feel that music games should be considered here because the whole point of those games is to have a good playlist to start. If the music isn't good, the game isn't good. Same kinda goes for in-game radio stations.

    So when I consider that, A Kingdom for Keflings theme stood out to me. The theme is so absolutely enjoyable and even after playing it was stuck in my head. The theme is what a two minute loop? You'd think I'd get old of the music considering I could easily play for five hours straight, but that isn't the case.
    Best Character Award
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]My dog (Shadlin) in Fable II[/center:0066768432]
    He's a character right? Well he is now! I rarely get drawn in a game's story so much that I care about the characters. That just isn't my playing style. Also, I generally tend to care much more for animals than humans. So when the dog was announced for Fable II, I was very excited. I wanted to play with the dog more than playing the actual game and once Fable II was released that pretty much sums up my experience. I love that dog. His name was Shadlin a combination of my real-life dogs Shadow and Merlin. He was not just along for the ride; he was absolutely needed. He always warned me of danger and found new items. The first time he got hurt I absolutely flipped out! I was so mad at the guy and my only care in the world at that time was to get him healed. As the game neared the end...
    [spoiler:0066768432]and Lucien killed my dog I was in shock. I put down my controller and just sat there. How could Molyneux do this do me? I put so much time, effort and love into that dog and in a single instance he was gone. Without him the final hours of the game weren't nearly as enjoyable.

    At the conclusion of the game when given the choice to pick my reward, I didn't even think twice. I picked Love. Not because I wanted my family back, but because I wanted my dog!
    Fan Service Award
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]Mega Man 9[/center:0066768432]
    Everything about this game proves it was catered to fans. The box cover, the press kit, the design, everything. As a kid, I don't even remember really enjoying this game, but I remember playing it. When MM9 was released, I had to pick it up just to relive a part of my childhood.[/spoiler:0066768432]
    Best Graphics Award
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]Fallout 3[/center:0066768432]
    Yeah I know the landscape is all brown in color, but that's what happens as a result of a nuclear war. Truth be told, the reason this game stands out to me visually is in part, the location. I know what Washington D.C. is suppose to look like. To see the Washington Monument off in the distance, only to arrive and see the destruction was unbelievable. I wanted to explore everything; SEE everything.[/spoiler:0066768432]
    Cutest Game Award
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise[/center:0066768432]
    This is an easy pick for me not just because I absolutely love the game, but because even the evil sour pinata are cute! I mean look at the Bispotti above. Isn't she just the cutest! Along with the Moojoo, Pengum, Tigermisu, Galagoogoo...heck they are all cute! As if that wasn't enough, next you can start dressing them up in little outfits and making them different colors. back in a few hours. I need to play![/spoiler:0066768432]
    Best Buddy Award
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]Left 4 Dead[/center:0066768432]
    I'll say it again, I hated this game after playing the demo. I'm so glad I kept an open mind and decided to give it a second chance. The game is all about working together in a team.

    Specially, playing as the infected in versus is the Best Buddy Moment. Since the spawns are so long when playing as the infected, it really makes you communicate with your fellow teammates and come up with a good plan. If you all run in there and die, the survivors can make up a lot of ground as you want for your 20 second respawn.
    Best Game I Didn't Play Award
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]Dead Space[/center:0066768432]
    It's winning Game of the Year honors all over the place, but I just can't get the courage to play this game. I did try the demo and after 10 minutes I had to stop. I just don't like playing a game that I know is trying to scare me. I want to enjoy my game; not have nightmares.[/spoiler:0066768432]
    Most Difficult Game Award
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
    (Sith Master difficulty)

    Actually, Mega Man 9 is probably the hardest game I've played all year. I mean I didn't beat a single boss. Then again, I figured I wouldn't be able to beat one anyway. So while it was hard; I was expecting it.

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is the complete opposite and that's why I picked it. I thought I'd just breeze through this game on my way to an easy 1000. Oh boy was I wrong. Sure the apprentice difficulty is a walk in the park. I was slicing everything up with my lightsaber, but once you turn on Sith Master, its a whole new ball game. No longer will running in and slashing your lightsaber work. You have to take your time, pick apart the enemy and use your force powers. The bosses are each brutal and you have to expose their weakness and take advantage of it. This game is definitely one of my proudest 1000's in '08.
    Best [s:0066768432]Wow[/s:0066768432] OH FUCK! Moment Award
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]My first crash in Burnout Paradise[/center:0066768432]
    I knew this game had crashes, but I didn't know to what extent. I'm awful at driving games and I was casually driving around Paradise City. I found a long open road and decided it was time to see how fast this baby could go. I took off into a Burnout and it wasn't long before I dodge a car, over corrected and drove straight into a corner of a wall. I remember I yelled "OH FUCK!" The crash was so brutal! I totally wasn't expecting that. I hurt just watching it. I even thought to myself, if this was real I'd be dead. Even now, when I crash I can't stand to watch. Its just so painful.[/spoiler:0066768432]
    Best Thinking Game Award
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution[/center:0066768432]
    I don't play that many strategy or puzzle games, but this one stood out to me mainly because of the achievements. Typically when I play an RTS, I use the same strategy (and country) over and over. If its not broken, why fix it? However, with wanting to get all 1000 in Civilization Revolution I had to win with every country, win every game type and win on various difficulty settings. There were also achievements like "You have won with only one city on King difficulty or higher!" and "You have won the game by year 1000 AD on King difficulty or higher!" The varying achievements and requirements really made me think about what I was doing and experience a RTS game in a new way.

    I only wish more people had picked up with game. :(
    Worst Timing Award
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]Prince of Persia[/center:0066768432]
    I know its easy for people to say Dead Space for this award, but even with it coming out at a bad time, it is getting the recognition it deserves. The same can't be said for Prince of Persia.

    PoP has been completely overlooked. I just started this game last night, but I'm baffled how this game isn't being talked about. It is so pretty and running through the levels is amazing feeling. Coming out at the very end of the holiday season seems to be even worse than coming out at a busy time like Dead Space.
    What the Fuck Is This Shit Award
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]Grand Theft Auto: IV[/center:0066768432]
    Its a miracle I ended up finishing this game at all. The car drove like IT was drunk. My annoying cousin called me every two minutes. There was all this talk about how big the world was, but is it really? Most of the building aren't even accessible.

    I bought into the hype surrounding this game. I had never played a GTA game before and I asked even the Modcast what this series was about. They said pure fun. I was looking forward to experiencing this fun for myself, but it seems like the developers forgot to add that part. The game was such a borefest that I didn't even WANT to try and get 1000 on it.
    Staying Power Award
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]Burnout Paradise[/center:0066768432]
    This one is hard for me because I'm wanting something with as much staying power as Call of Duty 4 and I haven't seen that yet. Gears of War 2 and Left 4 Dead have been great, but already the community around these games have seemed to move on. Eariler this month we were playing CoD4 numerous times a week and no game in '08 has that same following.

    So I'm going to pick Burnout Paradise because I think with the additional DLC coming out there is ton still left to experience in Burnout Paradise. As long as Criterion keeps supporting this game, there will be people playing it.
    Broken Toy Award
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]Piñata Vision[/center:0066768432]
    I was really looking forward to this new feature. I thought this might be something that would catch on with other developers and be a different way of adding unique content to a game. However, I think Pinata Vision ended up ruining the fun of Viva Pinata.

    When I heard of this feature I thought Rare would use it to release unique pinatas and items not found in the game originally. You'd buy these cards and get something really unique for your garden. Instead Pinata Vision has turned into a lazy way for gamers to collect all the pinatas and earn the achievements quickly. People have made cards for everything and put them on the web. You can go to sites and just sit there and scan in every requested pinata without any effort. As if that wasn't bad enough, it takes a lot fiddling with the vision camera to even get it to scan in the card. I had 10 cards in my guide and it was a pain to scan. They say you can scan from a computer, but I have yet to be successful at that.
    Guilty Pleasure Award
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]Lego Anything[/center:0066768432]
    Not really a secret since anyone can see my gamer profile, but this year I was blessed to get two Lego game! Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Batman. I don't know what it is about these games, but I absolutely love them. Yeah they don't change in terms of the achievements or gameplay, but that's part of what I love. If only they'd include online co-op...HP and I would be in Lego heaven![/spoiler:0066768432]
    My Top Games of 2008
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]3. Fallout 3
    2. Left 4 Dead[/center:0066768432]

    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]1. Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise[/center:0066768432][/spoiler:0066768432][/spoiler:0066768432]And finally, my guesses on what the Modcast crew will name as their Game of the Year titles.

    Sunflower4000's Top Games
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]1. Gears of War 2[/center:0066768432]
    [center:0066768432]2. Fallout 3
    3. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD[/center:0066768432]
    Locke's Top Games
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]1. Gears of War 2[/center:0066768432]
    [center:0066768432]2. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
    3. Culdcept Saga[/center:0066768432]
    Jam Enslaver's Top Games
    [spoiler:0066768432][center:0066768432]1. Burnout Paradise[/center:0066768432]
    [center:0066768432]2. Valkyria Chronicles
    3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl[/center:0066768432]
  • A plethora of fantastic categories, for an equally fantastic year!

    Single-Serving Award - Fallout 3
    [spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]As astounding as the initial experience was, Fallout 3 is easily one of the most complex, and extensive Rpg of the year, but fails to offer as much replayability, due to the significantly smaller amount of side quests in comparison to Bethesda's previous work.[/spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]

    Late to the Party Award - Dead Rising
    [spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]I received my elite relatively late in our current console war, so I missed out on many mesmerizing gaming opportunities. I indulged into an extensive period of purchasing 360 classics, such as the first Condemned, and, of course, Dead Rising, which left me awe struck by the solid visuals, addicting and expansive gameplay, Jesse's breasts, and the fascinating level up sytem.[/spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]

    Best Soundtrack Award - Rockband 2[spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]Forgive my predictability, but I must proclaim my infatuation with the Rockband 2 soundtrack. Further detail would be redundant... I just like the songs...[/spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]

    Best Character Award - Niko Bellic.
    [spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]I know, I know, "ZoMg!!!! WtF!?!?! FaNbOy FaGgOt!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOOOLOLOLOLOLO!!!!111!!!1one1!! WaT aBoUt tEh SnAkE!!!!!"
    Despite the abundancy of ill will towards Niko, I for one uphold the disgruntled mercenary as a drastic improvement over the predictability, and cliche characterization of Carl Johnson, the protagonist of San Andreas, whos entire characterization can be summarized by repeating "black gangsta" repeatedly, and replacing all of Carl's dialogue with our societies modern gangster lingo.
    "Carl, I need you to secure a shipment of illegal product by means of aggressive negotiation, take Bufford with you, he's a fine sharpshooter."
    "Yea, f'sho homie"
    Ugh... Anyway, Niko differed greatly by having personal strife that many of us can find more relatable, and possessing a complex character, plagued by his haunting past, and seeking repentance in a new home, only to understand that one can never escape their nightmares.
    He was deep, strangely likable, and oddly respectable, and that is why Niko Bellic is the greatest character of 2008! [/spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]

    Fan Service Award - Gears of War 2
    [spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]While this does not necessarily apply to me, as I am not a fanatic of this particular seriess, Gears of War 2 appears completely tailored to be the wet dream of every Gears fanboy![/spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]

    Best Graphics Award - Grand Theft Auto 4, and Metal Gear Solid 4
    [spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]The heavily detailed character animations of Gta4, and the uprecedentedly gorgeous visuals of Mgs4 are memerizing works of art.
    On a side note, the lovely graphics of Mgs4 almost makes up for the ridiculous script, and unforgivably long cutscenes!
    ..... Almost.....
    ..... Kinda....... [/spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]

    Cutest Game Award - Patapon
    [spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]Despite lacking the depth I prefer in a stategy game, the often times frusterating grind, and the necesity of rhthym(?), I cannot deny how goddamn adorble those little eyeballs are! The hilarity of these tiny creatures is vastly increased by their combat strife, in which these adorable micreants of misery will shout ironically horrible proclamations such as,
    "Halt eyeballs, today I shall paint the desert sand red!"[/spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]

    Best Buddy Award - Left 4 Dead
    [spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]This award goes undoubtedly to Left 4 dead, which I think no futher details are needed for such confirmations. [/spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]

    Best Game We Didn't Play Award - Dead Space.
    [spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]Despite the vast speculations, and praises the game has received, insufficient currency has yielded my efforts to obtain it.[/spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]

    Most Difficult Game Award - Mega Man 9
    [spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]Pay attention Capcom!
    Begginer traps, and unavoidable deaths are the signs of amateur programming!!![/spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]

    Best Wow Moment Award - Left 4 Dead
    [spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]Left 4 Dead provides the player enough horrifying experiences to write a book of their various zombie encounters, and I think that we can all agree that our first anhilation, that first instance of excruciating death, left us all speechless. Back to back with your mates, firing at the masses of horde attempting to claw at your precious neck meat, your heart punding in your chest, your hands trembling to retain your grip, and then, the entire situation goes to hell. Your mate to your left suddenly stops shooting, and is suddenly dragged across the floor at an alarmingly rate! You swing your deadly weapon towards the long tongued aggressor, when your eardrums are bombarded by a horrifying shriek! In a blink of an eye you are tackled mercilessly by a hooded agressor, who proceededs to begin dismembering your vitals. The horde falls onto your fragile figure, and the darkness envelopes your senses as you drift into the realm of eternal sleep. [/spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]

    Best Thinking Game Award - Apollo Justice: Ace Attourney
    [spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]Despite the cast of characters being inarguably inferroir to Phoenix's close mates, Apollo Justice still retains the clever challenges of the courtroom.[/spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]

    Worst Timing Award - Spiderman Web of Shadows
    [spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]Sorry Spidey, but there is no possible way your newest escapade can surpass those of Marcus Fenix, that bloke from resistance, Jade, and the war weary soldiers of World at War. [/spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]

    What the Fuck Is This Shit Award - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Gears of War 2, Super Mario: Strikers, Far Cry 2, Left 4 Dead, and Resident Evil 5.

    [spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]Star Wars: "Why is the combat so frusteratingly repetitive, why is the fucking game so glitchy, why is the story so fucking ridiculous, why is our protagonist so goddamn annoying, why the fuck would Lucas Arts do thins to us?!?!?!??!?!"

    Gears of War 2: "The fucking cover system, and roll integration is frequently resulting in many cheap deaths at the most crucial junctures!"
    "Yeah baby!!!!!"
    "Shut the fuck up Cole! Is there sacred moment in this game you wont massacre with your ridiculous dialogue, and incessant need to interject your unwanted opinion in every possible moment!"

    Super Mario: Strikers: "This AI must be taking some form of performance enhancers, because I am getting the shit kicked out of me, and it's only the second tournament!"

    Far Cry 2: "Ow! Who the fuck is shooting me? AUUUUUUUUGH!!!! RUN, RUN, RUN! I need to heal, I ne-- How the fuck did they find me so fast? healhealhealhealhealhe-- Dammit, why are you prying bullets out of your flesh now when it's in danger of killing me?!?! WHY IS MY GUN JAMMED!!!!!! Where is my c-- NOOOOOOOOOOO! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!!!!"

    Left 4 Dead: "Alright mates, lets proceed with cau-- where the hell is he going? Should we wait here or-- Okaaaaaaay, I suppose we're all going to split up. This strategy can't possibly fail.... Well, we should at least.... Does anyone even have a headset here?
    This is going to be suck..."

    Reisdent Evil 5: "Holy crap! A Resident Evil 5 demo! Thank you Capcom!!!!
    Is there a more glorious company than Capcom? Oh, how I long to dedicate my being to the generous representatived of Cap-- Japan... The demo is Japanese exclusive....
    Oh cruel fate, why dost thou mock me???!?!?!?!"[/spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]

    Staying Power Award - Bioshock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Broken Toy Award - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
    [spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]You say you have developed a physics engine? Wonderful! Except try to make the targetting system work, and actually develope a physics engine that works in any marginal sense! [/spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]

    Guilty Pleasure Award - The World Ends With You
    [spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]J-pop, anime visuals, and fashion based gameplay make this title an amazing game, that I always hesitate to admit. [/spoiler:90d2c5ecf0]

    Game of the Year:
    1. Grand Theft Auto 4
    2. Fallout 3
    3. Fable 2

    Honourable mentions go to....
    The World Ends With You
    Condemned 2: Bloodshot
    Left 4 Dead
    Gears of War 2
    God of War: Chains of Olympus

    Oh! And if you had a category for worst character, I would have easily put up Cole Train, and Tails from Sonic!
  • Sunflower:

    3) GoW2
    2) SSF2themaxHDRemix
    1) Farcry 2


    3) Age of Booty
    2) Age of Conan
    1) Burnout (even though it sucks)


    3) Saint Row 2
    2) R6V2
    1) Dead Space
  • I really cannot wait for this episode to come out, all the ones I have listened to so far have been fantastic guys!

    Single-Serving Award: Spore. I never got into all the hype about this, really didn't have much clue what it was until shortly before it's release but I really did enjoy it while I played it. Looking back, I suppose it probably didn't live up to the 10 year build up, but at the time I was very happy with it until I had played the space age for a few hours and got bored.
    Best Soundtrack Award: Castle Crashers. I would seriously buy the soundtrack to this game if they sold it. "Rage of The Champions" and "Jumper" are especially awesome.
    Best Character Award: Kirby in SSBB, duh.
    Fan Service Award: Super Smash Brothers Brawl. I do enjoy the game, but to me it's not hugely different to Melee.
    Best Graphics Award: Left 4 Dead, cool shader effects.
    Cutest Game Award: Castle Crashers where the characters are so small but so awesome.
    Best Buddy Award: Left 4 Dead, of course.
    Best Game We Didn't Play Award: Heard a lot about Gears of War 2 and it kinda sounds like it would be a good game for me to try. No Xbox though.
    Most Difficult Game Award: Getting all those Left 4 Dead achievements will take me a while!
    Best Wow Moment Award: Most of my big "moments" this year were in Left 4 Dead.
    What the Fuck Is This Shit Award: Fallout 3. Played for about an hour but damn the start is slow... (at least I hope it's only the start). Might go back to it one day...
    Staying Power Award: Left 4 Dead.
    Broken Toy Award: Stalker: Clear Sky. Technically I got this in 2009, New years day, but it's a 2008 game so it counts. :P Can't install it because the activation system sucks.
    Guilty Pleasure Award: Guess the only thing I can think of that fits this category is Pokemon Pearl but it's not a 2008 game and I am not ashamed. :P
  • Single-Serving Award - Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (I struggle with Zelda games and their replay factor. I like them, but can never play them after I beat them once. I lose the ambition)

    Late to the Party Award - Orange Box (namely Half Life 2, Episode 1, and Episode 2. Great game, (I didn't like Portal much though, and haven't tried TF2 yet))

    Best Soundtrack Award - Super Smash Bros. Brawl (In the create-a-map feature, it contains tons of old retro songs from great Nintendo games of the past, like Dr. Mario, Metroid, etc.)

    Best Character Award - Tie between my 2 favorite Super Smash Bros. Brawl characters; Lucario and Zero Suit Samus. (I was very good with both characters, who tended to be unpopular with most hardcore players, I did pretty good in tournament play with both of them, which gave me an advantage since so few used them)

    Fan Service Award - Gears of War 2 (endless fun, Wingman was a surprise hit for me, and Horde mode is supreme)

    Best Graphics Award - Dead Space (very bloody, but very intensely interesting)

    Cutest Game Award - Does the Armored Princess count as "cute"? Nevertheless, Culdcept is the only game I can think of off hand that I played this year with "cute" characters, like Squirrine, etc.

    Best Buddy Award - Gears of War 2 (lots of fun, great co-op experience)

    Best Game We Didn't Play Award - Left 4 Dead. (I still really don't feel like picking it up, despite hearing how great it was. )

    Most Difficult Game Award - Megaman 9 (Still havent beaten it yet, I think I've beaten 4 bosses)

    Best Wow Moment Award - Dead Space (the opening scene where you get chased by the necromorph into the elevator, I knew I was in for a treat)

    Best Thinking Game Award - Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (Who knew you'd have to close your DS just to get the map thing.)

    Worst Timing Award - Dead Space (It's a great game, despite getting pummled by the competition during its release)

    What the Fuck Is This Shit Award - Star Wars: TFU (repeating some parts, and some of the bosses drove me nuts!)

    Staying Power Award - Burnout Paradise (I will play this game whenever a group gets together, even if I get all of those silly challenges done, I am always up for a game)

    Broken Toy Award - Wii FC and junk online system. (I don't have wireless, so connecting to play Brawl with my friends was impossible, and when I connected via LAN adaptor, it constantly crapped out (just as Goodenough4me and Sssargon, it sucked)

    Guilty Pleasure Award - Pokemon: Fire Red or Emerald

    The Mod's Top 3:
    I've only been listening since August, so some of my answers may be a bit off for the 3 of you; (In order of First to Third)

    Sunflower: (I had about 6 games I had to pick from that I think you're really into, this was tough)
    1. Fallout 3
    2. SF2
    3. Gears of War 2

    Jam: (we don't chat enough, most of my guess is from hearing you in the modcast)
    1. Burnout Paradise
    2. Valkyria Chronicles
    3. Rock Band

    Locke: (taking a gamble with 2 XBLA games)
    1. Gears of War 2
    2. Age of Booty
    3. SF2

    Fuzzy's Top Games for 2008:
    1. Gears of War 2
    2. Burnout Paradise
    3. Fallout 3
    (Honorable Mentions:Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, FarCry2; haven't played it enough yet)
  • Single -Serving Award
    [spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]The Darkness I have already explained my reasons[/spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]

    Late TO the Party Award
    [spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]Monkey Island series such a good game but I'm really late to the party in getting these at least I enjoy them[/spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]

    Best Soundtrack
    [spoiler:64b6e6f9e6] LittleBigPlanet really great soundtrack fits perfectly into the game[/spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]

    Best Character Award
    [spoiler:64b6e6f9e6] Following my late to the party award I give this to Guybrush Threepwood the greatest character ever in video games he is so interesting and it is so much fun controlling him knowing he will say something witty next[/spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]

    Fan Service Award
    [spoiler:64b6e6f9e6] Castle Crashers patch: it might not be perfect but the fans waited and behemoth finally delivered with a patch meaning this game is alot better then before[/spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]

    Best Graphics Award
    [spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts: Rare always knows how to get the most out of graphics in a game and BK delivers[/spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]

    Cutest Game Award
    [spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]Little Big Planet I love making faces with my sackboys and they are definitely the cutest[/spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]

    Best Buddy Award
    [spoiler:64b6e6f9e6] Captain Price: the biggest bad ass in a game and your best buddy even if he if is a little homicidal[/spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]

    Best Game I didn't Play
    [spoiler:64b6e6f9e6] Saints Row 2 too much debauchery for me[/spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]

    Most Difficult Game
    [spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]Megaman 9: this game is impossible for me I haven't beat a level yet[/spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]

    Best Wow moment
    [spoiler:64b6e6f9e6] The Swamp of times puzzle in Escape of Monkey Island if you played it you know what I mean[/spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]

    Best Thinking Game
    [spoiler:64b6e6f9e6] It is a toss up between the monkey Island Series and Professor Layton I can't Decide[/spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]

    Worst Timing Award
    [spoiler:64b6e6f9e6] My buying A FC3Plus (genesis/NES/SNES in one) during winter gaming season but hey that is me[/spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]

    What The Fuck Is This Shit
    [spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]Dynamite Headdy on the genesis weird game but is awesome nonetheless[/spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]

    Staying Power Award
    [spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]Team Fortress 2: I have played a ton of this game in 2008 at least 100 hours or more [/spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]

    Broken Toy Award
    [spoiler:64b6e6f9e6] Bad Dudes this game will not work for me no matter what I am returning it to the store posthaste[/spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]

    Guilty Pleasure Award
    [spoiler:64b6e6f9e6] Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise I love this game and I want to play some more in the new year as I still don't think I have given it its due[/spoiler:64b6e6f9e6]

    My Top Games Of 2008
    3.Monkey Island Series
    2.Condemned: Criminal Origins as it brought me to the survival genre
    1.The Darkness I really like story in games and this one is good
  • Single Serving Award:
    Probably for me it would be BioShock. I only bought it because I heard so much about it, and wanted to try my hand at killing some Splicers before Fable 2 and L4D came out. And, I wasn't disappointed. Even though some parts would get annoying when I had to protect a Little Sister, while Splicers were literally jumping out of my ass. Never got past that part. Maybe, I should play it again when I get my 360 back.

    Best Soundtrack Award:
    Definately, WoW for me. When I played Burning Crusade I was like Holy shat, when I was running instances and such. And I loved the intro video. Then, WoTLK came out and the intro made my balls explode, with amazing sound. So, my vote goes to WoW, because I love the music, voice acting (lol) and probably the weapon sounds.

    Best Character Award:
    My favourite character would have to be Gaz from CoD4 (07), he seemed like my friend, I don't know I got attached to the character and then when he meets his "fate", I sorta was all like "FUCK YOU!" and such.

    But, I think now it would have to be Reaver in Fable 2, yeah he's an ass but his voice actor fits him perfectly and he's just freaking hillarious. Even though I wanted to kill him a couple of times.

    Fan Service Award:
    Gears Of War 2. Everyone loved curb stomping their enemies face's and watching the head explode. And now they added a bunch of new executions, it's just brilliant. And I love the new curb stomp.

    Best Graphics Award:
    For my best graphics I would have to say Left 4 Dead. You turn around and zombies would be raping your face with their sweaty zombie hands..(do zombies sweat?) Anyways the blood and such flying around was amazing, and honestly when I would see a giant hulking piece of shit running towards me with it's arms flailing and concrete flying. I could tell it was a tank from it's massive form. Good job!

    Cutest Game Award:
    Viva Pinata. It made me laugh, chuckle and piss my self for how lame it looked. I guess..

    Best Buddy Award:
    From what I've seen the Resident Evil 5 demo. You get the ground, and the friend picks em off with a big-ass Sniper Rifle!

    Best Game We Didn't Play Award:
    For me it would be Little Big Planet, I've always wanted to make the most insane,ridiculous level.

    Most Difficult Game Award:
    Probably, I would have to say some of the Halo 3 achievements. Game however would probably have to be Guitar Hero 4, I was never good at those games, and I can only play on Medium.

    Best Wow Moment Award:
    Probably in Gears 2, when I first played Horde Mode. I was holy, freaking shit..this is awesome! And it still is.

    What The Fuck Is This Shit Award:
    Too Human, I was like WHAT DA FUCK, when I was slamming my stick, and killing some robot shitheads, then I died and had to wait like 20 seconds. I disliked this game..alot.

    Staying Power Award:
    GEARS 2!

    Broken Toy Award:
    For me it's CC, I played it and I was lagging like some horny guy in a cornfield.

    Guilty Pleasure Award:
    Hmm, World Of Warcraft. Getting over the addiction in Burning Crusade, and then coming back for Wrath Of The Lich King.

    My Top Games Of 2008
    - Gears Of War 2
    - Left 4 Dead
    - Fallout 3
    - Little Big Planet

  • Episode 050's audio is now up - check the original post to get it, or use iTunes, or...Anything you like! Post your impressions!
  • well I've given my answers and now I will add my remarcks to your awards..
    the answers get shorter towards the end because I commented on all the games already. Please mind I typed this while I listened and I am not the fastest typer ever. I am just finishing this and then I am going back to ES4 Oblivion. I added my own predictions.

    late to the party:
    sunflower: company of heros- I have not tried it but good for you for enjoying this.
    Locke: Shadow Run- It was no suppries for you to pic this and it looks cool
    Jam: Uncharted- I'm suppriesed that you only picked it up this year

    Single Serving:
    Locke: Asassin's creed- Why would you play it again it is too easy and not really a replayable game.
    Sunflower: Lost Vadomis- Wow a game based on the show lost was it just like a whole bunch of questions with no answers until the end.
    Jam: Metal Gear solid 4- I am not suppriesed because it is too long and not alot of it was like you said an interactive mocie.

    Qutest Game:
    Sunflower: Animal Crossing- That was an awsome game and it is very fun to
    Locke: Padapon- I thought it looks funny
    Jam: Little big planet- I don't know I think I would put Animal crossing above that

    Shit your pants award:
    Jam: Condemed CO- Yeah that looks really freaky
    Locke: Dead space- I agree with you it is freaky
    Sunflower: You even said that no games scared you this year.

    Thinking game:
    Sunflower: coldsept saga- I think I might try it.
    Locke: Echo chrome- It sounds interesting
    Jam: Braid- It is suprising that you were the only one to pick it

    Best game you did not play:
    Sunflower: Street fighter 4- But you have HD remix it Cant be that bad
    Locke: Locke- Viva piniata 2- I have to buy it
    Jam: coldsept saga- that sucks that you can't play it

    Fan service:
    Locke: Brawl: Yes they did give us everything we wanted if you get this gam I will play you
    Jam: Mega man 9- Yeah you need to get this game NOW
    Sunflower- Sega SS Tennis- a tennis game really?

    Most Arguments:
    Spore: I am on your side Jam I hated it
    Mirrors Edge Art style: no it was just them being lazy

    Most difficult:
    Locke: L4D Expert: that sounds cool but until I get live I wont play this.
    Sunflower: Viva Piniata 2- I have never played this but it would be cool.
    Jam: Space Invaders Extreme: I never got to the end I gave up

    What the Fuck is this Shit:
    Sunflower: GTA4- yeah that is the same for most GTA and clone games at the end.
    Jam: Mirrors Edge- I can't think of you getting pissed becausse you seem too nice sunflower on the other hand............
    Locke: Street fighter 2- It is a retro game all retro games are cheap.

    Worst timing
    Locke: Farcry 2- no supprise there it came out at the wrong time.
    Sunflower: Mirrors edge- But you hate this game
    Jam: Resistance 2- yes it did get beaten by other games mainly because it was not as advertised in my opinion.

    Staying Power:
    Sunflower: Geometry wars 2- Leader boards are key
    Locke: Rainbow 6 Vegas 2- Any listener would know that you would pick this
    Jam: Burnout paradise- Any body who isn't deph would guess that

    Broken Toy:
    Locke: Fable 2 Co-op- Yeah I hope they patch that along with the cat options
    Jam/sunflower- Why would you play it after it screwed you over

    Guilty plesure
    Jam: Marvel ultimate alience- one silly puzzle does not break a game
    sunflower-Yugioh- That is more guilty than jam
    Locke- Puzzle quest- bejewled is not that bad but it is alright

    Best Character:
    Sunflower: Markes Pheonix- I think he is a little stronger but the rest looks the same he does remind me of how I imagine you
    Locke: the hammer- I remember you talking about her and it is good that a women is poreyed like that instead of a bunch of skanky girls with big boobs. very thoughtful
    Jam: Niko Belick- I agree with you that is what I put

    biggest disapointment
    jam: Spore- that was disapointing but it was not the worst
    Sunflower: Little big planet- It obiously was obviouse it was mainly going to be bad
    Locke:GTA4 :shock: I am actually suppriesed but I do hear what you are saying

    Biggest pleasent suprise
    Sunflower: COD WAW- It looks better but I am going to have to pass
    Locke: Burnout paradise- I dont like most driving games but I will check this one out because you give it such high remarks all the time
    Jam: Mario Kart Wii- It was probably the hardest game ounce you get up to 150cc

    WOW moment
    Locke: Destroyed world FallOut 3: this really makes me want to play
    Jam: MGS4 Shadow moses island: that was cool
    Sunflower:MGS4 Fist fight- It was a great fiale

    Best multiplayer advisarial:
    Sunflower:Street fighter HD remx:It looks like it would be a good versus mode
    Jam: Age of booty: yet another game I need to get when I get live
    Locke:L4D- It sounds like the pinacle Multiplayer game

    Besst budy
    Jam: L4D- no suprise it looks like a great co-op game
    Sunflower: Gears 2- It does sound like a great multiplayer
    Locke: Mercs 2- Blowing shit up with freinds sounds like what all freinds should do

    Best soundtrack
    Locke: Megaman 9- I agree it was the shit I found myself humming the tunes
    Sunflower- Castle Crashers- It better be good to make up for the problems
    Jam: Age of Conan- It sounds cool

    Best Graphix
    Sunflower-MGS4- it was basically an animated movie so it would be easier to animate
    Locke-DMC4- I am not a graphicks freak so I wont play this game
    Jam:Gears 2- Violence thats what Im talking about

    Worst game
    Sunflower:Homey rollers- wow the title sounds bad alone
    Locke:Too Human- this took no thought it is no doubt the worst game on the planet Jam:Haze- It looked interesting but it sucks that it was terrible

    Best DLG
    Locke:age of booty- it is no suprise you picked this
    Sunflower:Street fighter 2 - no coment
    Jam: Braid -cool

    Jam:space invaders- sounds cool
    Locke:FFCC I guessed you would say that
    Sunflower: the world ends with you It looks dumb

    everyone:SSBB this was an amazing game

    Everyone: Valkyria chronicles- another easy prediction

    Sunflower- Farcry 2 I forgot you played it on the PC
    Locke-Spore- I don't like spore but I am sorry I don't "get" the game
    Jam: L4d- ok I know its cool

    everyone-Gears 2: I have already commonted

    Big 3:
    3.Saints Row 2 Thats respectible
    2.Dead Space Sounds Scarry
    1.Gears 2 nice choice
    3.Fable 2 it looks like a must buy
    2.Gears 2 Oh Ithink I know what one is
    1.FallOut 3 i guessed it! I i is better than Oblivion I am going to play when I am done with Oblivion.
    3.Left 4 Dead no suprise
    2.Burnout Paradise and I thught Gears 2 was a suprise
    1.Gears 2 you too!
    Loke:Wii producing a gamers game they better
    Jam: Duke Nukem Forever sounds cool
    Sunflower: 360 sucesser hopfully just a new add on
    My Prediction:Dragon Age Origins will be the game of the year
    Great show guys It was filled with alot of suprises.

    I voted for modcast as UGC of the year
  • If that new intro is staying, it is fucking awesome.

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