1st Annual UGC Awards Info (Read First)
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    Hello everybody and welcome to the voting polls for the 1st Annual UGC Awards.

    I'd like to just answer a couple of questions I think some of you may have before you vote:

    1. Wait a minute...why isn't my favorite UGC on here?

    If you didn't get a chance to nominate content, then I apologize. However, the time period for that has past. If you DID nominate content then perhaps the next question will interest you:

    2. I nominated something, why didn't it make it to the polls?

    That had nothing to do with me. There was a small committee that represented a variety of NoobToob areas that chose what content went on to the voting rounds.
    I had no input in that process whatsoever. They judged based on a variety of factors including but not limited to: number of nominations, value of nominations (1st, 2nd, 3rd place votes), popularity, quality, likability, and more.

    Don't worry though, because there's a second chance for your favorite UGC that didn't make it to voting: The Wild Card Award. Check it out here:

    3. Who was on the committee?

    I am sorry, but due to the nature of the contest...that information cannot be disclosed. I assure you, however, that the committee was fair and balanced, as well as diverse. I had no input on their decisions whatsoever.

    4. Well this sucks. The mods really screwed this up.

    The mods actually had nothing to do with this. They had no prior warning that this was going to happen other than an idea I had a few months ago to do a Monthly UGC Awards. This was planned solely by me (contrary to popular belief, I am no longer a mod), and then after the contest came about, I had some helpful contributors which included Magenta, who set up these forums for me, and Tsuyoi, who did most of the photoshop work for the Awards.

    5. I have some ideas I think would be great for next years awards, who should I talk to?

    Send me a PM. I'm always welcome to new ideas about ways to improve the things I do. If you are interested in having a more active role in the UGC Awards next year, contact me closer to the end of 2009 and we'll work something out.

    6. Did I hear something about a live awards show? How does that work? Where/when can I watch it?

    Yes! You heard correctly. The Awards Show will be your first chance to see what NoobToob UGC takes home the top honors in their categories. But that's not all. The Awards Show will be hosted by me and feature special guests as well as new UGC Premieres.

    I can't name off everything (it would ruin the surprise) but here is just some of the new content premiering during the Live UGC Awards:

    • A brand new rap from Demiveeman
      A never-before-seen ballad from Hedge45
      The premiere of Part 4 of The Gerstmann Project entitled: "Shadow of Memories"
      Exclusive content from Roommate Rumble
      The finale to Nerd Got Played
      Live Special Guests
      and much more!

    The show will be streamed live via Ustream on Saturday, January 10th at 4pm EST, 9pm GMT. (if you aren't sure what time that is your time, look above the top bar of the site and it will show you your time in relation to GMT).

    A post will be made regarding the Live Awards Show on January 10th to let everybody know to watch it live!

    Spread the word and make plans to attend!

    Oh..and Happy Voting!

  • What the hell, no trailers? :P