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    That's right, is time to choose who you think best deserves to win the award for Best New Podcast/Series!


    Voting ends at 12am CST/6am GMT January 8th. These threads will disappear at that time to insure that the results of the awards stay hidden.

    After voting is completed, be sure to tune into the Live UGC Awards Show on January 10th at 4pm EST/9pm GMT to find out who won!

    The following selections have been made by the UGC Awards Selection committee from the list of nominations. You get one vote! Choose wisely!

    Gaming on a Budget

    Pilot Episode:

    With Gaming on a Budget, thebgbb used his experience on Ass Juice Theater to create a brand new series showcasing the best deals in gaming as well as providing some insight into gaming theory.

    HP1704 Answers Your Queeries


    Episode 8:

    Spawned from a combination of inside jokes, a tribute video, and a late night PAX conversation comes the infamous alter-ego HP1704 to answer all your queerstions. Oh, and that queer HP1703 shows up sometimes too.

    Something Different This Way Comes


    Episode 2:

    Aarondbowen hosts Something This Way Comes and features a guest every week. This intellectual vacation from the norm is both entertaining and thought-provoking.


    Episode 2: Sonic Unleashed

    The Reviewcast is hosted by MixedUpZombies and features a changing ensemble cast that gives feature-length, in-depth reviews of games that have you on the edge.



    Branching out from the Help section comes Colt 45 J, Hell Hound, Sandata, and KF, the hosts of SystemToob, to give you the best tips and tricks in the world of computing!

    Episode 4:

    (No stream available at this time)

  • my vote went to HP1704 his comedy is amazing i loved it when he went to Canada and punched locke.
  • I want to vote for all of em... they are all excellent.. I shall ponder if I will vote at all..
  • I have to show props to the dynamic duo!
    Roomate Rumble wins my vote here, not only for being a hilarious, and shockingly accurate illustration of the competitive nature of societies devoted gamers, but it also provides the audience with two hosts who have an undeniable comedic chemistry!

    Honorable mentions go to Gaming on a Budget, which retains all of the qualities I adore from Ass Juice Theater, but falls a little short, being that the series is in its early stages, and has yet to deliver the massive impact I have no doubt will inevitably come. :D

    I would also like to proclaim that our relatively new podcast Something Different This Way Comes is also plagued by its stage of infantry. Fret not though, for the podcast posseses an undeniable amount of class, and wit, brought to fruition by a very charismatic host!

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