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    That's right, is time to choose who you think best deserves to win the award for Best Non-Video/Audio UGC!


    Voting ends at 12am CST/6am GMT January 8th. These threads will disappear at that time to insure that the results of the awards stay hidden.

    After voting is completed, be sure to tune into the Live UGC Awards Show on January 10th at 4pm EST/9pm GMT to find out who won!

    The following selections have been made by the UGC Awards Selection committee from the list of nominations. You get one vote! Choose wisely!

    MSPaint Contest


    Week 1:

    Lucien Lachance took some inspiration from his own specialty and turned it into a weekly contest with this awesome event!

    NoobToob Custom Gamertags


    Custom Gamertags:

    Smokestorm impressed the site with his epic programming skills by putting together custom gamertags, designed from the ground up for the NoobToob community! Not did he start this project, but he has continued to support it via troubleshooting and adding new functionality.

    NoobToob Leaderboards


    Xbox 360 Leaderboards:

    Smokestorm provided the site a great service by expanding his Gamertag program into a full-fledged NoobToob Leaderboard!

    NoobToob Shoop


    Contest #53

    When Cilia took over the Shoop, she turned it into a household name. Now Mailtoad continues the tradition by making sure the contest is fresh and new every week!

    New Releases Thread

    Weeks of 12/22, 12/29:

    Starting by MixedUpZombies, and continued fervently by Kaidfather, this thread gives you insight on what new releases are coming your way no matter what system you own!

    Community News

    Week of 12/28:

    As if he wasn't busy enough, Kaidfather continues to put in the time every week to create a Community News thread, highlighting the best the site has to offer for both newcomers and site veterans alike!

    Jar Jar Hunter: NooBTooB Edition

    Photo by SparkyPantsMcgee[/spoiler:bb5becaff3]

    Jar Jar Hunter:

    Quite possibly its own meme, this game based on a NoobToob reference was created by Foslock. As soon as it launched, the game became a NoobToob favorite.

    Member of the Week


    Week 31:

    This weekly thread established to commend great contributions to the site was started by AshGooner, but is now headed up by Crimson.
  • I had to vote for member of the week since it shows new threads that have made a difference and also i won week 31 :P
  • jar jar hunter has to win this!
  • but shoops make us all laugh! :O
  • Custom Gamer Tags... Smoke did an excellent job on these.

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